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Daily Archives: April 3, 2007

I’ve been waiting for it but it’s been over a week and I still haven’t heard that, “Wait a minute. Since when did 15 military personnel on the open sea constitute an invasion? Regardless of what arbitrary line they supposedly crossed?”


“The only solution is for them to send an official to find out the reason for the invasion (emphasis mine),” Broujerdi told state radio. “There is a need for a bilateral agreement to prevent such an event in the future.”

The western world is being played but nobody seems to get it. Iran is not stupid but it’s counting on the western world to act as if it is. The western world pretty much treats the Middle eastern countries’ population pretty much like the States treats hillbilllies. Hillbillies aren’t dumb, either, but we can sure act it when people look down their noses at us. Why? Because then we have the advantage and you’ll just have to figure out how all by yourself. If I tell you, then I’ve lost the advantage.

The first thing the West needs to do is use some of those stem cells whose research they keep funding and grow some new guts. The second thing it needs to do is stop patronizing these Islamic extremists and the countries that harbor them. Treat them like the aggressors they are instead of pandering to them like spoiled children for that is how they act.

“You cut off my allowance. Now I can’t fund the weapons to bomb the hell out of you, so I’ll do this and make you.”

And you know what? We’ll give in to them just like we give into our young children’s bad behavior when it becomes extreme. Don’t want to be accused of child abuse, now, do we?

Pandering to them is not going to stop them going nuclear. It’s not going to stop them attacking us and trying to kill us on a daily basis. It only delays it until there is no one left to stand up to them. Which is what they want.

Appeasement never works for the long haul when dealing with thug regimes or badly behaved children. The more you appease the more they demand and pretty soon they control you instead of you controlling them. You’re better off calling Nanny911 than calling on the United Nations to deal with this situation.

When is the rest of the world going to learn this? The day you watch a Muslim stone your wife or daughter to death for lewd behavior consisting of being outside without a male family member? I suppose we could tell Nancy Pelosi she can stop worrying about getting facelifts. Just wear the Burka and everything will be alright, right?

But no, I’m the dumb one. I have no clue about the “delicacy” of the situation. I’m not a journalist, nor a diplomat, nor an ambassador, nor a Congressperson, nor a Senator or anyone else “special”. It’s too complicated for me to understand, right?

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