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Daily Archives: April 2, 2007

Fred Thompson Is for Real

In just three weeks, Fred Thompson has improbably transformed the contest for the Republican presidential nomination. It is not merely that he has come from nowhere to double digits in national polls. He is the talk of GOP political circles, because he is filling the conservative void in the Republican field of candidates.

Before there were whispers of Fred Thompson running, I donated a few dollars to Ton Tancredo in the hopes that he could announce his candidacy. I expect, if Thompson announces, my dream ticket would be Thompson/Tancredo. The problem with Tancredo that others seem to harp about is the fact that he doesn’t pull punches. He says what he believes and says it LOUDLY. I rather like that about him. I think politics has gone too far into political correctness to be effective at dealing with… well… politics. Sometimes you have to yell to be heard above the whispers.

I’ll settle for a Thompson/McCain ticket but won’t be nearly as happy. The truth is, no matter who announces to campaign, there is no perfect person to choose. And there’s still Congress to deal with.

The only real complaint about Thompson that I’ve heard is that he doesn’t like to work hard. Well, I gotta say, Bush looks like he’s working hard and still hasn’t gotten anywhere. Congress runs around like a bunch of chickens squawking about stupid crap instead of concentrating on what’s important. When you’re a farmer, you learn how to work smart early in life. Otherwise, you work yourself to death before you’re thirty.

There’s a difference in working hard and working smart. You can push hard and still be stuck in the mud. But, if you look for other more effective ways of pushing, you’ll get out of that mud a lot quicker. I believe Thompson is one of those who works smart and get things done instead of working hard and getting nowhere.

The real issue facing the entire nation today is: How are we going to preserve our republic which was handed to us by our forefathers? True democracy is dying under the guise of government doing things for “our own good”. I watch as our “Democratic” Congress undermine the executive office of the President at every turn while saying they are doing it for “our own good”, yet, the silent majority, of whom I used to be one, utters not the first complaint. Only those who speak loudly in favor are heard. As an adult and having gained many years of experience I thought I was old enough and wise enough to make my own decisions but Congress has decided I’m not while they undercut our liberties and appease our enemies.

Appeasement only delays the inevitable. This is something Congress seems never to be able to learn. Bush bungled it, but Congress should still shoulder a huge burden of responsibility. The moment war was declared on Iraq, Congress set out to put up blocks to make a difficult task more difficult. Yes, Iraq deserves a democracy, every person on earth deserves a democracy. However, the larger victory and the message from the U.S. here should have been we will defend our own democracy and not cut and run when the going gets tough. We will not appease to our detriment and we will not lay down our arms until our enemies understand that.

Bush said these wars would demand sacrifice. No one thought of personal sacrifice when he uttered those words. What have you given up to help preserve our democracy? Nothing. You continue on as if the sacrifice should be all on our troops to whom you pay only lip service and call for the end of the war through appeasement of our enemies.

Shame on you. You don’t deserve the democracy you have taken for granted. You would rather watch the lurid tale of Anna Nicole Smith’s death, or the entertainment of American Idol, or a host of other shows because they insulate you from the truth of your own perfidy. They allow you to act the coward and insulate you from the consequences of your own actions.

As long as we appease we are abdicating responsibility. That responsibility doesn’t just go away it multiplies into the future. How far will you appease? What kind of country will you leave your children? Movements are afoot now that will have our country conquered from within and those who conquer us will celebrate the end of democracy. If you continue to let this happen, you may as well apologize to your children now because the burden will be them.

This “Democratic” Congress will suspend the constitution, if they can. Once suspended, it will never be unsuspended. Haven’t you seen enough Star Wars movies to figure that out? As the Chancellor, Palpatine put himself in charge of the federation and then a series of votes later giving him more and more powers, made him Emperor. Just as that fictional federation gave Palpatine unlimited power, you give the same to Congress and it will be your children who pay the price. We have real world examples of the same but since the history books used today are so politically correct I doubt many will remember them (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and even Napolean.) 

The price will most likely be civil war. Not everyone is so blindsided by emotion and the dictates of political correctness that they have abandoned all common sense and use of logic. But, never you mind. You probably won’t have to worry about it; it’s for the children to worry about in their future.

April 2007


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