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We all know at least one person who meddles in everybody else’s business… and we hate them. There are any number of reasons why we hate them but the most frequent answer to such a question as why is we are adults, not children, and can handle our own lives just fine without interference.

Movies over the years have been filled with such people as meddling mothers or mothers-in-law and their characters are the ones we love to hate. It’s inescapable… and visceral. They tell us that our house isn’t clean enough, we don’t take care of our children properly, and we’re selfish with a litany list of offenses to prove it. When you point out some of the things they have done that were worse or similar,they deliver the caveat: it’s for your own good.

So, to keep the peace, we try to do things the way we’re told and when it all falls apart because it was never the right thing in the first place, we’re told it must be our fault that we didn’t do it right, so they meddle some more to try to “fix it.”

Did I mention we hate it? I’m sure I did.

So what does that have to do with politics, you ask?

Simply, if we hate that kind of interference in our daily lives, why did a majority of Americans elect to office a bunch of meddling mothers and mothers-in-law?

* You can’t stimulate the economy by restricting it. If you’re lucky you merely maintain the status quo. If you’re unlucky, as is usually the case, the meddlers make things worse. Propping up failing businesses that didn’t tend to the business of business, aka customer service, only closes the window of opportunity for others to do it better. Entrepeneurialship languishes in limbo in this case.

* You can’t replace existing energy with energy that hasn’t been developed yet and you can’t force it by restricting the use of existing energy resources. This is a tough one for me because I have to sound like a liberal for moment, although I mean what I say and it’s not just a heartwarming slogan. The policies the government is willing to put in place is going to kill people. The more taxes and legislation is heaped on the less people can afford. The poor and the elderly will die as they suffer for meddling. How many horror stories are we going to here in the coming years about people who died from heat stroke or overexposure because they can’t pay their utility bills to fuel their air conditioning or heaters? And those same people who would restrict these things are the same ones who began that slogan, “Bush lied, people died.” Will we then say, “Obama lied, people died” in their morally relative world? Or will we relativise it so that it’s all in a “good cause”?

*Talk is cheap. Words only mean something if they’re followed by like actions. The nation elected a talker, not a doer, to the presidency and a whole posse of talkers, not doers to Congress. That’s another thing about meddlers, they’re always telling others what to do but always have exceptions for their own persons. Most of us would call that hypocrisy if it was the mother or mother-in-law… or the nosy neighbor next door… but seem to excuse it in our government.

If the politicians want to be our leaders, they had best start by being examples, not privileged dictators. All the media buzz is about Obama’s inauguration and how much it costs. In ordinary times, how much it costs wouldn’t bother me one iota but to have a president-elect stand before the cameras and tell us how bad the economy is and how we need to cut back and sacrifice while spending 150 million on his inauguration and costing the state government more on top of that for extra security and other services provided by the state reminds me so much of the meddlers in our daily lives who enjoy telling others what to do while accepting their own excesses as merely their due. All the talk about sacrifice when unwilling to personally sacrifice just doesn’t thrill me in the least, in spite of Chris Matthews’ leg tingles.

All in all, that’s just the last of a long list of offensive acts. While political parties are scrambling to either do damage control before Obama is even sworn in or trying to find a message that syncs with the American people or wondering what went wrong that they lost, I can sum it up in one word: meddling. With all the chatter in both parties, there seems to be this rush to “do” something, anything, to “fix it.”

If you put all the meddlers of the world in one room they’d all have the same answer as to why they meddle in spite of the fact that their meddling only makes a bad situation worse: they mean well. Didn’t someone once say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”? We’re all set to be living testimonies to the truth of that euphemism. Even if one doesn’t question their intentions, the results of their meddling is still the same.

For me, the solution isn’t doing something, it’s doing nothing. If one feels something must be done, why not start with undoing some of the past meddling?  The more meddling there is, the worse things get and has been getting for decades.  When is government, mothers, mothers-in-law, and nosy neighbors going to butt out and let us be the adults we are, make our own adult decisions and live with the consequences? It used to be called Federalism or Conservatism. It needs a new name, or at the least a new descriptor: Unmeddling.

The most effective government is the one that meddles the least.

Rather than insanity, I believe the word in the title best characterizes not just our county but most of the rest of the world. Couple inanity with rampant narcissism, which seems to have infected everyone in some way, what we’ve got is a world gone stupid.

Before continuing, one believes it’s appropriate to include the standard definition of the word with some relevant synonyms:

in·an·i·ty (-nn-t) n. pl. in·an·i·ties 1. The condition or quality of being inane. 2. Something empty of meaning or sense.

 Noun 1. inanity – total lack of meaning or ideas mindlessness, pointlessness, senselessness, vacuity meaninglessness – the quality of having no value or significance; “he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him”

(source: )

While the election of a president of a nation might be significant in and of itself, the coverage of said candidates and the ultimate winner is best characterized by the word: inane.

Continuing coverage of the President-elect: ditto. Of what great significance is news coverage of Obama’s vacation in Hawaii complete with pictures of his pectorals? Not to mention all the posturing and promises that were made and are now being broken before he takes the Oath of Office.

