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Daily Archives: July 30, 2007

Or this week’s reading list, if you prefer. 

I thought, given the absolute bust all of last week was, I’d be behind in the news and happenings but, really, I’m not. It’s more of the same that’s been happening for too long to recount. Pelosi and Company are still trying to defeat the U.S without regard to the future consequences of their actions and others are still trying to ram illegal aliens down our throat without thought to the real world consequences of their imported slave class (hubby just lost two days pay from the salmonella incident but it could have been worse, it could have happened on a Monday losing him the entire week).

This morning I learned that Fred Thompson is a Neocon. I suppose you could consider that is new. I’ve heard this term so much in the last few years that I’ve become sick of it in addition to not really understanding what it meant. Apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what it means because basically it has become an insult to anybody who doesn’t agree with the leftist agenda.  If it wasn’t for the MSM’s obsession with the war in Iraq, I doubt we’d hear much about it. It certainly doesn’t affect our day to day lives as much as say, illegal aliens taking the jobs “Americans Won’t Do”  or worries over identity theft. It’s not the outsourcing, folks, it’s the location. What legal recourses do we have if this company in Nogales, Mexico decides to sell the information?

I’m particularly tired of the scandal-mongering. I’m not sure who threw the first piece of personal mud at which political opponent when but it’s gotten to a point where issues are neglected in favor of how much mud can be thrown and made to stick. For example, I could possibly support Congress’ war against Alberto Gonzales if it was actually a worthy endeavor to accomplish something besides embarrassing Bush. It’s not as if Gonzales has done anything noteworthy as the Attorney General nor anything truly reprehensible, for that matter. He’s just… there… filling up space; a weak ally. However, it’s more of the same Schumer claiming he was duped and thereby the entire Democratic Party. If I were Schumer, I wouldn’t worry so much about being duped as to how dumb, as well as immature, I looked saying such publicly. Speaking of immature, Mark Steyn has provided an excellent example. In addition, when how a person looks becomes infinitely more important than a person’s brain and competency, we have the answer to why incompetence has afflicted every facet of American life. Given the fact that health care is a big issue on the liberal agenda, I suppose a little discrimination is okay. How come no one ever talks about the health benefits of happiness? Michael Barone says America is in a funk and that we should get out of it. I often wonder what a study of the effects of the constant discrimination to which overweight people are subjected would produce. Too bad I’m no longer in psychology. It would be interesting to find out.

Remember when Gore caused an uproar because he lost the 2000 election, an event that was to be repeated with the ’04 election when Kerry lost? How the Democrats cried, “Fraud, fraud, fraud?” Yet, in the end, Bush was declared the elected official. I suppose the Democrats must be desperate. Projection can be so much fun until it comes back to bite you in the butt. You’d think they’d learn from the old saying: What goes around comes around. However, learning seems to be the last thing on the left’s minds.

To wrap up, I found two new sites today that I found interesting: The Political Arena and Liberal to English Dictionary. The latter site is down at the moment but it was there. I promise.

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