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That’s what I think of what happened Friday. I watched the debate myself on C-Span. It has taken me this long to get past the fury engendered by the shenanigans. The Democrats pulled every card from their sleeves they could whip out, including the race card. Another thing that really bothered me was the voting on an unfinished bill. It was literally unfinished because it contained a placeholder for material to be written later and an amendment  that hadn’t been inserted into the bill at the time of debate conatining  a whole lot of things we can and can’t do  unless the federal government says we can.

Now, let’s get to a few particulars. One of the Republican Congressman talked about the job losses that are going to result from the legislation and who would suffer the most: the poor. Rangel rebutted with a snide remark about how Republicans are concerned with the poor all of a sudden. Yes, the same Rangel who is under investigation for ethics violations. Another Democrat talked about how the science was settled as they move forward on the legislation. I found that remark ironic considering that the day before and increasingly the day of the debate, there was news of repression of a report from the EPA, no less, that questioned global warming existed.

The highlight of the entire debate was when Boenher took a full hour to read parts of the amendment that had been added at 3 a.m. that same morning.  But then, Pelosi got to finish it off with her “jobs, jobs, jobs” slogan. She neglected to mention that it was jobs that would  be lost more than jobs gained that was at issue, not to mention that people wouldn’t be able to sell their homes anymore without an energy rating that certifies it as “green” unless you pour money into it to make it “green.”

I believe the thing that bothers me the most, however, is the simple fact that simple questions went unanswered. Such as the fact that wind and solar technology have been around a long time now. If they were viable, why does the government have to step in? American ingenuity would have solved the problem long ago if they were as marketable as the government would have us believe they are and those developing it would have incentive to make it more affordable to be able to sell more product. The market would take care of it the same as any other product. Henry Ford didn’t look for government funding to learn how to mass produce and sell cheaply, his cars when many before him said it was a foolish endeavor. How about Thomas Edison? Benjamin Franklin? The Wright Brothers?

Now that the government is stepping in, there’s no reason to do any of that, is there?

When the first CAFE standards were legislated in the  mid 70s they signaled the death of the steel industry in this country. It simply became cheaper to set the scrap metal overseas and then ship it back to the states. The steel industry has been on life support since. CAFE standards have been tinkered with ever since and Friday the House of Representatives voted for a massive power grab over the nation’s energy and individual people’s lives unprecedented in this country before.  I can only hope and pray the Senate decides not to follow the House’s example.

If I were an enemy to this country, I could not conceive of a more complete way to destroy the nation from within. yet, we’re not to question their patriotism. Alright, I won’t question their patriotism but merely conjecture that their patriotism is not reserved for this country but some other who is no friend to us.

Next up: Death by nationalized healthcare.

It’s one of the stupider comments coming from the media to congratulate Americans for now owning car companies. We don’t and won’t. The government owns them which is, and has been for awhile now, a totally separate entity from the people it’s supposed to be serving. If there is money made, which is doubtful, it goes to the government first. It won’t be coming back to us, except in the form of congratulating us for pandering to government greed. No, they’ll justify spending the money on anything and everything rather than return it. Have I mentioned lately how much the government is beginning to resemble medieval robber barons?

The Value Added Tax debate rears it’s ugly head again although the government says it’s unlikely. Now, when the government says it’s unlikely, I have a tendency to think that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Obama said he wasn’t intending to nationalize car companies, banks, or insurance companies but that’s exactly what he did.  We’re living in opposite land now, where everything that is said means the opposite of what it used to mean. I remember playing that game as a child but apparently the government has not outgrown such childish games. So, if the federal government adds a national sales tax to everything we buy, in addition to the income tax, fees for various services such as utilities, gasoline for your automobiles, internet service, phone service, and so on, how much is left over from your paycheck?

I must be a more moderate conservative than I thought because I’m not all up in arms over the Sotomayor nomination to the Supreme Court. Quite frankly, I can’t understand why anybody is. It’s not as if it is a surprise. Instead of agonizing over it, those same people doing the agonizing should have been busy planning how to block it before it happened. Too little, too late, as is usual for either side of the partisan divide.

