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Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago yesterday, the Continental Congress approved the text of the Declaration of Independence to formalize their unanimous vote of July 2, 1776 to declare independence from, and thus wage war against, the British Empire. Shots fired at Lexington, Concord and Bunker and Breed’s Hills had already been heard around the world in 1775 announcing the waging of the then undeclared war. It would be weeks after that first Fourth of July before many signatures other than John Hancock’s adorned later versions of the Declaration, six years before the British Army would surrender at Yorktown and eight before the Treaty of Paris officially ended the American Revolutionary War, proper.

But had actual independence truly been attained even when the ink was dry on that 1783 treaty or even by the time the Constitution of the United States was ratified in 1789? Not if you asked U.S. Navy sailors impressed by British officers into Her Majesty’s Service at sea or exporters, from harbors on the Great Lakes or out of Charleston, South Carolina, unable to market their wares abroad thanks to that same navy flying the Union Jack.

Thus, the War of 1812 and the entry into the American bloodstream of Winfield Scott, a son of Virginia, but first and foremost an American, whose first foray into the history books was in the struggle to secure the Niagara River and thus Lakes Ontario and Erie from British control. Thwarted by inept superiors at Queenston in October of 1812, then Colonel Scott’s ingenious plan to secure Fort George was allowed to go forward in May of 2013. Then on July 5, 1814 he took Chippawa, and later that month Lundy’s Lane, to secure the river and Upper New York independent of all but the will of Americans.

Partially inspired by his exploits, Dolly and President James Madison would remain calm, after the same inept commanders that first thwarted Scott allowed Washington City to be taken and the U.S. Capitol and White (then President’s) House burned, to, together with newly appointed Secretary of War James Monroe unleash General Andrew Jackson and others to drive the enemy from the shores of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave with only a Star-Spangled Banner flying above it.

Fast forward to the Halls of Montezuma in September of 1847 and witness now General Scott accept the formal surrender of Mexico in Mexico City and the completion of a manifest destiny of Liberty from the Atlantic sea to the Pacific sea. By the time war broke out between the states between those shining seas, Scott was deemed too old to command Union forces against the fellow Virginian, Robert E. Lee, whom he failed to persuade to eschew the Confederacy. But his last great legacy to secure true independence for all, even from slavery, was his “Anaconda Plan” that Commander in Chief Abraham Lincoln approved to take control of all harbors and major water ways from the Chesapeake; Outer North Carolina bank;, Port Royal in South Carolina; Pensacola, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; and to New Orleans and all points in between.

God bless Winfield Scott today on the anniversary of his stunning victory at Chippawa and may Americans resolve this day to remember that to be independent for Life, Liberty and Pursuits of Happiness, the battle against tyranny is never fully secure unless one maintains a national defense that deters aggressors and a will to use it against those that are not deterred.

And would it be too much to ask that our government take care of the health and other needs of our veterans? I don’t think so.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

IranBut I’ll bet the Appeaser-in-Chief keeps this “you-can-keep-your-policy” promise unlike the one made to Americans under the domestic equivalent of the bomb, known as  Obamacare.

President Barack Obama is a serial liar but, like a stopped clock, occasionally also tells the truth. For instance, he promised skyrocketing energy prices. They set a record high in October. He promised to bankrupt the coal industry with new carbon emissions-standards. The war on coal is clearly on the offensive and in the direction of bankruptcy courts in West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, he promised surrender. American troops have abandoned the former terrorist playground of Saddam Hussein with nary a footprint left behind; while President B. Hussein Obama has set a 2014 date-certain deadline for withdrawal in the former safe haven of al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts in Afghanistan.

Which brings us to the number one state-sponsor of terror on Earth since 1979, Continue reading

WTC-9-11-ATTACK2President Obama’s Democratic Party-owned weakness makes wars more  likely, frequent and deadly. Appeasement increases the likelihood that more vets will also need to be remembered on Memorial Days.

Ninety-five years ago today, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, an armistice ended the War to End All Wars. Or so the world hoped. Sadly, a German people, protected by the ceasefire from fully experiencing in their homeland the havoc they had wrecked upon their neighbors, would follow Adolph Hitler Continue reading

Okay. He’s dead. Our guys found a treasure trove of intel. Okay.

Tune into any news channel, regardless of bias, and you hear the same questions being asked, about torture (aka waterboarding) sympathy for a president who “made the decision”, should we pull out of Afghanistan or not, what did Pakistan know, ad infinitum.

Okay, bin Laden’s dead. What did it do for us? Not much except for the intel which will be squandered for PR purposes.