But, no, the presidential elections aren’t the only inanities. Everywhere I look, no matter whether it’s a righty or lefty site, news channel, newspaper, or magazine, it is filled with inanities claimed to be events of great significance. Some of those stories may be entertaining in a lame sort of way, but hardly of great significance.

2008 was the year Global Warming was disproved. Who knew? Apparently, not This Church. In fact, it’s quite likely that only a small minority of the world’s population knows. Of course, such a thing is not significant enough for our media to make the effort to impart such information. It’s much more significant to talk about who has the best body: Putin or Obama?

The biggest problem with continuing the Global Warming meme is that people will needlessly die as a result. People do things differently, prepare differently, for winter and summer, heat vs. cold, and people are centered on the heat, not the cold. This winter has already seen record snow, cold, and more to come as winter is just getting underway. Yet, the world seems to be focused on combatting hot climates, rising seas and oceans (that aren’t), and carbon credits all the while exempting the most polluting countries: China and India. Government bodies will impose stiff taxes and rate increases for energy usage and the very people they claim to be concerned about will be the most adversely affected: the low income households worldwide.

Our do nothing Congress spent a lot of time on the camera talking about what they won’t do and doing a lot of things nobody wanted them to do, such as the $700 billion bailout, followed by another bailout for the auto industry so the UAW could keep its golf course, among other things. Now, the new Congress, even more inane than the last one, is set to approve another $1 trillion in bailouts with less than a week to read the $%)* bill. These are things of significance but they’re being treated as inanities while inanities are treated as significant, making the world upside-down.

To cap this off, let’s talk about celebrities. How many celebrities have gone in front of the cameras swearing that something is the way they say it is but fail to provide a speck of proof that they are qualified to make that judgment? Everything from global warming, the Iraq War, Chavez, Castro, universal healthcare, and, yes, presidential elections have been promoted by celebrities, most of whom don’t even have a degree of any kind, let alone a degree specializing in a field of study on the topics which they claim to be experts upon. How much more inane can you get? Being photogenic and posessing an ability to read a script wtih feeling does not an expert make. If they really believe what they’re spouting, you might also attach the adjective ‘gullible’ to their list of descriptors.

Yet, they wonder why the entertainment industry is struggling so badly. It isn’t, really. It simply moved from the official branch into the news and media who provide it free of charge rather than $40/movie for two people. Or is it more now? By the time you buy the tickets, soft drinks, popcorn or other snacks, it very well could be. I haven’t been to a theater in decades, so I wouldn’t know. These days, I’ve even curtailed video purchases because what’s available is not worth the money. In fact, I typically purchase against the reviews. Hancock, which didn’t get very good reviews, was a keeper. It’s a typical Will Smith movie of redemption. Yeah, the language might have been a little “colorful” but I’ve heard worse simply stepping out my front door.

If we’re to survive this age of inanities, we’re going to have to be smarter than they give us credit for being and that’s not an inanity. The six questions traditionally asked by journalists-who? what? when? where? how? and why… are largely missing from current news stories… especially the why’ and how’s… those items we need to know to make sound decisions. Instead, we’re given premises without any basis for the the premises and expected to accept them at face value, no matter how nonsensical or meaningless the premise is.

The outrage over “Barack the Magic Negro” is a prime example. Tacky? Yes. Personally, I’m tired of such tactics being used to win elections, even if it’s just for the RNC chairmanship. Stupid parodies are never a good replacement for a solid message of conservatism… and I don’t mean conservatism as defined by the left… I mean real conservatism. It never ceases to amaze me some of the really stupid things liberals claim as definitions of conservatism.

Racist? No. Al Sharpton, that most well known race baiter was the first to coin the term.  Since he’s black and Obama is black how can it be racist?

Since the media and others who claim to be journalists don’t want to do the job, we’ll have to do it ourselves. Carry a list of those six questions around with you. Ask them every time someone tells you something that is “fact” but is based on something of which they have no expertise or proof that someone with real expertise in the matter has made such a conclusion. Those six questions are good for following up, too; asking subquestions based on the same method.  

The Age of Inanity should be as short lived as we can possibly make it. Otherwise, we’ll leave this world worse off than when we inherited it from our ancestors.

It’s really hard to believe that, in spite of all the new evidence that has been compiled since Al Gore won the Nobel Prize, people are still trying to panic other people about global warming.

The Associated Press warns that the new administration won’t have much time to save the planet from a global warming apocalypse. Never mind that the “ticking time bomb” is a dud. […]

 Ticking time bomb, eh? What are they panicked about? It was a false premise in the beginning. The only thing running out of time is their chance to prove it’s true before too many people wake up to the fact that it was a bogus claim originating with an environmentalist blowhard who has nothing better to do with his time than try to sucker people into mad schemes. Not to mention that Pelosi, et al are losing millions from their investements in alternative energies before legislation can be enacted to turn the tide toward profitability. As usual, the cart was put before the horse… or donkey, in this case.

