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Daily Archives: June 3, 2007

You know, they say burning the Flag is speech, but the kind of speech it represents is anti-American, so…

If they dislike the U.S. so much they are willing to burn a flag, here’s what we can do: Offer them a ticket, work visa, and refund their entire SS tax payments minus the cost of air fare, prearranged lodging, etc. , revoke their U.S. citizenship… and ship them off to the country of their choice. Trust me it would cost less in the long run than putting up with all their bull*(%). There’s just one catch… they can never ever ever ever come back.


Basically, I’m tired. I’m tired of people telling me that I’m wrong because I don’t believe what they tell me to believe. I’m tired of people trying to remake this country irrespective of our Constitution and what our ancestors went through to make this country a Republic. I’m tired of the socialists telling me “do as I say, not as I do”…


I don’t want Clinton’s “collective society”. It kills not only individuality but also creativity. I don’t care if other people have more than me in the way of material goods. My self worth is not dependent on how much wealth I have. Clinton is anti-American as she is one of those who want to remake the country into a socialist image… send her packing, too. Heck, she invested in Irish property, also some in the Domican Republic…why, she’s practically a noncitizen already.

I don’t want “universal health care” because each one of those plans have qualifiers about who can receive the best care while others must accept substandard care unless they follow all the dictates lockstep. I wonder if the same conditions that apply to me will also apply to overweight Michael Moore or Al Gore or even Mrs. Clinton who’s looking a bit chunky herself. What will happen to all the plastic surgeons in the country? Will they have to respecialize or will they have a special status for making sure all the celebrities and politicians always look like Marilyn Monroe or Rock Hudson? Wonder how much that will cost us in taxes.

I don’t want to pay for everybody else’s healthcare, either. I’ve been over that before… right now, my healthcare is about $100/month or less without insurance, whereas private insurance would cost me above $1100/month (admittedly that idiot who refuses $75/month is truly an idiot but the rest have real concerns). For the others, I believe that’s totally wrong what they are saying about us draining the healthcare system. Most of us are never there so how can we?

Given my husband is in construction … one of those jobs they say Americans won’t do…and his job is subject to employment availability(scarcer now with illegal aliens taking jobs for less money), that makes health insurance a sticky subject in this house. Every job change means a year’s wait for mine to kick in. Lovely, isn’t it? What’s that you say? What about Cobra or that other program… well… that’s above $1100/month for continuation… for me; not to mention I’d still have a high copay and percentages to pay which would equal out to about $100/month.  So don’t shove the “universal health care” crap down my throat. It won’t cost any less and I’d be relegated to the substandard care considering I have a pre-existing condition. This way, I choose my own doctors, thank you.


I’m tired of people telling me what I can and cannot say. Freedom of speech is not being able to say what you want or what you think anymore… it’s you can say what you want or think as long as it agrees with what everyone else is saying or thinking… Otherwise, why are we being sued left and right over the stupidest crap? Incidentally, since it’s Muslims who want to kill us… although granted not every Muslim does… how come we have to bend over backward to keep from offending them instead of the other way around? How are we supposed to know the difference between the good ones and the bad ones if we have to be wary around all of them for fear of offense? Don’t you think it would be better for them and us if they took a step or two towards showing me they aren’t the ones who threaten me and mine? This is my country, not yours… You know that old saying:”When in Rome, do as the Romans do?” If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to leave. 


Take your political correctness and shove it. If you are offended, how about asking me what I meant before you go find a lawyer? Or why don’t you learn a little tolerance yourself, instead of always receiving but never giving?

I get offended every time I hear somebody put down Southerners and the stupid remarks they make. How uneducated you must be to engage in that kind of behavior. Yet, you feel safe doing it because nobody is going to slap a lawsuit on YOU for saying whatever you want about Southerners because a lawsuit against you would be thrown out of court. I hate it when people from other areas come to the South and endlessly complain about it and say how much they hate it. Well, here’s one for you. If I go elsewhere and I don’t like it, I know how to come back home. Since you all never seem to leave but endlessly complain, apparently you don’t.  And we’re considered the dumb ones?


I want my country back. I want the country our ancestors gave us and I want all the socialist crap to leave. If that means a mass exodus, so be it. I’m sure we can import people who really want to follow the “American Dream” instead of those who want to change this country into a mirror of the country they left, or to some utopia as defined by an elite ruling class. You see, I’m not against immigration. I’m just against being conquered from within by the socialists and communists of the world. If you want a free republic, I will welcome you but if you want to transform this country into something it was never meant to be, then you can leave on/in the same boat, same plane, or same car you came in.


How come it’s okay for the left to categorize all of us who aren’t leftist as extreme Right wing evangelical types but it’s not okay if we categorize all of them as extreme Left wing communist types?


How come it’s okay for the Left to say anything they want, in any manner they want, and say it as fact even when the facts don’t support what’s being said and they never seem to suffer for lying?


Off my rant for now but have another message:

I’ve been hearing about some bloggers who have lost their blogspot accounts or something like that… this was told via a face to face with someone so I’m not clear on the details… If somebody has some info on that I’d sure appreciate it. Maybe we can figure something out: stephc at

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