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untitled-26 The Tennessean  estimates 2,800 to 3,000 people attended the rally, according to Metro spokeswoman Kris Mumford. The highest estimate is 7500.  Only once was it tense during the entire 2+ hours I was there. I don’t know who was speaking at the time because I couldn’t see or recognize the voice but the announcer mentioned that some of the state legislators had joined us at which point someone behind me started booing. Someone else piped in to cut it off with a USA chant which everybody on the plaza joined in, then a singing of the national anthem. Some fellow looked at me a little funny because I was singing along. Well, I am one of those crazy hillbillies, after all, and he was in a suit. Or perhaps it was just my singing voice, which I’ll be the first to admit isn’t that great.:lol:

I talked to a lot of people and took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, my stupid cheap camera kept only 26 of them so I picked out a few to upload.

 untitled-17 Of course, Fred had to be there, if just in spirit.

untitled-19 A real scary terrorist.

untitled-15 This guy has the right idea.

untitled-3 A partial view of the crowd who showed up. There were more on the side from which the picture was taken. Plus, this was early. People were still arriving.

One of the pictures that wasn’t saved was a group of teens with bandanas covering their faces. I sidled up to one and asked what all that was about. He said it was a school thing; their way of making a statement about what they believe government is.

One of the signs there said: “Born Free, Taxed to Death.” I had to disagree with that one. They’re taxed from the second they’re born now.  As I was fiddling with images, I was listening to the Fox news coverage of the protests. As they often pointed out during that coverage, this was not a conservative movement but an American movement. There were Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in the crowd. It was the same with this one in Nashville. Nor was it a racist endeavor. There were quite a few races and/or cultures represented in the group. I had a conversation with one fellow about his sign and I wish I still had that picture because it was a looooong statement and I fear mangling it. However, from the conservation, I’ve encouraged him to start blogging. I also gave him this web address. If he gets over his fear of technology, I’ll certainly link to his blog. He said he just now learned how to email.

There was a lot of horn honking from passersby. There were also a couple of antique trucks going round the block repetitively with big signs and big flags. I also didn’t save a picture of a man dressed in a kilt holding bagpipes with a sign attached that simply said: Freedom. Some of us weren’t carrying signs but we helped add to the masses.  Others were dressed in Revolutionary and Civil War garb. Not many, but enough to be noticed.

Marsha Blackburn was there. She seemed to be the only politician welcome as she was cheered heartily during her small speech. Overall, people didn’t want to see or hear from the politicians. There were a lot of signs that said: Fire Congress.

The hardest to watch were the young veterans, and there were quite a few, with signs declaring vets are not extremists. On the previous post there is a bit of dialogue about that but I’d like to continue it here. Since before the 2006 Congress, our military has been villified. Murtha called some of them murderers and never retracted in spite of the fact they exonerated. In the previous post a commenter pointed out there was also one against left wing extremists. A reading of both documents show the stark differences. If opposing Obama’s and Congress’ confiscatory policies makes me a right wing extremist, I’ll wear the name with pride. “When government is big enough to give you everything, it’s also big enough to take everything away from you.”  Only God should have the ability to do that. Never government.

Two articles sum up nicely how I feel about the coming four years:

First up:

What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them – that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.”

Barack Obama,

inaugural address

TO borrow from H.L. Mencken, the cynics are still right nine times out of 10.

What President Obama’s rhetoric fails to acknowledge is that most political disagreements are real. They’re rooted in competing interests, conflicting values and differing judgments.

While transcendent rhetoric can get one through a campaign and even a transition, the real challenges of governing won’t simply wither away from decrepitude:[…]

 Second, there’s this:

I Pledge to Ridicule Celebrities Who Refuse to Recognize We Are At War With People Who Want to Kill Them, Too

Just because Obama billed himself as a messiah, just because he promises miracles, just because he promises anything, doesn’t make those promises a reality nor does it make political differences go away. Those will always be with us.

To those ordering us to shut up and not criticize TheOne, I ask: Why? Poltical differences didn’t suddenly just melt away. Bush was criticized by both the right and the left and dissent is patriotic. Even as we grit our teeth to vote for McCain, we dissented and criticized; loudly at times. What is not patriotic is to dissent for dissension’s sake rather than the good of a nation.

