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It seems the news is full of the O’Reilly/Rivera face-off on illegal aliens. Before you continue reading, I’ll let you know straight up that I fall on O’Reilly’s side in this matter. However, at the same time, I am increasingly saddened that the media and the politicians fail to address the cost to the average American when illegal aliens cause bad things.

First, we have a rash of food recalls which land people in hospitals from tainted food packaged largely by illegal aliens because they are cheap labor and prompting massive recalls in things so innocuous as peanut butter. Who pays for those hospital bills? The food company eventually will through lawsuits… at least we hope so… which nullifies the cheap labor argument considering medical costs, the costs of recalls, and lawyers’ fees will likely outstrip the money saved from the cheap labor. Except they will continue to raise the cost of the foods to offset those costs that likely would not have happened if the companies had hired Americans who have a basic understanding of food handling laws in the states and country. As a consequence, food prices go up, and up, and up. The average American salary leaves families scraping to make ends meet. My husband’s salary a year ago not only provided for our basic necessities, but left a little for luxury items. This year I found myself having to use a credit card to pay my home insurance and property taxes as well as a few other necessities because there was a sudden rise in the price for basic living expenses such as utilities(two rate hikes), groceries almost doubled, and gas price hikes. Don’t tell me illegal aliens have no impact. I can’t remember where I saw the article but there was one in which one of the representatives of one of those food companies said, “people need to wash their food themselves.” How, exactly does one wash peanut butter?

Second, we have the drunk drivers killing people. Who pays the costs of the medical exams conducted, the legal costs of the police doing their duty, the ambulance picking up the bodies, the funerals, and the car repair or replacement? the insurance companies? Only if the victim has no fault comprehensive insurance and is prepared to pay much higher prices for their insurance premiums in the future. The illegal alien doesn’t have a valid driver’s license, often no automobile insurance, and is driving under the influence.  And that’s only if they kill someone. What about the people who are injured and consequently become disabled as a result. Who pays for their medical for the rest of their lives? How do they care for themselves afterwards? While illegal aliens supporters argue we already have drunk drivers who kill and maim people, it doesn’t justify importing more. In addition, there are consequences to American citizens that illegal aliens don’t have to endure.

Third, we have the drug dealers and gang members. People argue we already have these in the states. Yes, we do, but does that justify importing more? In From the Cold has a decent rundown of illegal aliens on his blog under the heading: The Ramos Case. Who pays for this? We do with our taxes.

Fourth, we have the social security debacle. Once upon a time, we had welfare for the unemployed and social security for people who have retired from the workforce. Some “wonderful” president(He who must not be dissed according to his wife.) decided to combine the two. Illegal aliens benefit from this, too. They get free healthcare while I pay for mine. They get foodstamps and a government check to keep them living. Heaven forbid they starve inside our borders. While I don’t want to see anyone starve, the politicians need to be up front about the costs of these programs in terms of illegal aliens and what it means to the average taxpayer, when they yell the alarms that Social Security is going broke. They need to stop pussy footing around about the causes of this as stating that more people are living longer. That may be part of it but it’s not the whole story. It’s time they gave us that. If people are living longer they are also working longer… that is, unless an illegal alien supplanted them in the job force.

So, let’s look at Mexico. Mexico’s economy depends on sending this wave of aliens across the border because they have made laws that don’t benefit the country and they import their own batch of illegal aliens because they are cheaper than hiring their own citizens. Where is their shame? They gave it to us as the Mexican President stood with Bush and told him that we (the United States) has to do something about it.  In addition to Mexico’s own citizens crossing the border at will, there are no obstacles for terrorists to cross through the same avenues. We (the United States) have become the scapegoat of the entire world.

In addition, how many of our young people have lost jobs to illegal aliens? Our teenage potential employees who once counted on these low level jobs to prepare for their adult future?

Quite likely, there will be hordes uttering the racist statement; playing the racist card. They will call me prejudice and rightly so. If standing up for our citizens against illegal aliens is prejudice, then I am… and proud of it.

I suppose to reduce this diatribe to its simplest form. The United States is like our family. On a daily basis we take care of our family first, then take care of others. The government is not taking care of its family first but are, instead neglecting family and taking care of others first… at the expense of the family.

In addition to importing illegal aliens to compete with United States citizens for jobs, much of our technologically based industries are shipping their jobs overseas… all in the name of cheap labor for cheap goods to be imported back into the United States. Goods that may be cheap but surely becoming once again expensive as our shrinking dollars barely afford us the necessities.

On top of all this, a large portion of this illegal population actually hate us. They organize marches with slogans such as this land was ours first and increasingly hateful towards the people who pay for them being here.

As far as the land being theirs first, I have a solution(One of my not so famous simple solutions). Move everybody out of California, Oregon, and Washington state, and even Arizona. Raze the whole area to the ground and give it to them just as they left it. Would they still want it or will they cry because we didn’t give them the fruits of our labor for nothing? Or barring that, let them pay for the land at the land’s value lock, stock, and barrel; not the government’s idea of value but at the actual real price it would cost us to buy it a piece at a time.

Something’s gotta give folks and the government’s solution of amnesty ain’t it because the average American taxpayer will still have to deal with the issues listed above for many years into the future and possibly into perpetuity.

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