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Re-election of Barack Obama would hand over the future to those that punish with death the worship of any God whose “prophet” is not Mohammad

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An open mike in Seoul revealed a re-elected President Obama poised to gut Reagan’s missile defense that reduced the evil Soviet Union empire to the borders of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but hasn’t his pre-election “flexibility”, including the moral equivalence between Holocaust-deniers and those that “slander” the “Prophet of Islam” enunciated yesterday at the United Nations, already inflicted irreparable harm on U.S. national security?

The U.S. Navy of the post-WWII past has secured free trade prosperity for much of the world and Liberty from Taipei to Tbilisi. Obama proposes a reduction below the 313-ship fleet considered the absolute minimum needed by the last Chief of Naval Operations, just as a China awash in U.S. dollars engages in a massive buildup of forces in the Asian Pacific.

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When America bombs, the world is better off. Even as in Libya, when led by an incompetent Commander-in-Chief and an incoherent Administration

I miss President George W. Bush, The Decider. His deterrence bone fides were so well-understood after our 2003 invasion of Iraq, that Libya’s Colonel Gaddafy decided to unilaterally surrender his weapons of mass destruction program to the armed forces of the United States before they ever had to fire a shot. Not a peep was heard from Libya while The Cowboy slept in the White House.

Joe Biden warned us that international tests were coming when the young President became the resident. The tests have begun in earnest.

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