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As some of you are aware, last Friday, I wrote in a Live Wire for The Minority Report that Charles Blow of The New York Times was an idiot and a racist. (And, my girl Jaded was kind enough to put my Live Wire in a Red Hot on Redstate—thank you Jaded.) Normally, I believe that name-calling is the hobgoblin of puny minds, and I loathe people who carelessly toss around the term “Raaacist!!” without any proof. However, if you read Mr. Blow’s column, you will most probably agree that Charles Blow definitely deserves the title of “racist idiot”.

In Charles Blow’s ridiculous column, he discusses his impression of a Dallas Tea Party that he attended–and yet he spoke to no one else there (he admitted this fact on Laura Ingraham’s radio show). (If you are interested, here is a good promotional video of the Dallas Tea Party.) There were so many offensive things in Mr. Blow’s column, that I don’t even know where to begin—like when he wrote that seeing a black doctor, a Mexican immigrant and a Vietnamese immigrant on stage together reminded him of “a bizarre spoof of a Benetton ad”, or when he complained about how many white people were at the Tea Party. However, what I found to be particularly appalling was when Mr. Blow referred to the minorities speaking at the Dallas Tea Party as “a political minstrel show”. What Charles Blow implied by calling the Dallas Tea Party “a political minstrel show” is that African Americans and minorities should all think alike and be liberals—and if they dare to think for themselves or speak at a Tea Party, then they are “putting on a minstrel show” for the white man. Now, in his nasty column, Mr. Blow singled out Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel, an African American conservative comedian who was performing at the Dallas Tea party, as part of “the political minstrel show”.

By the way, someone needs to inform Mr. Blow that it is quite normal for a comedian to perform for an audience—it’s what they do for a living. Was Bill Cosby putting on a “minstrel show” when he used to perform for predominately white audiences? What about Oprah Winfrey? Her audience is mainly white as well. Oh, and what about MSNBC? As our own Lori Ziganto points out, their entire staff is white. So if a black pundit is a guest on MSNBC, is he putting on a “minstrel show”? But, I digress.

Anywho, Zo finally got around to responding to Charles Blow, and it was a sheer delight to see Zo tell that pompous New York Times columnist just how much his column blows (pun most definitely intended). (H/T to Aaron Gardner and Big Journalism for the video. Please read Aaron’s excellent column about the “minstrel show” incident here).

Man, that was a thing thing of beauty, wasn’t it? 😉

Y’all have a good night. (I know that I will after seeing Zo hand Blow his you-know-what.)

This diary was originally posted on The Minority Report.

Last night, Michelle Bernard, who is the CEO of the Independent Women’s Forum, a conservative women’s group founded in 1992, decided to write a diary for endorsing the DC voucher program. Well, Ms. Bernard’s diary was actually quite good—she made a rational and eloquent argument for school choice. However, my problem is with Ms. Bernard herself, not what she stated in her diary. You see, during the 2008 election cycle, Ms. Bernard was a relentless shill for Barack Obama, and was a regular guest (actually still is) on propagandistic programs on MSBNC such as Hardball, Keith Olberman’s show and Rachel Maddow’s show. Therefore, I couldn’t believe that she had the unmitigated gall to come on Redstate and lecture us about school choice, when she had been unapologetically shilling for Obama throughout the entire presidential election, and it was President Obama and the Democrats that killed the DC voucher program! (H/T Allahpundit of Hot Air—watch the informative video below.) Furthermore, is she not aware that elections have consequences—or does she think that they are all about unicorn farts, pixie dust, and who gives you a “thrill up your leg”?

Anyway, because of my outrage towards Ms. Bernard’s obvious hypocrisy, I decided to write a comment on her blog (you can read it in the link—it is the first one in the comments section). Well, several regular Redstate readers then suggested that I turn my comment in Ms. Bernard’s blog into a diary (specifically Cold Warrior, Civil Truth and SoFiMil). I have decided to take their advice, and so I pasted my original comment to Ms. Bernard below—and I threw in a few things that I forgot to mention in the original comment as well. Now, here it is—

Dear Ms. Bernard,

So, do you think that we don’t know how to use the interwebs around here?

…Because anyone with a mouse or a TV could figure out that you are one great big Obama shill–even worse than Chris-”thrill up my leg”-Matthews. (See exhibit A, B, and C below).