Will terrorism end? No. However, the truth is that exception for the glaring incidence of 9/1/01 and the occasional plane hijacking, and the USS Cole,  Muslims kill more Muslims in terror attacks than all the infidels combined, regardless of what the infidels’ country of origin is.

So, it’s time to pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and other divers places and let them to return to normal, aka fighting amongst themselves. Eventually, only the terrorists will be left standing and we’ll know where they are. What I don’t hear from the Muslims is condemnation of terrorist acts, even as they are the ones who suffer the most. Except for the occasional individual Muslim, that is. I do hear a lot of hate on both sides, those on the side of the  killing and those on the side of those being killed.

We, (infidels) are just the excuse being used by both sides for the rationalization of it.

Golda Mier once said that the killing wouldn’t stop until they loved their children more than they love killing us. They haven’t reached that point, yet.

One is really rather indifferent to the whole incident. Oh sure, one is almost as glad as the next person that bin Laden is gone but that’s about as far as it goes. In the long run, it won’t change anything at all.

Smitty (AKA, Chris Smith) over at The Other McCain has announced in a recent blog post that he will be reporting to Kabul, Afghanistan in time for Christmas, and that he will not be writing anymore blog posts until late 2011. To be specific, Smitty wrote the following about his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan:

“Stacy has greased the skids here, but there will be a hiatus in regular blogging activity for the Smitty portion of this blog duo at the close of this post. I hold orders to activate in mid-November and report to Kabul, Afghanistan in time for Christmas. Bandwidth, and latitude for skylarking online will not exist until the end of 2011.

The attentive may recall that I’m a Navy reservist, and Afghanistan hasn’t much coast. Welcome to the modern, double-Jointed world, where Semper Gumby (always flexible) is the watchword. Have you supported Project Valor-IT yet?

Smitty further writes the following about his upcoming departure and service to his country:

“But don’t thank me; thank Americans, from the Founding Fathers forward to the Tea Parties, to my electrician brother-in-law who just runs around fixing things all day. The exceptional American dedication to individualism, the ideals of the Constitution, and the courageous soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in whose bigger footsteps I follow make it all worth it. I’ve benefited so much from the American people, educationally and otherwise. Thus, it’s with a sense of gratitude to you that I depart on this set of orders, finishing out my Navy Reserve career in active duty style.”

Read the whole darn thing!! It is a truly inspirational and beautifully written column.

Oh, and Smitty–please take care of yourself. I’m sure that you will be fine, but we will all be praying for you just the same. Each and every one of us is extremely appreciative of your service, and I am honored to know you personally. Good luck and Godspeed. You have been a huge asset to the conservative blogosphere, and you will be sorely missed. Have a Merry Christmas.

PS–Smitty, this video goes out as a tribute to you, and to every soldier (and civilian) who has either served their country, or is currently in harm’s way.

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Next Sunday is my 51st birthday. I won’t be here on that day so I’m “celebrating” a bit early. For the first time in my life I’m scared of my government. That’s a first I never wanted to experience.

In every life there is always some uncertainty and insecurities. We can get angry at some of them or we can be depressed or run a gamut of emotions over turmoil.

Jaded says that race relations have not been this bad in decades. Obama was supposed to be a post-racial president. He was also supposed to be a bi-partisan president. In fact, he promised to be a lot of post- somethings. Instead, he went in the opposite direction. Who could have seen that coming? (A lot of people who were deemed racists for saying so.)

It’s not racial tensions that have me frightened. Racial tensions ebb and tide and there’s a limit to how much rage can be spewed before it dissipates, although it could get bloody before that limit is reached. We’ve been bloody before and while worrying it does not bring me to full terror.

It’s the whole monstrosity of government.There’s a segment of the country gnashing their teeth at the Republicans, insulting them with the “Party of No” nom de plume and insulting the people who oppose this complete takeover of the country that signals the death of our Constitution.

Some want that death, yet seem to have little understanding that it is the only thing standing between the government and our civil rights. Given the numbers who want it they may well achieve their goals and that is what scares me.

The federal government is made up of three parts and it seems two of those parts are in collusion to effect that change. The “Party of No”, in times past a part of the collusion, at others standing against it, has withdrawn and shed light on what happens in the shadows. It’s not pretty and I had not realized that we were so far gone until they did step back.

The other side wants its cover back so they can continue to work in the shadows and resort to bullying to get it. We’re called hate-mongers by people who hate us and what we stand for. If we dare question their premise or their statements, we’re accused of questioning their patriotism. I used to question their patriotism but not anymore. It’s just their patriotism is for something that isn’t this country in its original inception but for their own conception of what this country should be.