We are told we should “give him a chance.” Those saying such never define what they mean by the phrase although you get the feeling that we shouldn’t disagree with TheOne from other things that have been said and there’s another feeling mixed in with the first that if we criticize we might bring dire consequences upon ourselves, a la Joe the Plumber, while those hinting at such are touting the virtues of free speech protected through our Constitutional Bill of  Rights.

In addition, I’d like to remind those who think that Bush is to blame for every failure that ever has been since before his first term, that Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Franks, et al. were there long before Bush and will apparently be there long after Bush. Sometimes they had the majority. Sometimes they didn’t. They were there nonetheless and privy to everything that went on during those times.

People are still arguing the timeline of 9/11 as happening on Bush’s watch suddenly forget that the plot was five years in the making. Of that 5 years, most of it was Clinton’s watch and Berger stole classified documents that may or may not have shed light on the issue.

Those Hollywood celebrities pledging to help Obama’s administration really don’t think with a full brain. Those who would kill regular Americans would kill the celebrities first along with the gays and lesbians. There is no such peace dialogue that will bring lasting peace because it’s not in the opposition’s midset.

I don’t remember exactly where I learned but it was from multiple sources, including old history courses but  learned a long time ago that Islamic Jihad agression will only go away when the people partaking of it are completely annihilated. It’s sad to comtemplate but it is the way it is. For the western world, the Crusades have been over for centuries. For the Islamic world they are never over. Every cease fire between Israel and Hamas, Hezebolleh, or other terrorist faction, only delays another conflict long enough for the losing side to regroup and begin again.  One might wish it isn’t so but that’s the reality. You have no idea how many times I’ve wished it isn’t so.

Today is the day to vote for or against English Only here in Tennessee. I’ve listened to the arguments on both sides and neither side “gets it” completely. Putting illegal immigration aside in this issue, there are still some relevant arguments. I can see the one side wanting to facillitate goodwill but not much else they have to say is all that crucial. One argument was foreign exchange students which, in my opinion, is a blatant lie. You see, foreign exchange students are required to take a test, TOEFL, to provide evidence that they are competent in the language before allowed to take college courses.

On the other side is the assimilation issue. If you want people to assimilate you don’t isolate them by facillitating such isolation. If you want them to learn the language of the country they have to immerse. This is something I learned teaching ESL, English as a Second Language. Whe first offered the opportunity, I initially declined because I don’t know any other language and had long forgotten my high school Spanish. I was told that made me ideal because it forces the students to work harder to communicate and they learn faster.

Is there an easy answer? Not really but you can bet that every individual has his or her own opinoins on the matter so we’ll see what happens after the voting closes.

So, you see, political differences haven’t suddenly melted away with the messiah’s election nor will they. And that’s only the least of the issues that were promised to be made disappear. So, don’t expect a rose garden for the new president. Lofty rhetoric takes one only so far. His actions will determine the rest.

Yes, News Channel 5 is liberal biased. In spite of that, this is a good story about what not to do when you have a majority in the TN State Congress. Sundquist was being thrown out while I was still acclimating to Nashville but the stories…

Beyond Wilson’s possibly questionable behavior, electing anyone tied to Sundquist as State Comptroller is not a good move. Apparently, Sundquist was so bad he gave us Bredesen. I haven’t seen a lot of difference between Bredesen’s administration and what was said about Sundquist’s terms in office. He may well have not been a party to anything Sundquist did but that’s beside the point right now. It’s the perception of the “good ol’ boy network” stikes again. This is not clean up, it’s more of the same.

A tale of two Senators: While Democrats are quick to throw out the adjective hypocrit when it comes to politicians not of their party, I believe it’s mere projection. Nobody can top them for hypocrisy. Blago has not been convicted of anything… yet. He has been indicted. If he’s proven innocent this time in his governorship becomes a mere scandal to be swept under the rug. Yet, everyone is acting as if he’s guilty of the most heinous crimes and are refusing to certify and seat the governor’s appointee to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat, from state officials all the way to the president-elect. Other than the fact that an indicted Governor appointed Burris, there seems to be nothing really wrong with the guy.  Well, for me, it’s the fact that he’s a Democrat which has become synonymous with socialism in current times but other than that? Not much. For Chicago politicians in the great state of IL that’s saying something.

On the other hand, we have Al Franken who has “won” the senate race in MN, in spite of the massive, not only blatant but, in your face blatant voter fraud who will be welcome to the Senate with open arms by all reports.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same.