Oh, and at 5:20 in this video, we can all watch you trash Cindy McCain and imply that her “claws are coming out”. I think that must be a common Obama campaign talking point in regard to women who are opposing him in some way, but I digress.

By the way, I think that it’s great that you are for school choice, but then if that is so, you were certainly shilling for the wrong candidate, because Obama and the Democrats squelched the DC voucher program. (I guess they thought that funding the the study of pig odor in the stimulus bill was more important.) Aren’t you at all aware that elections have consequences? Furthermore, I don’t care what conservative women’s forum that you claim to be the head of, even The Daily Howler mocked your supposed “conservatism” and noticed how much you gushed over Obama. (See excerpt below).–

“Who is Michelle Bernard?

On the surface, the question is easily answered. At present, Bernard is CEO of the Independent Women’s Forum, a conservative women’s group founded in 1992. (According to Wikipedia, the IWF grew out of an ad hoc group created to support Clarence Thomas.) The groups directors emeritae include such conservative stars as Lynn Cheney, Wendy Gramm, Midge Decter and Kate O’Beirne. To peruse the group’s web site, just click here.

The IWF, like many such groups, is founded as a non-partisan 501(c)(3) group. As such, the group does not endorse candidates. But it does promote a range of conservative causes.

All that is well and good—and Michelle Bernard is the group’s CEO. Which leads us to a puzzling question: As a major conservative, why is Bernard appearing on Hardball so often—to gush about Obama?

Bernard’s remarkable Hardball run began on Thursday, January 24. Since then, she has become a frequent guest on the propagandistic program. Here is the list of dates on which she has appeared:

Thursday, January 24 Friday, January 25 Monday, January 28 Tuesday, January 29 Wednesday, January 30 (regular program) Wednesday, January 30 (special post-debate program)

Tuesday, February 5 Tuesday, February 12 Wednesday, February 13 Thursday, February 14 Tuesday, February 19 Tuesday, February 26

Tuesday, March 4 Wednesday, March 5 Tuesday, March 11 (regular program) Tuesday, March 11 (special post-primary program) Wednesday, March 12 Friday, March 14 Tuesday, March 18

According to Nexis, Bernard has appeared nineteen times since January 24, an eight-week period. During that time:

  • She has almost never been identified as a conservative.
  • She has repeatedly and effusively praised Obama.
  • She has never been asked why she, as a leading conservative, is promoting the Democratic Party’s most likely presidential nominee.”

Oh, and how could I leave this little gem out. The Daily Howler also quoted you as having said the following with regard to Barack Obama’s famous speech on race after his twenty year stint in Reverend Wright’s church became public knowledge.—-

I think that this is probably the most important speech that I have heard in my lifetime. I would say this is probably the best speech and most important speech on race that we have, that we have heard as a nation since Martin Luther King`s “I have a dream” speech. Every single word was riveting.

Really??! I mean, I hate to sound like Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, but really???! The best speech since Martin Luther King? Are we talking about that same speech on race where Barack Obama threw his grandmother under the bus by implying that she was a closet racist and where he compared Geraldine Ferraro to Jeremiah Wright? Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t remember Martin Luther King taking potshots at people (especially not the woman who raised him) during his “I Have a Dream” speech, but I digress.

FYI–All of your buddies at MSNBC and NBC post on the Daily Kos and Huffington Post. I think that you took a wrong turn and turned right when you should have turned left. Hopefully, If you decide to visit us here again, you will be capable of offering us a reasonable explanation with regard to how you could shamelessly shill for a candidate whose policies you seem to disagree with.

Oh, and one more thing. Welcome to Redstate.

Sincerely, Susannah

PS—I think it’s extremely telling that you never responded to me or to anyone else who posted a comment on your blog.

PPS–Please tell Lawrence O’Donnell that we all think he’s a nutter. Thankies.

Update: Well, well, well. Below is an embed of a video of Hardball where Michelle Bernard literally ADMITS to voting for Barack Obama (at 53 seconds exactly). And, she had the audacity to write a post here attempting to enlighten us on school choice. Unbelievable. Maybe we should send her emails about candidate choice.

This diary is cross-posted on The Minority Report.

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