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Daily Archives: June 8, 2007

My favorite moment last night was when Reid thanked 5 Republican Senators for voting ‘Aye’ to the cloture vote, quickly followed by McConnell thanking the 12 Democratic Senators for voting ‘No’.  (Yes, I watched C-Span instead of Fox for this, lol.)

The bill isn’t dead. It has been taken off the floor but not dead. It’s in stasis. They will bring it up again, more than likely at a time when they have our attention diverted to something else, like a new Paris Hilton scandal. Remarks made by one or another of the Senators during the speeches after the cloture vote failed for the second time told me this, plus Reid more or less said so when he referred to the next 16 months before elections. Now, as much as before we need to be vigilant against a Congress that does not have the United States best interests at heart.

Yes, we should celebrate a victory this morning, but the war isn’t over.

A transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday reveals this:

…  Also yesterday, in the House they had a judiciary hearing, and the black caucus members visibly broke with their Latino colleagues yesterday.  Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters berated representatives from the restaurant industry and agriculture and even from Google because apparently the black caucus members got an earful from constituents back home over the recess.  Their constituents are saying they are taking jobs that we want, these illegals.  Typical quotes that came out of this hearing yesterday.  “What have any of you done to hire Americans first, to avoid worker displacement?”  This is what the black caucus was asking representatives in the restaurant industry and agriculture and so forth.  “My son goes to Morehouse College, have you gone there recruiting or are you just looking for illegals?  Have you tried to employ urban black workers for agriculture jobs?  What percentage of your employees are black Americans?”  These are some of the questions.  There was a pretty tight-knit coalition between the black caucus and the Latino caucus but the split yesterday in the House over this. (roughly midway through the 3rd paragraph)

So, now, it’s finally becoming public what we U.S. Americans have been saying all along and show’s the statement “Jobs Americans Won’t Do” for the lie it is.  However, that telling paragraph tells us even more. Amnesty won’t serve the illegal aliens any better than it will serve citizens. With amnesty, they become relative citizens, with the same rights as we have with some few exceptions. That means work benefits, health insurance, and all the other perks that employed U.S. Americans enjoy. Well, guess what, folks? The businesses employing illegal aliens don’t want to give those benefits… that’s why they hire illegals in the first place. Now, if they don’t want to provide those, what’s amnesty going to do but create a higher rate of unemployment? Those businesses will just import a new group of illegal aliens to replace the ones who have been “legalized.”

Nothing in the bill that was put on hold would stop that happening. Nothing in it would have been enforced once amnesty was accomplished. They made it plain in the language of the bill. They just didn’t expect an interested public being able to understand that.

They’ve tried to guilt us into accepting it. “Think of all the poor immigrants who just want a better life…”  plus Harry Reid’s little drama of the high school student whose parents are illegal aliens. That bill would not have given them that. It would have made them just like us and having to deal with a new batch of aliens taking the jobs “they won’t do, now they are as good as a citizen” perpetuating the lie that politicians are using against the public. One must wonder if those immigration advocates or the Hispanic Caucus even think about this aspect when they advocate amnesty; that it won’t change illegal immigration one whit. And I wonder if they will realize that it is an extremely powerful Democrat who keeps putting them in that position considering his hands have been all over immigration since the 60’s.

They’ve tried to tell us deportation is impossible while leaving unanswered how they expect to do it with the passage of a new bill. They exaggerate and say mass deportation. There’s a very simple way to effect deportation. Make staying an unattractive prospect. They could have rounded up many thousands in one great swath during the protests of those waving Mexican flags, chanting, and clogging up streets. Cut off funding to sanctuary cities (declared and undeclared) and that will go a long long way toward making illegal immigration unattractive.

They talk about loopholes in the old laws but don’t offer to close up loopholes in existing legislation. Instead they write a whole new bill, behind closed doors, hoping to get it through the Senate and House before the public discovers just what they did: construct a bill that not only doesn’t close up the existing loopholes but adds more, cuts back the amount of fencing specified in an earlier bill, promises better security with one hand while redirecting the focus of that security to facilitation with the other, and ups the penalties for businesses with one hand while negating those penalties with the other hand. There are more such contradictions hidden within the pages of this bill but those are enough alone to make this bill a piece of trash.

They mention fines for the aliens making it not amnesty… to the tune of $5000 payable in installments over 8 years. No, it’s not a fine under such conditions. It’s buying amnesty.

They talk of bringing aliens out of the shadows. Just because they are uneducated doesn’t mean they’re all dumb enough to fall for that trap. Some of them will probably realize what the politicians are trying to hide. They come out of the shadows, they lose their jobs because of the very reason they got the job in the first place. And all we will have done is buy into another unenforced bill that will take another 20 years to “rewrite” while illegal immigration continues.

They try to reason with us, pointing out that we’re all immigrants. While that’s true to a point, but times have changed greatly. The first immigration bill changed it when conditions were set on immigrants and citizens alike. In succeeding years, as government has taken a greater interest in laws that restrict the citizens, times changed more, and the citizens are tired of footing the bill for the government’s lack of consideration of “for the people and by the people.” Every law they enact, affects the average citizen more than anyone else, yet, we are the least considered. The rich and the poor are typically the target groups for governmental facilitation, yet, there are more average citizens than any other group in the states.

For a simplistic example, think about automobile insurance, how much it costs for full coverage or even liability. What’s the chances of getting compensated by an illegal or legal immigrant under the present system? Get in an accident that is their fault, they hightail it out of the country and you’re left holding the bill, one way or another.

They say they pay taxes… well, no they don’t… at least not very many of them. Consider, an illegal alien making $15/hour who claims 12 dependents. How many taxes do you think he honestly pays? How can he claim so many? Well, under head of household filing and given Hispanic and Middle Eastern cultural implications, it’s quite a reasonable expectation. So that person’s take home pay is probably higher than that of a citizen’s making a couple of dollars more hourly, making an honest tax exemption claim. But middle America isn’t supposed to be upset by that, right?

Between government adding more dependents to the entitlements system and raiding that same system at will when they want to spend beyond their budgets, middle America is screwed time and again. However, middle America is beginning to wake up and fight back. Now is not the time to go back to sleep but stay ever vigilant of a disconnected federal government and continue to protest the injustices they seem determined to impose upon us.

I could go on and on citing dozens of examples and arguments but, for now, we have won. So, yes, let’s celebrate our victory but remember, the war isn’t over.


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