The MSM is still playing water carrier to Obama’s faults, focusing more on his fashion sense than his governing sense. Perhaps it’s because he has none. It’s hard to be a leader after having been so long in a herd. How long will they continue to make excuses for him?  I’m sure it’s tough right now after all the demands that he take over immediately following the election to find that Bush still has time in office but Obama has played along until cornered when he ultimately delivers the stock answer to that pressure: “There’s only one president at a time” after which he’ll appeal for bipartisanship from Congress. All this while on a mad hunt for celebrities to fill cabinet positions.

There seems to be a problem with celebrities lately. They’ve become their own biggest fan club if the economic woes of Hollywood are any indication. Failed movies do not a successful celebrity make. No amount of face time in front of cameras is going to change how mainstream America views celebrities, whose lives are in shambles and scandals, telling everybody else what to do.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same.

One last look back at the election since it is still being talked about, although it never became a contested election as I suspected it might. But then, we’re talking about John McCain. Since he lost, there have been any number of reasons proffered as to why; some blaming his vote for the bailout which seems to be the most popular. There were a number of reasons why John McCain lost but all of them highlight that it was the man, himself, who lost the election. He was chosen by the media to be the Republican candidate. It wasn’t until it was too late that most of Republican America realized that and began to shy away from taking the media at its word.

One moment he would say something that would have conservatives wishing to “warm up” to his candidacy. The next he would say something that pushed them away once again. If anything sums up McCain’s campaign it would be the lay definition of schizophrenia: come closer, stay away.

He was not hope and change any more than Obama was hope and change. He was simply more of the same. His actions since losing highlight that fact more poignantly than I could ever describe.

On bailouts and government “loans”: A term I hear a lot lately is: Too big to fail. Message to the world: Nothing is too big to fail. The bailouts, loans, and everything other measure taken to insure the success of failing corporations will only make a bigger failure in the end. The only way to insure business success is to allow the free market to work as it should.

When the experts talk about the economy and economic principles, government intervention, and everything else in the mix, they leave one thing out: consumers. Consumers are the driving force that insure success over the long haul. In fact they determine the ultimate success of any business. There are two branches of economics, micro and macro.

Look around at your individual life. How often do you switch optional services such as cell phone, phone company, and so on because of poor service? Customer loyalty seems to be a thing of the past and it’s not the customers’ faults. It’s the business not attending to the real business of a business. So, what’s the government doing about it? Extorting the customers for the benefit of failing businesses.

Always the focus seems to be on the macro to its detriment. Propping up failing businesses only leaves no room for entrepeneurialship: the opportunity for someone who puts the business of the business first by catering to its customers with a better product.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same and the customers aren’t buying it while they, the businesses and government deny it.

With the campaign for the RNC chairmanship I have come to realize that the category Political Integrity is an oxymoron and will henceforth delete it. There’s no such thing and never will be. Every candidate for the position, that I really like, has something wrong with them just like the ones I don’t like. At this point, I’m beginning not to care who takes the chairmanship since I’ll likely leave the party and hold myself as an independent conservative rather than be told “you have to…” by a party that doesn’t care one iota what the people think about anything.

The two party system has worked well for this country throughout history. Lately I sometimes wonder what differentiates the two when their actions don’t match their words regardless of whether it’s an R or a D. These days, no matter which party is in power, it’s just more of the same.

So, for “hump day” I thought it might be a good time to remind people that the rest of the week is just: more of the same in the political world. We either need to get used to it or do something about it.

Some would argue they are doing something about it but has anything changed as a result of what they’re doing? So, if what they’re doing isn’t doing anything why do it? Changing strategies doesn’t change the more of the same. It simply decides who is giving us more of the same. More of the same is what has gotten the country in the trouble it’s in now.

So many things going on it’s difficult to know where best to focus, so how about a run down of several things, not terribly related, and you can pick and choose which you’d prefer to discuss.

On Israel: It really bugs me that so many people can imply that what Hamas does is automatically Israel’s fault. Even if you spent very little time thinking about it, common sense should tell you otherwise. Now, one knows a bit more than just a little but I’m sure not everything about the Israeli conflict. However, even knowing nothing, if one took out a map, looked at the entire Middle East and how much of that Israel occupies, add to that what Israel has at its disposal to safeguard itself, yet, refrains from using, in spite of the aggressions against it, how can anyone believe that anyone who attacks them isn’t crazy? It’s a little bitty strip of land in the middle of nowhere, that you can spit across, but under constant attack in spite of nuclear reactors and weaponry that could wipe out the area surrounding it for miles upon miles away from their borders. The Dead Sea name would acquire a whole new meaning if that were to happen.

