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Daily Archives: July 16, 2007

My last post was extremely long so I left it at the top to give it time to sink in. I spent the free time dialoguing on a number of other blogs. The experience has left me ambivalent, to say the least. Not only am I personna non grata on most lefty sites, I’m apparently personna non grata on righty sites as well. It seems extremism is alive and well on both sides of the political continuum. If you don’t toe the extremists’ party lines, then you must be stupid.

Extremism accomplishes nothing but more extremism. It’s easy to be extreme; not so easy to find practical solutions to extreme problems. In fact, extremism prevents practical solutions by its very nature.

An example of my experience is something I said about Frontpage Magazine, an online magazine, because, while their facts are indisputable, I think they go overboard with the fear factor. There’s a point where the level of fear can be so immobilizing that nothing is accomplished and I feel they tip in that direction. In spite of that, they have been linked on this site since it began because the site does have value. However, that critique netted me a response that basically used a lot of big words to call me stupid for my opinion… pretty much something I’ve come to expect from leftist sites.

Another time, I was called a pinko leftist for pointing out the fact that abortion should be left up to the states and that it is a neverending battle with no federal legislative solution.

Still another time, I was again called a leftist for suggesting a new approach to the Iraq War.

So, here I sit wondering what’s the point when extremists from both sides are ripping out the rest of us in their quests to destroy each other. This type of behavior is why I’ve always registered Independent. I’m decidedly conservative in my views and probably should be registered as a Republican but I simply can’t when extremism has taken over that party much as it has the Democrats.

At this point, I’m ready to just quit, get some guns and hunker down while the extremists kill each other off. Then the rest of us can get to work and put the country back together, if there’s anything left by the time they’re done. 🙁 

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