Is anybody else tired of the phrase “gravely concerned”, yet? Every foreign incident nets the same response: “gravely concerned.”  It’s a meaningless phrase unless followed by meaningful action.  North Korea detonates an atomic bomb and fires missiles.  In addition the country declares that it is no longer subject to the 1953 accords(or armistace. I forget which). Japan and South Korea want to do something about it. Our government is “gravely concerned.” Iran is full steam ahead with their own nuclear program. Our government is “gravely concerned.” Israel is set to act on its own. Our government is “gravely concerned.”  The government seems to be a little light on the action side. 

Health care is not free nor will it ever be. I don’t understand why people don’t get that. Tax dollars will pay for a nationalized health care system, which is one of the reasons why the VAT is now being considered. The healthcare industry is a business just like any other business. Can anyone point to any time when the government has efficietnly run a business, including their own since they have become one of the largest employers in the nation?

Why do we keep taking their words at face value when we’ve been shown time and again that they mean the opposite of what they say?

We need someone who will challenge all the nonsensical politics with a simple question: Is what they’re doing Constitutional? Only in opposite land because what the Constitution says means the opposite. :???:

He laughed.

There is no point in being outraged, really there isn’t.

“Rush Limbaugh, ‘I hope the country fails’ — I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? … He needs a good waterboarding, that’s what he needs.”

Obama joined the crowd in laughing at the crack about Limbaugh’s “kidneys.”

Apparently, it’s funny to wish death on someone. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the least bit surprised.  I knew this would happen, has been happening for years now, which is why calling it an outrage is basically saying no one has the courage of their convictions to stand up to bullies. The biggest bully now sits in the White House and the lesser bullies are so afraid of him they can’t make a joke about him, which is the tradition for this yearly function.

I know many a conservative site that talks about the left  drinking Koolaid. I don’t believe it’s Koolaid at all but a whole different drink: Haterade. When cruelty is the only thing the left seems to find funny, perhaps they should abstain from the haterade for awhile but I believe they’re addicted now and can’t stop.

Time after time after time, the left has shown that it lives for and thrives on hate( You can google them because I will not give them a link to the vileness):

Carrie Prejean
Sarah Palin
Joe the Plumber
Rush Limbaugh
Anybody who stands in Obama’s way.

The vitriol aimed at these and others not named is not dislike for them. It’s not a disagreement with their views. It’s nothing but pure unadulterated hate.  Where are all the political correctness police now? Probably getting their fix in for their daily ration of haterade. I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about it when the hate juice kicks in so they can laugh about it a little longer.


untitled-26 The Tennessean  estimates 2,800 to 3,000 people attended the rally, according to Metro spokeswoman Kris Mumford. The highest estimate is 7500.  Only once was it tense during the entire 2+ hours I was there. I don’t know who was speaking at the time because I couldn’t see or recognize the voice but the announcer mentioned that some of the state legislators had joined us at which point someone behind me started booing. Someone else piped in to cut it off with a USA chant which everybody on the plaza joined in, then a singing of the national anthem. Some fellow looked at me a little funny because I was singing along. Well, I am one of those crazy hillbillies, after all, and he was in a suit. Or perhaps it was just my singing voice, which I’ll be the first to admit isn’t that great.:lol:

I talked to a lot of people and took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, my stupid cheap camera kept only 26 of them so I picked out a few to upload.

 untitled-17 Of course, Fred had to be there, if just in spirit.

untitled-19 A real scary terrorist.

untitled-15 This guy has the right idea.

untitled-3 A partial view of the crowd who showed up. There were more on the side from which the picture was taken. Plus, this was early. People were still arriving.

One of the pictures that wasn’t saved was a group of teens with bandanas covering their faces. I sidled up to one and asked what all that was about. He said it was a school thing; their way of making a statement about what they believe government is.

