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Daily Archives: July 21, 2007

When I first read this story published on the Weekly Standard, my first thought was for the family members.  I’m a big supporter of free speech but I believe freedom of speech should also be tempered with discretion. Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should or must.

Thomas’ anonymity is protected by the liberal rag magazine who is printing the garbage  blogger’s story. Who protects those family members from the people who believe it? Not only do such stories create chisms and doubts within families, it opens those families up to verbal and physical attacks by the so-called peaceniks (who never seem to have a problem with physcial and verbal attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them).

While the story being written about will most likely prove to be false, the damage it can do in the meantime and afterwards by those who will believe it no matter what,  is immeasurable. If I were to, even inadvertently hurt an unknown number of people, with my words in such a manner, I would hang my head  in shame.

Yet, I’ve come to realize it’s par for the course for the liberal media. It doesn’t matter how many lives they damage, who they hurt (including the children of our military personnel), or what they have to say is true or false, as long as the end result is what they want.

One of the traits that define us as human beings is the ability to feel shame. Therefore, the liberals must not be human since they apparently have none. I could also make the observation that liberals are a lazy and gullible bunch because they’ll believe anything as long as they don’t have to work their brains too hard to figure it out for themselves. Subhuman or stupid? Their choice.

July 2007


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