In addition, if one would just recall how many times this same thing has happened in just the past two or three years, you’d really wonder why Israel doesn’t wipe the Islamic world off the face of the map instead of the Islamic world vowing to do that to Israel. One of these days, Israel is going to “go postal” and the rest of the world, via the United Nations, that keeps pressuring and pushing them into untenable positions, will have no one to blame but them and those who keep attacking Israel. Suicidal people are usually diagnosed as having a mental condition. The Israeli conflict has all the prerequisites of such a condition.

On the RNC chairmanship: Apparently a number of conservative voices are aligning behind Ken Blackwell. I can live with that. I like what I’ve seen of him on TV. I was initially behind Steele simply because he’s so personable and I hadn’t heard anything bad about him as an elected official. There seem to be a few questionable occurences in his past and that’s the last thing the RNC needs right now. Be that as it may, what is most needed is someone who can speak and bring in the conservative base. If the RNC chooses another moderate nobody, the base is going to leave. It’s that simple. If the RNC wants to move to more liberal policies why do we need them? They should just join the far left instead of brow-beating the rest of us. I can’t say I’d accept anybody because I really wouldn’t care for Salsman after the tacky stunt of the video. It was never that good the first time around with Paul Shanklin’s initial production of the song, let alone set to video. Besides, that’s Shanklin’s job; to make tacky parodies of political figures. Talk about out of touch, Salsman proved that he quite probably is.

Bill Frist is not going to run for Governor of Tennessee. The names being proffered are probably all acceptable but we’ll see. There’s not much definitive information yet. The names are:  A mayor from Knoxville, an attorney from Memphis, Rep. Zach Wamp, and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey. I don’t know much about the mayor, yet, but I had a visceral reaction to the attorney from Memphis which is more liberal than Nashville, if you can imagine that.

The accronym PMS needs to be redefined and made into a new medical condition. Instead of being short for premenstrual syndrome, I believe it should stand for: pity me syndrome. I have this cat, whom we acquired by virtue of stowing away in James’ truck’s wheelwell one day 4 or 5 years ago. This cat has mental problems. Undoubtedly, she was a stray because he was working in the airport area at the time and there’s nothing residential for quite some distance. The cat was about 6 – 8 weeks old at the time she stowed away. To put it bluntly, she has mental problems. She can’t stand her bowl being empty, even if she’s not hungry and won’t be for hours. In fact, if she sees the bottom of the bowl with food still in it, she’ll go berserk. Now, with the dog, who is also an abandoned fellow, keeping a full bowl of cat food down causes worse problems because he’ll eat her food before he’ll eat his because that’s just the way dogs are. He has his own little quirks but that particular one is common to just about all dogs. It’s in their nature.

So, with the bowl being empty most of the time now to keep the mooching dog from swiping it, this cat gets louder and louder and louder as she insists on a full bowl at all times. You’d be surpirsed how loud and insistent that little body can get, especially before I’ve had a cup of coffee. But, I’ll fill the bowl just to get some peace, only to witness her eat two or three bites and walk off like the Queen of Sheba.

 This behavior reminds me much of many of the things this country is experiencing right now. I can’t help the cat was a stray when we acquired her. All I can do is provide the basics of a good home, food when she’s hungry, attention when she deigns to allow it, and medical care… but it’s not enough. After 4 or 5 years, you’d think she’d realize she’s never going to go hungry again and desist, right? How many people keep doing the same things over and over and wait for someone else to take care of it for them, catering to their problem behaviors? All the people snookered by Maddoff, for instance. Nobody twisted their arms to fall in with Madoff’s schemes. But, we’re supposed to make sure their bowl is always full? The same with the auto bailouts and every other bailout that has been put in place in the last few months. The government doesn’t make money. We make money through our jobs and productivity. They just take a cut of it, which is a bigger percentage than God ever asked for. How does a 100% cut sound to you? It seems we’re moving in that direction.