One of the signs there said: “Born Free, Taxed to Death.” I had to disagree with that one. They’re taxed from the second they’re born now.  As I was fiddling with images, I was listening to the Fox news coverage of the protests. As they often pointed out during that coverage, this was not a conservative movement but an American movement. There were Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in the crowd. It was the same with this one in Nashville. Nor was it a racist endeavor. There were quite a few races and/or cultures represented in the group. I had a conversation with one fellow about his sign and I wish I still had that picture because it was a looooong statement and I fear mangling it. However, from the conservation, I’ve encouraged him to start blogging. I also gave him this web address. If he gets over his fear of technology, I’ll certainly link to his blog. He said he just now learned how to email.

There was a lot of horn honking from passersby. There were also a couple of antique trucks going round the block repetitively with big signs and big flags. I also didn’t save a picture of a man dressed in a kilt holding bagpipes with a sign attached that simply said: Freedom. Some of us weren’t carrying signs but we helped add to the masses.  Others were dressed in Revolutionary and Civil War garb. Not many, but enough to be noticed.

Marsha Blackburn was there. She seemed to be the only politician welcome as she was cheered heartily during her small speech. Overall, people didn’t want to see or hear from the politicians. There were a lot of signs that said: Fire Congress.

The hardest to watch were the young veterans, and there were quite a few, with signs declaring vets are not extremists. On the previous post there is a bit of dialogue about that but I’d like to continue it here. Since before the 2006 Congress, our military has been villified. Murtha called some of them murderers and never retracted in spite of the fact they exonerated. In the previous post a commenter pointed out there was also one against left wing extremists. A reading of both documents show the stark differences. If opposing Obama’s and Congress’ confiscatory policies makes me a right wing extremist, I’ll wear the name with pride. “When government is big enough to give you everything, it’s also big enough to take everything away from you.”  Only God should have the ability to do that. Never government.

Anyone who opposes the tax, spend, and borrow policies  of Washington is now a right wing extremist. That includes anybody who didn’t vote for Obama last November, veterans who may or may not have voted for him but are now disillusioned, all the tea party protestors and any other assorted voters who may or may not have voted for him and are now disillusioned. I’d guesstimate that number probably reaches around 60+% of the country, regardless of the polls that swear he has 66% approval rating. The fact that ACORN is planning to disrupt the protests with their own plans is just icing on the cake.

I just have one question: How stupid are they? At this point in time, I rather take it as a compliment that these dumb shills consider me a right wing extremist if the alternative means to blindly accept radical change to things that made this country great.

Change you can believe in, yes, indeed! All the way to the bank… oh, sorry, no, we can’t because the government has taken over them, too.

AIG did and now they reap the results. How many more will follow Mr. Jenkins lead, now that Congress has decided to play moral dictator over .1% of the bailout money going to people who it seems, for the most part had nothing to do with AIG’s meltdown? If enough of them do, I think the end result of such a movement within the company will be clear: complete government takeover.

Watching this travesty play out in the media and in Congressional hearings, makes Secretary of the Treasury Geithner’s move to gain authority to seize business that are “at risk” all the more chilling.

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke pressed Congress yesterday to give the federal government unprecedented new power to seize financial firms beyond banks whose collapse could jeopardize the world financial system.

Nowhere is there a description that defines what they mean by “at risk.” Geithner just wants the power to do it and right now, he does not have it.

Last month I wrote a post about the herding toward communism. In that post I desribed it as a gentle herding. Not anymore. The federal government under the triad of Reid, Pelosi, and Obama are stepping up their movements, probably in hopes of accomplishing their agenda before the American people wake-up to the fact that we’re now a communist country.

To date, we have the insurance giant AIG, auto companies, banks, and now, there’s a move to resuce newspapers; all the while, they’ve been trying to gain control of energy, either through excessive taxation or regulation. In short, all the things that make the economy go. Control the economy and control the message to the people, you control the people at all levels of their daily lives.

