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Daily Archives: June 19, 2007

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: Political Parties are for the politicians, not us regular folk.

Political parties are polar in nature, with extremes to both sides, eg. the extreme left/ the extreme right. Most of us, in spite of voter registration, fall somewhere in the middle between the two oppposites with other numbers taking up the room between the middle and the extremes.

One of the accusations of the left toward the right side of the political poles is the evangelical Republican as representing the extreme right; the people like recently deceased Jerry Falwell. People on the right accuse the left of being marxist.

Both are right, however, these accusations ignore the larger number of us who fall in the middle between the two parties in addition to those who lean slightly left but mostly middle and those who lean slightly right but mostly middle.

The divisions between the political parties are troubling for most of us average citizens who tend to vote our conscience rather than along political party lines. There’s a growing movement afoot where many are becoming disillusioned by the divisiveness and win at any cost politics being played out in Washington D.C. and elsewhere in the nation: a growing Independent vote base.

In the year 2000, however, those numbers were almost reversed, with 40 percent of American voters describing themselves as independents, 34 percent as Democrats, and 24 percent as Republicans.

The bigger government grows, the more disenfranchised the population becomes. I see it happening all the time. The more disenfranchised the population becomes, the less the population identifies with a particular party, regardless of their internal ideology which may still be left or right leaning.

However, that leaves us with some enormous problems as voters. In spite of the growing number of independents, this nation is still a two party system and our choices for 2008 are not good, no  matter how you look at it. Yes, I know I have a “I’m with Fred” banner up but it’s not set in stone. So far, he looks to be our best choice for the future because he has a wide pragmatic streak that I’ve found lacking in the other candidates from both parties. However, that’s just as subject to change as anything else with a little over 16 months to go before the general election. Heck, he might not even make it through the primaries.

The case for independence goes beyond registering as an Independent or even changing your registration. It’s more about a frame of mind. I am independent and will vote my conscience rather than a party line. Your vote doesn’t belong to a political party or the politicians who represent those parties. The politicians are the parties, not us. There was a time when they represented us, but that time has passed while we “slept” and it became something else.  Now we have to represent ourselves.

Remember, your vote is yours and yours alone. Don’t let anyone bully you into voting for a party or an ideology which tends to change daily. Vote for the individuals not the party. We own our national destiny, not the politicians, in spite of the fact that they tend to discount us much of the time.

Obama talked of a “quiet riot“  but largely ignores the bigger and quieter riot of voters and party affiliations that is taking place in the United States. It’s a riot that is not divided by racial or cultural lines. It’s a remembrance of what this nation once was and once stood for. Folks, it’s time to take our nation back and put it on the right course as the shining beacon of freedom that our founders wished for us.

I can think of no better thing to fight for than freedom. It was ours and will be again if we choose wisely. The government shouldn’t be the nation. Rather the nation should be the government: For the people and by the people. We should reject anything else.

Update: I rarely submit my posts for consideration other places but I did submit this one to Real Clear Politics. If you like it, please vote for it here:   Just look for the title.

I’m not on a vanity kick… honestly… I just would like as many people as possible to notice this one for its message.

June 2007


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