Not everything the government takes is in the form of taxes. Has anyone looked at the “fees” which we pay monthly for a number of services such as electricity, phone, cell phone, cable or satellite TV? Not to mention license plates and the like that are renewable yearly. I have Vonage business with a toll free number service. The bill total for those services is $54.98, 49.99 for the business service with an additional 4.99 for the toll free number. However, the bill is almost $75/month. The rest of that bill comes in the form of fees, FCC, interstate access, etc. etc. etc. to the tune of 35% of the base price for the service. I see similar trends in utility bills, our cable service, both for TV and internet access, and our cell phones. So, pardon me if I don’t jump up and down every time a politician utters the words: tax cuts. It simply means, to me, that they’ll make up the difference somewhere else by tacking on a “fee” to something. My electric bill in particular reflects this new trend of “fees.” I drastically cut my usage but I’m still paying the same amounts in the form of something called “fuel cost adjustment.” Ummm…. message to the utilities… fuel costs are way down now and have been for a few months. How come my “adjustment” keeps going up?

The point is, the government is not going to do without as long as you have a penny to squeeze out of you. Why should it care if the National Debt increased by 23% just in the last two years? The government isn’t the one whose money finances the payback. Yours is. Witha  greater majority in Congress, who has dibs on a 35% increase for the next two years? Do I hear 50? Obama’s little package is only one thing in the works.

I was told via a private individual who listens to a program called Coast to Coast that there is a prediction that the South is going to succede. According to her, the person who made this prediction is black so let’s not bring out the racial slurs over it. The fellow meant simply that the South is tired of being pushed around by the elite. If such a succession were really to happen, it wouldn’t be along racial lines. This is hearsay, of course. I don’t have a subscription to the program which airs at a time of day when I don’t have time to listen to it personally.

The first seccession wasn’t about that, either, but you’ll never convince the liberal historians of that. It was about States’ rights, including the detested right to institutionalize slavery… but only including, not the sole purpose… rather like WMDs were only one of 23 reasons for going to war with Iraq but still seems to be the only one that matters. I wish all those people who are fighting slavery that happened almost two hundred years ago here would fight as hard to combat the slavery that is occurring world wide in the present time. Instead, they don’t even acknowledge that it is still happening and institutionalized in some parts of the world.

As I wrap up, Obama is on the television, delivering some major speech, so they say. I can’t find anything major about it, unless you count the pauses between words. Unfortunately, all those people who complained about Bush’s speeches are just going to have to live with “word” pause “word” pause ad infinitum instead.  Oh, nevermind. They’re just doing a press conference on the “new” Congress. Translated it means more of the same. I hope all those people who “punished” the Republicans for their profligate spending and do nothing else ways, understand nothing changed. If anything, it’s going to get worse.

A better question would be: When did we stop being better off?

I can point to a personal timeline when things started going South into the “not better off” category. In 2000, there was a lot of griping over the presidential election but that’s not when things started going bad. Although there was the contested election and all the bad press and everything, less than a year later, almost everybody in the country was glad there was a Republican in the White House to answer the assault to our nation and our sovereignty. Even with the economic situation on the stock market things weren’t all that terrible and once we geared up for an aggressive answer to our attackers things started getting better there, too. In spite of the ups and downs on the stock market, we weren’t any worse off than we were before 9/11 and in many ways were better off than when Clinton was in office. Lower taxes for one thing. Instead of paying out several thousand at tax time (on top of what was already paid in) we paid less than two thousand.

Eveyrthing was pretty even keeled until the 2004 elections although people were getting tired of the long war. Bush didn’t lie about that. He said it would be a long war. Unfortunately, the American people think long is like: next week instead of now.  

In October of 2004, just a month before the elections, here came the meme, “Bush Lied, People Died.” If he did, so did Clinton and every member of Congress who stood for the war in Iraq but we’re not supposed to remember that. Kerry was getting stomped during the campaigning in spite of women drooling over him. They had to do something and this something was the precursor to the nation not being better off.

With yet another contested election to face, the Democrats also said they don’t recognize Bush as president. They continued the mantra of “Bush Lied, People Died” yet in spite of all the calls to impeach both Bush and Cheney, that’s all the Democrats had because they were the minority in Congress. In 2005, they ramped up the rhetoric against Bush and threw Cheney in as well and along came Katrina which created the perfect storm against Bush and Cheney.  I have a personal story here so I’m going to sidetrack for a paragraph or so.

