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When the Chief Justice of the United States convenes his regular Friday Conference tomorrow, four elves (or Santa and three elves) are required to determine if Ken Cuccinell’s direct appeal of ObamaCare is naughty or nice.

Federal district courts in Virginia and Florida found ObamaCare’s mandate that citizens’ wallets jump when AFLAC ducks quack, to be so much excess, and unconstitutional, water on our American’ backs.

Moreover, the whole of President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement melted under the latter’s constitutional sun shine, albeit without an injunction. As a result, the tentacles of socialized medicine were unleashed to poison private insurancepools that could make the legal issues moot if too many claims of 25-year old “children” with pre-existing cancerous conditions have to paid before non-highest courts weigh in.

Meanwhile, similarly situated courts in other states have upheld former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s thrice-rejected 2009 Christmas Eve lump of coal, thus inspiring Cuccinelli, Virginia’s Attorney General, to present the dirty stocking directly to our judiciary’s northernmost pole before being laundered in the circuits:

The Virginia petition has been re-listed for consideration at this Friday’s Conference, according to the Court’s docket.


The Supreme Court on Monday left unresolved, at least for the moment, the fate of the state of Virginia’s attempt to get the Justices to rule on a very fast track the broad challenge to the constitutionality of a key feature of the new federal health care law.  The plea by the state to take up the validity of the new mandate to buy health insurance, before any federal appeals court rules on it, was before the Justices at their Conference last Friday, but no order on it came out with the Monday list.  The case is Virginia v. Sebelius (10-1014).

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