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Daily Archives: July 28, 2007

Sorry I haven’t been blogging. I have been trying to keep up with the latest stupidity news but it’s really hard. JamesC should be better in another 3-5 days. At least he wasn’t hospitalized.

Apparently, illegal immigrants strike again. The good news is the truck will no longer be allowed on any of the construction sites anymore. One person so afflicted can’t go back to work for 7 days and the kicker is: he can’t even claim workmen’s comp because he wasn’t on company time. No one gets paid for the lunch break.

The biggest problem is, because of this great big melting pot we live in, the relaxations of requirements for legal residency, you don’t know… until something like this happens… that they are illegal. I guess, basically, the government needs to see a bunch of us killed off before they’ll admit there’s a problem with importing millions of people who can’t speak the language and don’t care about our laws and regulations?

On top of that, because of other laws, we (the actual citizens) can’t do anything about it because we could land ourselves in court for discrimination. We can’t, for instance, patronize only establishments that have white or black people as workers without the risk of being brought up on discrimination charges, considering not all the so-called brown skins are illegals and we have to become ill or die before we know one way or the other. 

In short, the government has us coming and going but the illegals get a free ride.

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