My mother-in-law was affected by Katrina. Her roof was badly damaged. She was at the time walking with the aid of a walker. She spents hours every day for many days trying to get aid to fix her house because she is on a very low fixed income. In fact, my husband and I, every Christmas, instead of getting her a present we paid her property taxes as our gift to her and her husband. After many days of this being told she wasn’t needy enough (not being from New Orleans) she gave up. I wrote the governor of her state and got no response. I wrote both the Senators in the state and got no response. (All of the previous were Democrats.) I wrote Vice President Cheney and within a week she had the help she desperately needed… in her hands. But the lie was” “Republicans don’t care” and the Democrats got a lot of mileage out of it straight into 2006. My father-in-law’s house in MS still isn’t fixed except what he has done out of his own pocket, but New Orleans is still the problem child isn’t it? It’s been a disaster waiting to happen since 1929 when the Mississippi was rerouted so people could build homes on a riverbed but, of course, it’s Bush’s fault, isn’t it?

We all took an economic hit from Katrina. Gas prices soared because of the damage to wells in the Gulf, which had the domino effect of prices for everything going up. Money was tighter and we were still in the long war so the “Bush Lied, People Died” mantra worked in this gloomy scenario aided by the disaster that was Katrina. This couldn’t be helped and by the time prices were at pre-Katrina levels, it was too late.

Another by-product of Katrina was a greater amount of illegal immigration as they saw an opportunity to make loads of money and came in droves to fill up labor and construction jobs on the Gulf. Illegal immigration has always been something of a problem, even more so after 9/11, but Katrina was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. We couldn’t absorb them into other jobs and the economic hit from having to deal with them on top of everything else just added to the Democrats’ gleeful meme of doom and gloom, although at the time the illegal aliens weren’t identified publicly as a big problem.  I know this because my husband, being in construction was discussing with his boss whether they would be sending anyone to the Gulf to help with clean up when suddenly they were all told, they weren’t needed because crews were coming from Mexico. They came to make some quick money, but then, they stayed.

As Congressional campaigns got rolling in 2006, while we’re still recovering from Katrina, the Democrats promised a more open Congress and taking care of the people while villifying the Republicans as the tax and spend crowd… of which the Republicans happened to be guilty and not just because of the war in Iraq. Earmarks were out of control and so was the country, although the stock market was rebounding and gaining beyond the pre-9/11 levels. We were still in pretty good shape in our personal finances, too, once everything started settling back to pre-Katrina levels, but the doom and gloom from the Democrats was starting to wear on people. On the day to day, nobody worried about gas prices, the cost of a gallon of milk, or whatever they needed from local deparmtent stores and so on, except for the very poor who have always worried about those things regardless of who is president at the time.

The Democrats win Congress with their memes and that’s the turning point towards South. In the early months we didn’t see a lot of difference except for the fight against wholesale amnesty for untold numbers of illegal aliens. But then, Al Gore won an Oscar for his Global Warming scam which has profited him and anyone in it the scam with him but no one else. States raised taxes and the only real legislation that Congress has done in the last almost two full years, now, is mandates for ethanol and a host of other environmental indignities that have done nothing but take money out of our pockets because the price of basic foods went through the roof at an enormous pace. In addition, global demand for oil has risen as China has entered the global economy as a major player. So, gas prices go up as ever slave to the law of supply and demand. While global warming mandates had already brought about a price increase in basic foodstuffs, also tied to the law of supply and demand, the increase in fuel prices made a bad situation worse. By the way, they still haven’t impeached Bush and Cheney and there’s a good reason why. It might make a good campaign slogan but there’s not much meat in it and that’s all they have. Impeachment hearings would bring out the fact that they all saw the same intelligence that Bush had and also the fact that 4 of the 5 components which Saddam was accused of possessing were found. Instead of wondering where the 5th component went to, it was more politically expedient to say Bush lied.

Oh, and gasoline isn’t the only thing that comes from a barrel of oil. Nor diesel. Something we take for granted every day comes from those barrels of oil: plastics. Everything we use on a daily basis has some plastic parts attached to it: home and cell phones, household appliances, computers, the knobs on your kitchen stove, and more. Some fabrics are made with nylon, a byproduct of oil as well. Vaseline is called petroleum jelly in its generic name… key word: petroleum. Some cosmetics are made using petroleum jelly as the base. And more. In short, there is no such creature as oil independence. There’s nothing to replace it in all its forms.

And Congress’ more open government? Well, since the Democratic majority, Congress has attempted to slip through all sorts of legislation without informing the public about what they’re doing and have subjected the other side of the aisle to indignities of all kinds, yet, complain about partisanship. Earmarks that were considered out of control before are now the norm. Between entitlements and earmarks we’re bankrupting the country and that’s a fact. And the Democrats promise more of the same. I read somewhere or heard somewhere that for every dollar put in for subsidized health care only 4 cents of it is actually spent on the health care. That’s something for you proponents of government universal healthcare to think about. It may be expensive now but the government is going to give you only 4% of what you pay in. You may well find entire paychecks swallowed into universal healthcare at which point many will wonder why they work at all.