What more is there to be said?

Yes, folks, we are being herded toward communism. I can’t even call it the gentler version named socialism. With a few strokes of a pen Obama has effectively signed away our right to make a living outside of joining a union. Since the economy has tanked and jobs are scarce anyway, if you want to work you have to pay a union to do so. This directly affects my husband in the construction field.  We knew it was coming, especially after starting our tax return with hubby having a total of 5 W2s for a one year period only to once again be in a position of no work. This is the worst I’ve ever seen it and my Dad and most of my brothers work the construction field, too, so I grew up in a blue collar world. It’s hard not to be resentful of some things out here in the construction world when you see illegal aliens riding around in brand new trucks, SUVs, and cars but it’s not all their fault. The companies hiring them over American workers are at fault, too.

But that’s neither here nor there at this point. Faced with the reality of the future, hubby, at the great age of 50 made a big decision to change careers. I won’t say what because I know big brother is listening and I hope to stave off his interference at least for a few years. I know at some point, that industry will fall just like the rest when the government realizes it’s oversight.

In the meantime, Pelosi is directly contradicting Obama on the worries about bipartisanship. He wants it; she doesn’t care. She has no fear of losing her seat in that great bastion of democracy: San Fransisco. If this is so, what’s the holdup? Pass the rape of the nation’s future already. With the presidential takeover of the census, one has to wonder if we’re looking at a larger version of Venezuela. It would make sense in view of Pelosi’s uncaring attitude about bipartisanship. If you become a dictatorship under the ruling party, what need is there for it?

Also, in the meantime, Barbara Boxer is fighting to turn our parental rights over to the United Nations. If I read the article right, it’s going to happen. The problem Boxer seems to have is that it’s not happening fast enough to suit her. Perhaps, it’s because some states are moving to counteract the federal consolidation of power against everything our Constitution stands for. Note that there are blue states among those listed. Should Boxer’s wish become a reality, it will effectively supercede all state laws across the nation on parental rights and children.

In other news, there is a lot of wrangling about whether Michael Phelps should be arrested. In a just world, following the rule of law, I’d say he probably should. However, this is not a just world. In a just world, if there is a move to arrest him, they had best follow it up with arrests of 95% of Obama’s cabinet and Obama himself who admitted to snorting coke among partaking of other drugs. When government is not subject to the laws that are imposed upon us, we have a problem.

What happens if there is too much dissendence over this federal takeover? Will we be marched to jail as political prisoners? Will we be euthanized in gas chambers? Think I’m overreacting? Perhaps so, in a sense, but I remind those who have even the slightest remembrance of history (being no historian myself), people then thought some were overreacting to Hitler as well.

Hitler did not become the monster he was overnight and he had plenty of help to enable him. Nor do I believe Obama himself is another Hitler. In fact, given his inability to do anything but sign executive orders rescinding past executive orders and talk, he’s still, to me, just an empty suit. There are, however, lots of strings attached to him and they are being pulled, guiding him in the direction the powers of D.C. want him to go.  A puppet is ever at the command of the puppetmaster. Obama has many masters and it’s beginning to show only a few weeks into his administration. I can’t recall seeing any president fall so fast in the polls as this one has. I don’t believe even Carter fell this qucikly although I haven’t checked to see if that’s an accurate statement or not. While his numbers are still up with a majority approval rating, I don’t believe that rating is going to last much longer at the rate it’s falling.

We’re being sold bills of goods based on stated intents but the lie to the intent is written in the bills themselves; written in such a way that hardly anybody is going to take the time to read them. The handshake method of doing business hasn’t worked for a long time but for some reason we keep falling for that: “my word is my bond” philosophy. In spite of the fact that the majority of the people are against this bill the more they find out about it, it will pass.

I’m ashamed, not just of my fellow citizens, but myself as well. We allowed this to happen, caught up in the materialistic world of wants and wishes and not attending to real life. I’m ashamed of the legacy we are imposing on our children, those who are just beginning to live and those who have not yet been born. We have sold them into bongage in order to delay our own comeuppance.

