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Daily Archives: July 20, 2007

Granted, I’m no political expert but does it really make sense for him to announce now when there are already 10 candidates in the field and debates leave people unsatisfied except for a slightly closer looks at the frontrunners, and he’s doing just fine without announcing?

Amid accusations of avoiding filing, trophy wife, abortion lobbying, and other such attacks, there’s one thing for certain: politicians are afraid of Fred.

When you have the political analysts confused, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Everybody asks the wrong question. They keep asking when, when they should be asking why should he?

He is getting more coverage as a potential candidate than he would get as an announced candidate in an already crowded field. Not filing keeps the Democrats off balance, too, since they seem to own the bragging rights to money raised. If he doesn’t file, nobody knows what he has in his coffers and he has more time to budget his campaign wisely instead of spending inordinate amounts on ads that will compete with more than a dozen other ads for air time, considering we’re still seven months out from early primary elections. With all the falderol over the amount of campaigning already being done, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there is an awful lot of time between now and the primaries.

What’s the hurry? The longer he waits, the clearer it becomes that no one is satisfied with any of the announced candidates on either side, Democrats or Republicans, considering Al Gore has garnered 13.3% of the Democratic support and Thompson has 20% with Gingrich 6%  of the Republican support.

In the meantime, he’s attending numerous functions as a guest speaker and steadily gaining support where ever he goes. What more could you ask from a fellow who seeks to lead the rest of us for at least 4 years?

For myself, I’m content to wait for the campaign to ramp up.

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