So, our government has thrown us into the global warming scam which has trapped us financially and ramped up earmarks, besides. They have passed legislation to bail out banks and mortgage companies who made bad business decisions. Case in point, Bank of America, which decided sometime early last year they were going to extend credit to illegal aliens. Those illegal aliens don’t have the same obligations that ordinary citizens do and just walked away from those obligations and left the rest of us to foot the bill. But Congress has the answer!!! Bail them out and let one of the bailees write the legislation. Wh pays for that? We do along with every other insanity.

On top of that, my state has raised taxes. People think we pay only 8.25% sales tax and they’re wrong. That’s what we pay for food. Everything else is 9.25% and I mean everything. In addition to sales tax, we’ve had an increase in gas taxes, utility rates (including water service), and property tax went up 1% as well. Oh, I forgot, we also got hit with a wheel tax which by itself isn’t that bad but when added to the rest it becomes a financial nightmare. Part of those unemployment figures are government workers being laid off or let go because of budget crunches while the Governor spends $700,000,000 on an underground bunker/banquet hall.

Now factor in depressed wages also a byproduct of the cheap labor from illegal immigration and all the indignities the government imposes upon us, although it swears to care about us, here we are: not better off.

Remember, I did say this is my personal perception. Others may have similar thoughts on this while some will have a different take. So take it at face value that this is my experience, not yours. I’m sure I’ve left out several items that could be added to this dialogue but I thought it was getting too long. Feel free to have at it, for or against.

Update: One other thing I’d like to add that has added to economic woes. This Congress enacted a hike in minimum wage. While laudible on its face, it has caused no end of problems for job seekers as operation costs for small businesses just went up on all fronts. The only costs that are within their control are labor costs. That wouldn’t have anything to do with the unemployment rate right about now, would it?

If he persists in being part of a Gang of 10, which then rams down the throats of Americans, their solution to our energy problems, that’s what a great many Tennesseans should be saying to this junior Senator. In its entirety:

Politics has its puzzling moments. John McCain and most of the GOP experienced one late last week. That was when five of their own set about dismantling the best issue Republicans have in the upcoming election.

It’s taken time, but Sen. McCain and his party have finally found — in energy — an issue that’s working for them. Riding voter discontent over high gas prices, the GOP has made antidrilling Democrats this summer’s headlines.

Their enthusiasm has given conservative candidates a boost in tough races. And Mr. McCain has pressured Barack Obama into an energy debate, where the Democrat has struggled to explain shifting and confused policy proposals.

Still, it was probably too much to assume every Republican would work out that their side was winning this issue. And so, last Friday, in stumbled Sens. Lindsey Graham, John Thune, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Corker and Johnny Isakson — alongside five Senate Democrats. This “Gang of 10” announced a “sweeping” and “bipartisan” energy plan to break Washington’s energy “stalemate.” What they did was throw every vulnerable Democrat, and Mr. Obama, a life preserver.

That’s because the plan is a Democratic giveaway. New production on offshore federal lands is left to state legislatures, and then in only four coastal states. The regulatory hurdles are huge. And the bill bars drilling within 50 miles of the coast — putting off limits some of the most productive areas. Alaska’s oil-rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is still a no-go.

The highlight is instead $84 billion in tax credits, subsidies and federal handouts for alternative fuels and renewables. The Gang of 10 intends to pay for all this in part by raising taxes on . . . oil companies! The Sierra Club couldn’t have penned it better. And so the Republican Five has potentially given antidrilling Democrats the political cover they need to neutralize energy through November.

Sen. Obama was thrilled. He quickly praised the Gang’s bipartisan spirit, and warmed up to a possible compromise. Of course, he means removing even the token drilling provisions now in the bill. But he’s only too happy for the focus to remain on the Gang’s efforts, and in particular on the five Republicans providing his party its fig leaf.

Equally gleeful was Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu, the Senate’s most vulnerable Democrat. She had been sweating the energy debate, especially after her vote against more oil-shale production — a position her Republican opponent, John Kennedy, had used against her to great effect. Yet there she was, chummily standing with the Gang of 10 and boasting that she is working with “five Republicans” to “lower prices at the pump by increasing offshore drilling here at home.”

