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Daily Archives: June 11, 2007

According to the New York Times many states are finding a fiscal surplus in their coffers. Not to worry. Some states have ideas about what to do to combat that kind of news. They’ll raise more money anyway. Of course, there are always hands out to make sure we don’t have a suplus such as Gaylord Entertainment Co. in Nashville. Or we could just give it all the Washington, D.C.

Immigration continues to be a hot topic sure to heat you up under the collar if nowhere else. I tried to give Bush the benefit of the doubt because he declared that he’d sign whatever was put in front of him (a blanket statment) and I wondered if he’d actually read the thing. I’m fairly sure he has now. Note to Bush: “They’re not in the shadows. They’re in our face and making demands. Just because they’re not in your face, doesn’t mean they’re not in mine and every other average citizen who doesn’t have a cabal of armed guards and tinted windowed limousines to drive us from one place or anoter. Last week I did say the bill wasn’t dead, didn’t I?

Another thing that bothered me about the immigration bill was the terms used when discussing it… like “deal breaker”. Now that’s a business term and you know, sometimes a something that breaks the “deal” needs to be taken out even if it means the “deal” falls apart. In this case, if it’s not good for the country, well, then… what’s wrong with breaking the deal? Also terms like, “we can’t” bother me a lot. Apparently they could while running for offices but now they can’t. Anybody getting a job in a company who says that soon finds him or her self out of a job. The truth is you never tried and those of you who have been in Congress all this time between then and now are just trying to cover your butts by making a show of doing something while doing nothing. Also, if it was such a great bi-partisan effort how come 15 Democrats voted against cloture while only 5 Republicans voted for it? We’re not all stupid, regardless of your fondest wishes that we are.

A deal that gives illegals preferential treatment over citizens is no deal at all when they’re robbing our wallets at the same time. And to think,  this is just one city. For a long list of Sanctuary Cities click here and see where your city/state stand on illegal immigration. It’s not all inclusive because Tennessee isn’t listed but we know, don’t we?

And what about those trade agreements? Today, I heard that China products choke, burn, drown, drop, trap Americans. Now this upsets China greatly. If we don’t give them the right to choke, burn, drown, drop, and trap us they’re going to refuse U.S. goods.

Amid all this are the election campaigns. I find that “people” are still afraid of Fred Thompson. Now, at least in my own experience, if you go out of your way to talk trash about somebody, it’s a sure way to get them noticed more. Another thing I’ve noticed in my experience is the more you tell somebody not to do something, the more bound and determined they become to do it in spite of you.

Meanwhile, the “New Congress in Town” is promising to become “carbon neutral” . I’d appreciate a different kind of cleanup but then again, if you did, you’d all be out of a job, wouldn’t you?

Honestly, although I feel sad for Gonzales, I’m rather content that Congress spends more time doing this sort of thing than actually legislating anything. Considering who we have there, I’d rather they spend their time in frivolous pursuits. It takes more time to undo something than act upon something without crucial analysis and critical thinking. I mean it’s okay if the “most ethical Congress” shields its pork barrel projects, isn’t it? It’s not their money they’re wasting.

Only 16 months or so to go, peeps, and maybe we can end this travesty.

There’s a lot of talk about partisanship, party affiliation, and a lot of name calling on both sides. Well, FYI, most of us fall somewhere in the middle. I’ve been called a left wing nut by many on the right because I don’t lean far enough right to suit them. I’ve been called a right wing nut by many on the left because I don’t lean far enough left to suit them. I fall somewhere in the middle, where most other U.S. Americans do. I grew up knowing a bit about how this nation came to be, what our forefathers thought this country should be, and had instilled in me some small bit of patriotism. What patriotism means to me is doing what’s best for the country and its citizens, first and foremost, and everyone else last, whether it be a little to the left or a little to the right.

According to The New Media Journal the Republican Party is in a crisis. Truth to tell, both parties are in a crisis. Statistically speaking, no presidential candidate has a sure edge over any other from either party. The only difference is they are doing their damnedest to keep the fractures on the left under cover.

This could be a good thing, really. People need to be shook up and give reality a good long strong look to determine what happens next. In the U.S. we can still do that. The world still goes round and round whether we like the direction its spinning or not. However, if we don’t like the direction it’s up to us to change it.

June 2007


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