I was discussing with a friend that I believe God doesn’t care anymore. He upbraided me about it but if He doesn’t, it’s not his fault. We have rejected him time and again and even God’s patience must be at an end.  Yes, the Republicans are fighting… now… but when you see what’s happening it seems so too little, too late. Perhaps, it’s just our time to be in the valley to appreciate when God lifts us up to the mountain tops.

I hope He does still care with all my heart and prayers. If ever there was a time when I hope I am wrong, this is the time when I mean it more than I’ve ever meant it before. Whether its too little, too late or not we have to keep up the fight and keep struggling for the right to self-determination rather than a “one size fits all” world with disembodied overlords determining what is right or wrong, accordingly for their benefit rather than that of humanity. I’d rather go down fighting than meekly accept what looks to be the future.

Update: This reminds me of that old German poem. One wonders if the media is soon to experience buyers’ remorse considering how they decided this last election through how they covered the not only the sitting president but the presidential candidates for 2008.

Listening to Fox News for once. Obama has been in front of the cameras for the umpteenth time since before taking office. Frankly, he bores me because all he knows how to do is talk. Talk, talk, talk.

In other news, there are no less than 5 major media outlets calling for Daschle to step down. Frankly, I don’t care if he does or doesn’t get confirmed. All things considered, there has been some problem with every nominee in the Obama cabinet. What’s the difference for Daschle? Considering they’re all hypocrits, there isn’t any.

So, I’m disinclined to let the Obama administration off the hook for the Daschle nomination by urging anyone to reject his confirmation. Either way we go, we’re going to get socialized medicine crammed down our throats and I’d just as soon an incompetent like Daschle is in charge than someone with a bit more competency. The sooner it fails, the easier it will be to undo when people realize they’re not getting what was promised. The reason they’re not going to get what they’re promised is because it’s an impossible promise.

We have a problem in this nation. We have a generation that has no experience of communism or socialism in all its glory. To them, it’s simply another ideology on a par with capitalism. That’s true in a sense. However, it’s also a failed more than once ideology. The reason it consistently fails is because it does not take into account the real diversity of the world. Someone always suffers because the ideology doesn’t fit.  When people begin to suffer… and I mean real suffering, not the kind of “I don’t have an ipod” suffering… you begin to see the failures of the ideology. 

Socialism has been around a long time; much longer than it has been termed socialism. It existed in Roman times, the Middle Ages, and longer. It inevitably devolves into a class structure with those on the bottom tiers suffering the most… real suffering, not the “I don’t have a million dollar home” suffering.

We see this same devolution in our federal government makeup even as our purported leader talks, talks, talks. As more and more of the government adopts the attitude of “do as I say, not as I do” we move closer to a real class structure in this nation rather than the ephemeral one the rising ruling class used to garner their power.

Some of us old codgers learned it the easy way: vicariously. We saw the breakdown in Russia and much of Europe with this ideology. We fought against it here. Sometimes we won the fight, sometimes we lost but now we’re losing it completely because there is no way to stop it happening.

So why am I disinclined to worry about Daschle being confirmed? Because I’m more inclined to let the people, who asked/wished for this to learn their lesson the hard way.

Russia, when still in the stranglehold of communism, used Vodka to keep the people under control. Vodka was cheaper than bread in Russia. Of course, the U.S. can’t use Vodka considering all the anti-drunk driving campaigns and laws so they had to find an alternative pacifier. From where I’m sitting it looks like sex is the new mollifier. When you have things like funding for condoms and STD prevention and Planned Parenthood in a stimulus bill… I suppose having indiscriminate sex without suffering consequences would be a good enough pacifier to keep the proletariat from realizing just how bad off things are otherwise.

So, yes, let’s get Daschle and the rest of the cabal confirned so we can get to the misery part of this. The sooner we begin, the sooner we can get over it.

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