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If you doubt that we are truly alone in the world and losing the war in our own country, have a look at this:

Now granted King George was an idiot and lost the colonies through his stupidity but for the most part I’ve always had a little bit of respect for the British, in spite of the Irish and Scottish slave trade they engaged in before they found it more profitable to raid the Ivory Coast. But this… it beats all. 


An article by Ed Koch at Real Clear Politics had this to say:

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, nor do all Muslims agree with this goal. But as journalist Abdel Rahman al-Rashed said, “It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims.”

He also stated:

If the United States, on its own, could defeat the terrorists and their goals by waging the battle now ongoing in Iraq, as President Bush believes we can, I would support that effort. But I, like most Americans, have concluded that we cannot do it alone. The casualties and cost are too great. I believe that unless we are joined by a significant number of our allies, regional and NATO, who would provide combat troops and share in the costs of war, we should leave Iraq.

This text was taken from the middle of the article so you might want to read the whole here.

He’s right and he’s wrong. We can do it alone but first we have to set it in our minds that what the rest of the world says about it doesn’t matter because we are taking care of our own first. Second, we have to make the decision to get “nasty”.  Much of the time we treat our enemies with kid gloves and we’re paying a price for that. We can’t fight this war the way it needs to be fought with others (Europe/Nato/United Nations) pulling the strings on our troops. We just have to do it “our way” and let the rest of the world “get over it”.

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