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Craftsman in the trade for many years walks into a company answering a want ad. He fills out the application, notes his experience, and time in craft. The owner or manager looks over the application and then asks what wage are you looking for, the craftsman answers commiserate with his experience. He gets hired to fix problem construction projects, while the company continues hiring lower wage people for new and upcoming projects. 6-7 months later, once the experienced worker has gotten the low wage earners in a better state of compentency, the owner is saying he has to cut costs so he looks at the experienced higher waged worker and says, “See ya.” (He might not always be that cavalier about it but it amounts to the same thing.)

So the experienced worker goes to another company, works for a little while, then the same thing happens.

Now, as this same pattern continues to happen, the experienced worker figures out that if he wants to keep a job, he’s going to have to hire himself cheap, but that, too, creates a problem. He walks into a company, fills out the application, and goes through all the same motions he’s gone through so many times before. The interview gets to the wage part and the worker says, he’ll hire in at what Juan, Miguel, and Jose hired in at because he needs to work. Even that wage is better than unemployment. The owner has one of three reactions: either 1) the guy is a loser and isn’t worth even that much, that maybe he’s got a drug or drinking problem and is unreliable, 2) or he’s going to quit as soon as something better comes along or 3) he can’t hire such an experienced worker at that wage because it might reflect badly on the company, that maybe the general contractors will take him for a cheap S.O.B. and maybe cutting corners and not following the codes, etc.

When the worker, or somebody close to him complains about this, the first thing out of people’s mouths or comments, you must be racist or a bigot. You reply that you don’t have a problem with legal immigrants and just want an equal chance is countered with “they” just want the American Dream. And finally, they’ll talk about how hard working they are, implying that American workers aren’t. The real problem is the system is setup in such a way we can’t compete with the illegal population coming in to take the “jobs Americans won’t do.”

This same worker hasn’t spent his entire time doing just one thing and has gained skills in other things, albeit self taught, so he tries to apply for other jobs, only to be turned down because he doesn’t have certification or a degree in that field. If he doesn’t work, he doesn’t have the money to get the certification because unemployment is of finite duration and of such an amount it barely covers the necessities so the spare time is spent in endlessly looking for another job, trying to fulfill his American Dream.

I suppose, that’s the sacrifice the American worker must make, sacrifice his own dreams so others may have theirs or be called a racist or bigot when he’s simply asking for an equal opportunity to fulfill his own.

The Republican party lost me once again over this last week as the immigration issue comes to the forefront again. Since the Democrat party is of like mind on the issue, I won’t be switching parties. I think I’ll create a political party called the Disenfranchised.

October 2021


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