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Daily Archives: April 23, 2007

Sometime, somewhere today, I made a post on someone’s blog about neverending excuses that our enemies will use to make war upon us. Here’s an example of what I meant.

American School in Gaza Attacked
The American International School in the Gaza Strip was bombed over the weekend because the perpetrators didn’t like the American values of freedom and civil liberties and the way of thinking that the school represents, the school’s principal said on Monday.


Ribhi Salem, the director and principal of the American International School, called the attack “a barbaric, savage act” carried out by the “enemies of the Palestinian people and forces of darkness.”

He said he had no idea who attacked the school but it was obvious that the culprits were targeting the ideals that the school is promoting.

“It was a shock to us,” Ribhi told Cybercast News Service by telephone from Gaza. “We thought we would never be targeted,” he said, since there aren’t any more foreign teachers based at the private school. […]
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It’s not Americans who were targeted. Nor was it Jews, but Palestineans who were studying the American way of life.  Still think if we just withdraw it will go away? These radicals aren’t trying to get us out of there lands, they’re just plain trying to get rid of us and everything about us, period.

She’s a celebrity. Of course that must imply that as a celebrity she must be an expert on global warming. Also, of course, being a celebrity, she deserves preferential treatment as in because she says so, it must be done.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’m bringing your attention to Cheryl Crow and her friend, Laurie David ambush of Karl Rove at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and they made much of Rove’s dislike of being held against his will touched when he turned away from them rather than argue.

And what’s our expert’s celebrity’s solution to global warming? Why we should use less toilet paper. Why doesn’t she do less tours using up so much fossil fuels and electricity for equipment to make her sound great on stage or to make it a “show” with special effects and lighting? Or are the 6000 bulbs they gave out supposed to offset her carbon footprints?

The point is, these people have no clue about global warming. They are reacting to emotional trash. Scientists can’t agree on global warming but we’re expected to listen to these celebrity experts?

This fall in the same category of Rosie O’Donnell’s claim that fire doesn’t melt steel. Steel melts at 2800 degrees, it is weakened at 1500 degrees… with the kind of weight posed by the WTO buildings, weakening is all that is necessary for the collapse.

However, there are some steps that can be taken here in the U.S. Stripmining in West Virginia alone has raped 300,000+ acres of forested mountains, polluting waterways requiring chemicals to clean up, if they bother, and robbing wildlife of natural habitats. That, to me, constitutes a greater ecological disaster than using a few extra squares of toilet paper, which is biodegrable, by the way. Oh, wait, isn’t that Robert Byrd territory? It must be Bush’s fault, then. Never mind that it’s been going on for more decades than I’ve been alive (and I ain’t that young).

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