No, it’s the government that has me scared. Laws are permanent things. Once enacted they’re rarely repealed. That is why there is the hot and heavy debate over the health care bill. Some of us have actually read it and know more about what is in it than the Congress that purportedly wrote it.

In just the health care bill alone there are mechanisms of control that will be permanent and subdue (if not completely kill them) our civil rights under the Constitution. And there is other legislation coming down the pike that will cement those controls in place. For anyone who has read any part of these upcoming bills, they realize that it is more about control and very little about the thing they’re promising to fix. And they’ll lie and lie and lie, ad infinitum to achieve their goal which is power and control.

To show you what I mean here’s a small list of indignities (their so-called myths):

22 (a) IN GENERAL.—Except as otherwise explicitly per
mitted by this Act and by subsequent regulations consistent with this Act, all health care and related services (including insurance coverage and public health activities) covered by this Act shall be provided without regard to personal characteristics extraneous to the provision of high quality health care or related services.

In addition, in the early pages of the bill, pg 170, HR3200, it specifies that any nonresident alien is exempt from individual taxes.

What that says to me is that illegal aliens will be provided for under the health care bill. Now, that’s to be expected considering what who wants it. The issue is: Why Do They Have to Lie About it?

The pols say abortion isn’t covered in the bill but neglect to mention that it’s in there by definition pgs. 769-770, HR3200.

The health care bill provides for government sharing of your personal data, including bank records, between departments that have absolutely nothing to do with health care, pg 735, HR3200.

I’ll stop there otherwise I’ll be here for the next week outlining that bill. However, the pols say these things aren’t in there and, yet, here they are. When that doesn’t work, they say the bill hasn’t been written, yet. So, they lie. Why do they have to lie if it’s such a good deal?

Even if you’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because you support Obama or one or another member of Congress, remember what I said: Laws are typically permanent things.

I’m not just scared of my government. I’m terrified.

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Listening to Fox News for once. Obama has been in front of the cameras for the umpteenth time since before taking office. Frankly, he bores me because all he knows how to do is talk. Talk, talk, talk.

In other news, there are no less than 5 major media outlets calling for Daschle to step down. Frankly, I don’t care if he does or doesn’t get confirmed. All things considered, there has been some problem with every nominee in the Obama cabinet. What’s the difference for Daschle? Considering they’re all hypocrits, there isn’t any.

So, I’m disinclined to let the Obama administration off the hook for the Daschle nomination by urging anyone to reject his confirmation. Either way we go, we’re going to get socialized medicine crammed down our throats and I’d just as soon an incompetent like Daschle is in charge than someone with a bit more competency. The sooner it fails, the easier it will be to undo when people realize they’re not getting what was promised. The reason they’re not going to get what they’re promised is because it’s an impossible promise.

We have a problem in this nation. We have a generation that has no experience of communism or socialism in all its glory. To them, it’s simply another ideology on a par with capitalism. That’s true in a sense. However, it’s also a failed more than once ideology. The reason it consistently fails is because it does not take into account the real diversity of the world. Someone always suffers because the ideology doesn’t fit.  When people begin to suffer… and I mean real suffering, not the kind of “I don’t have an ipod” suffering… you begin to see the failures of the ideology. 

Socialism has been around a long time; much longer than it has been termed socialism. It existed in Roman times, the Middle Ages, and longer. It inevitably devolves into a class structure with those on the bottom tiers suffering the most… real suffering, not the “I don’t have a million dollar home” suffering.

We see this same devolution in our federal government makeup even as our purported leader talks, talks, talks. As more and more of the government adopts the attitude of “do as I say, not as I do” we move closer to a real class structure in this nation rather than the ephemeral one the rising ruling class used to garner their power.

Some of us old codgers learned it the easy way: vicariously. We saw the breakdown in Russia and much of Europe with this ideology. We fought against it here. Sometimes we won the fight, sometimes we lost but now we’re losing it completely because there is no way to stop it happening.

So why am I disinclined to worry about Daschle being confirmed? Because I’m more inclined to let the people, who asked/wished for this to learn their lesson the hard way.

Russia, when still in the stranglehold of communism, used Vodka to keep the people under control. Vodka was cheaper than bread in Russia. Of course, the U.S. can’t use Vodka considering all the anti-drunk driving campaigns and laws so they had to find an alternative pacifier. From where I’m sitting it looks like sex is the new mollifier. When you have things like funding for condoms and STD prevention and Planned Parenthood in a stimulus bill… I suppose having indiscriminate sex without suffering consequences would be a good enough pacifier to keep the proletariat from realizing just how bad off things are otherwise.

So, yes, let’s get Daschle and the rest of the cabal confirned so we can get to the misery part of this. The sooner we begin, the sooner we can get over it.

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