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Can Thompson Find His Motivation?

…  Such a sentiment may be the telltale tick of a normal man. But the presidency that Thompson now seeks is not won by the normal, the average, the ordinary, but by people fueled by an explosive combination of overriding ambition and charming megalomania. … Read the whole article.

I believe, sometimes these political analysts don’t realise that not all of us are enthralled with the megalomaniacs of the world. When you are inundated with them, the normal man begins to look much more appealing.

I find it interesting the number of contradictions you can find in one news article on the subject of Thompson. For instance, after calling Thompson “a normal man”, Mr. Cohen then states:

Thompson is often likened to Ronald Reagan. In fact, if you couple “Thompson” with “Reagan” and do a data search of newspapers, you will be inundated with quotes, observations and references — nearly 1,000 of them in the last month alone. The similarities are obvious — both tall, good-looking men, personable and, most important, actors.

Then further:

Neither is Thompson, in all fairness. Yet he indisputably lacks the passion, the concern, the fire-in-the-bellydom that Reagan had — not just for winning, but about issues themselves.

Then concludes:

The presidency is where a person can make the most difference. But the emergence of Thompson shows that a fatigued Republican Party is not interested in making any difference at all — just in hanging on. What commends Thompson to the presidency — the only thing anyone ever mentions — is his TV fame. If that is all it takes, then Thompson can look forward to being more than a president. He’ll be an American Idol.

One has to wonder, if this is all there is to Thompson, why is he gaining so much attention? He garners more attention than any other candidate from either party. It’s also rather clear to me that the people writing these articles is not listening to what Thompson has said, on his own and in response to questions.

I suppose our founding fathers were considered megalomaniacs as well. They literally committed treason to wrest this country from a tyrant… because that tyrant wasn’t taking care of his subjects. George Washington is the one who set the standards for our presidents with term limits… I fail to see the megalomania in that.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ll be happy to see a few less megalooniacs in Washington, D.C. because there’s one thing about them that trumps everything else… they are out for themselves first, then to their “courtiers”, and the people are always last. That was not the principles upon which this country was founded and not what we should settle for… ever.


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