Mr. McCain, who had been commanding the energy debate, was left to explain why he, of all people, wasn’t more enthusiastic about a “bipartisan” effort on energy, especially one that includes “drilling.” His camp was forced to take refuge in taxes, explaining that their boss couldn’t sign up for a bill that included more. If this is what Mr. McCain’s good friend Lindsey Graham considers “helping,” somebody might want to ask him to stop.

And pity poor Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been working overtime to stanch GOP losses this fall and head off a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate. His dogged efforts to highlight Democratic opposition to drilling has kept energy in the news and laid the groundwork for GOP candidates to use the issue to their advantage.

In the Colorado Senate race, Democrats had christened former GOP Rep. Bob Schaffer “Big Oil Bob” — hoping to smear his oil industry career. “Big Oil Bob” has instead embraced his pro-drilling positions and is pummeling opponent Mark Udall for his antidrilling stance. In recent weeks, Mr. Schaffer has erased Mr. Udall’s lead. Polls show Republican Sens. Norm Coleman (Minnesota) and John Sununu (New Hampshire) both climbing in the polls on the back of strong energy arguments. As two of the GOP’s most vulnerable senators, both might well have run for cover with the Gang of 10. Instead they’re fighting on the merits.

The “bipartisan” Republican senators have undercut these efforts, and boosted Ms. Landrieu. They’ve even put a smile on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s face. He’d been struggling to tamp down the energy debate through November, where he hopes to increase his majority and permanently shelve drilling. He’s now counting on the Gang to fruitlessly continue “negotiations” straight through the Senate’s short September session and solve his problem for him.

Not one of the five Republicans in the Gang is facing a tough election this year. That’s the sort of security that leads to bad decisions. And theirs is the sort of thinking that could leave Republicans in a permanent minority.

You’d think Grahamnesty would have learned his lesson but apparently his reelection just gave him more leeway to stick to Americans. Yesterday, I posted about the hike in utility rates that are coming down the pike because of rising fuel costs and this is the best the Senate Gang of 10 can do, a plan that will further cripple us well into the future and make us more dependent on foreign oil, along with higher taxes and everything else that goes with it?

You can read Rush Limbaugh’s interview with Chambliss for an eye-opening nonexplanation, then follow that with Rush’s analysis. Much like the amnesty bill they tried to slip through without even reading the thing, so will this be done if we don’t put the pressure back on them.

H/T Michelle Malkin

I remember well the video the GOP ran on Harold Ford and I agree with you that it stunk. However, the big problem for Ford at the time was his family, which wasn’t getting nearly enough attention as it should have considering one had been indicted and another was being investigated for voter fraud. If anything, that silly video distracted from the real issue of whether Harold Ford, Jr. could be trusted.

To denounce the TNGOP video of Michelle Obama by equating it with the TN Senate Election is wrong. Mrs. Obama takes an extremely active role in Senator Obama’s campaign, much like another woman once took an active role in her husband’s campaign telling the electorate that we would get two for the price of one. In that view, Michelle Obama’s statements about not being proud of her country are fair game.

Whether the TNGOP made the ad or not, there are a great deal of concerned questions about Michelle Obama’s shame. The ad is not distasteful but it highlights the concern the rest of us have with this woman. Should Senator Obama win the presidential election, this woman is going to be first lady.

Now, I don’t know if you’re a religious man or not but think about these: Samson and Delilah, King Herod and Herodias, and the power of the woman to whom a man looks.

No Senator Corker, on this you are wrong. Considering McCain’s stance on another ad that he had denounced then later had to apologize for, I have to ask: Have you even seen the ad, sir?

They will get worse. 

While the media is deciding who will be the next president, Russia is flexing its muscles in anticipation of a much weakened United States. China has already thrown its weight around and continues to do so. In addition, they court our enemies

In the meantime our politicians promise us the moon while they chip away the foundations of this country. The stock market is falling fast.

And the American people have been hung out to dry as the choices are no longer ours but at the discretion of the elites, which don’t include the rest of us. If matters continues the course upon which they are set even the worst I can imagine may pall in comparison to the actuality.

But cheer up. We can bury our noses in the boob tube and maybe we won’t even know what hit us until it’s far too late to worry about it. We’ll still have American Idol, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears to talk about, right?

Oh, by the way, Heath Ledger is dead.

April 2021


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