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What kind of people abide 55 million abortions?

How many PETA members are pro-life? Just asking because they are famous for opposing the killing of rodents and in watching one’s step lest one commit reckless ant-icide. But of course, if they had to buy Pampers on a regular basis, they might not be able to afford the BMW payments or the bus ticket required to get them to Oregon to plant tree-protecting spikes.

Before seven lawyers in robes opened a Pandora’s Box 40 years ago (that no Congress of We the People had broached since 1776) when the  Supreme Court ruled for Roe against Wade on January 22, 1973, the United States won its Independence; abolished slavery; raised its and the world’s standard of living through free market capitalism and its oil, coal, electricity, automobile, airplanes and other fruits; defeated Fascists; and put a man on the moon. In other words, we dodn’t join Don Quixote in tilting at windmills (pictured).

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Media never mentions who decides which government employees are “essential”

It will be morally outrageous if President Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate sacrifice the funding of  our armed forces for the next six months  on the altar of government-funded abortions in the District of Columbia. But the preemptive announcement by the administration that U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines must work without pay during a shutdown has already clinched the award for moral outrage after April Fool’s Day.

The United States Constitution does not address shutdowns per se, but does require Congressional authorization before funds are withdrawn from the Treasury.  Federal statutes grant the President the authority and discretion to defines who gets salary priority during emergencies.

Making payments from the Treasury is an executive act.

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