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Daily Archives: April 27, 2007

It looks like a disaster no matter how you spin it, because of the death toll, not of our troops but of the citizens of the country in which the war is being fought. There is a lot to be desired. I can understand that. I can even understand why lily livers on Capitol Hill want to cut and run.

What I can’t understand is how they want to force us to do it when the results of running will be much more disastrous than staying and fighting. They offer no plan except retreat. They make of us a nation of cowards to further embolden the enemy. Why not just sign over the country now and avoid the bloodshed that will be our inheritance from their gutless actions? Oh, wait, that may be their plan and I just don’t know it, yet. It will be interesting to see what happens after Congress forces a precipitous withdrawal.

 I just had a lovely thought. Bush still has almost two years left in office. If Congress forces a withdrawal by veto override, the president should take the leash off Israel. He does still determine foreign policy and Israel certainly falls under that category.  Now wouldn’t that throw a monkey wrench in the plans for the Democrats’ “New World Order?”

In Politics During Wartime, Michael Delong has this to say:

The initial reports from the field regarding Private Lynch stated that she had gone down fighting, had emptied her weapon and that her actions were heroic. Based on these reports, politicians from her home state, West Virginia, wanted the military to award her the Medal of Honor. Their request rose up the ladder until finally it reached me.

But initial combat reports are often wrong(emphasis added).  Time must always be taken to thoroughly investigate all claims. In the case of Private Lynch, additional time was needed, since she was suffering from combat shock and loss of memory; facts, therefore, had to be gathered from other sources. The military simply didn’t know at that point whether her actions merited a medal.

Read the full article.

I knew this having been a military wife. The article further goes on to say the politicians knew this, too, and they weren’t happy. Now, WV is a blue state… I don’t think you can get much bluer, although I wonder why quite often.  Yet, now they see fit to drag Pvt. Lynch to Capitol Hill to state the Army lied along with Mr. Tillerman’s complaint that he didn’t find out how his brother truly died until 5 weeks after amid other allegations to create yet another circus in Washington, D.C. with taxpayer money.

Mr. Tillerman, be thankful you found out factual information as soon as 5 weeks. There’s a young man who died during the Gulf War. While we knew almost instantly how he died because it was shrapnel from a land mine, his name still needs to be corrected on a plaque in Frankfurt Germany. A new headstone was bought for his funeral by his wife and the four small children he left behind. 

To those of you who have lost loved ones in war, please, don’t let your tragedies become potential circuses for the politicians wrangling on Capitol Hill. Your future mental health is just not worth it.

April 2007


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