When there’s a cause around which the liberal brain can wrap itself around with “feeling,” they simply can’t let go, no matter the reasons or proofs of the opposite are presented. They jump to the conclusion (the premise) first, then try to prove it, or not, if they believe they can get away with it without having to put in that kind of work. We’ve seen it over and over, not only for the last eight years with Bush, but with anything that went against what liberals wanted to believe.

For instance, did you know that the Democratic Majority Senate had enough votes to pass the bailout but didn’t? According to Nancy Pelosi, Republicans are irresponsible.

Senate Republicans’ refusal to support the bipartisan legislation passed by the House and negotiated in good faith with the White House, the Senate and the automakers is irresponsible, especially at a time of economic hardship. The consequences of the Senate Republicans’ failure to act could be devastating to our economy, detrimental to workers, and destructive to the American automobile industry…

Guess who voted against it? How about the Senate Majority Leader, himself? Of course, Democrats aren’t irresponsible when they vote against the majority. That doesn’t fit the premise, does it? It doesn’t matter that the majority of the country is against the bailout. All that matters is Republicans are irresponsible for listening to their constituents rather than the Democratic majority.

This obsession with premises before having any indepth research to support them is killing the country. We hear them all the time, in the news, from politicians, from environmentalists, from the U.N., other countries, and so on. Yet, every time we question those premises, we get other premises to prop up the initial one rather than a reasoned argument backed by facts.

Not too long ago, I was called anti-American filth because of my attitude toward Obama and the pledge I made to treat him the same as Bush has been treated by him and everyone else. I thanked the person for it, considering he’s one of those rabid Bush haters with endless talking points (most of them provably false). I figure since he says the opposite of factual about everything else, he probably means the opposite of what he said about me, too. :lol:

Uttering such premises, ad infinitum, doesn’t make them true, unless you can nudge some into a self fulfilling prophesy such as this economic downturn, now recession, that we’re experiencing. Liberal politicians have been calling for such since at least 2004; probably longer, but I can only find evidence as far back as ’04. When it didn’t happen on cue, they simply moved the date. Since 2007, they’ve worked actively to bring it about, resisting changes to Fannie/Freddie, their refusal to rescind the oil drilling moratorium, the Iraq War funding shenanigans, the pork barrel spending while complaining about the national debt, and so on. They finally got their recession.

Now, they’ll do the same with global warming regardless of the facts on the ground (lots and lots of snow even in places that rarely see it). The only problem is: Mother Nature isn’t playing along with their games. And, of course, if it all fails and people die because of having to be so “green” via legislative encroachments on their private lives, it will always be the Republicans’ fault.

Senator Corker is coming under heavy fire for his opposition to the auto bailout. Why? Read the article. It’s full of class warfare ire and lots of accusations. Little to no facts. If the Big 3 don’t get bailed out, it will be all the Republicans’ fault if people lose jobs and the companies head to bankruptcy.  What’s being said is not even being well reasoned but it fits the premise, right?

Kinda reminds me of my grandsons, the older blaming the younger when they’re both caught doing mischief. The Democrats have a majority, darn near a supermajority. If you count McCain, Graham, and a few others they have that supermajority. But they’re still not going to accept responsibility. It’s not a disconnect between facts and perception, it’s the premise they operate under. I, for one, am getting sick of it.

If people want to get this country back on the right track, it’s time to stop accepting talking about (aka premises) as truth without question. Question them, every one, every time. Demand facts and proof. If you don’t get it, assume it’s false rather than true and stand your ground.

Oh, one last thing, I heard on the news this morning that Dickson County TN is swiftly running out of salt to combat the icy roads. That was Channel 5 news for anybody in the middle Tennessee area, but, of course I can’t find it online, yet. It doesn’t fit the premise of global warming, does it? It’s all Mother Nature’s fault, you know. She just won’t let a good premise, that stands to make lots of money for lots of charlatan,go unchallenged. Yeah, that’s the culprit.

With the Obama win, predictions are beginning to come true less than 24 hours later. We knew it was going to happen. We just didn’t expect it the day after.

My husband was fired this morning, replaced by illegal aliens. It’s all some businesses have been waiting for, especially in the construction industry, because if immigration laws are not going to be enforced why should they pay for higher wage workers?

This is my husband:
My husband is a commercial/industrial electrician and has been one for 30 years. There is not much that he doesn’t know about the field. In the mid 90s he broke his back at the height of his career directing multi-million dollar projects. There was a time when he was told he’d never walk again and even if he did, he’d never work in the industrial electrical field. After almost a year in a wheelchair, undergoing surgery that has wired and bolted his back together, more time in painful discouraging physical therapy while in a body cast, he worked his way back into the electrical construction field he loves, albeit at a slower place and not nearly at the wages he used to make.  

For being a working class person who loves his job, he has been looked down on by the left elititsts and the people who worship them. This is his reward for being a top notch electrician.

Where we go from here is anybody’s guess. I suppose it won’t really matter to anyone considering we’re the opposition and supposed to be destroyed, if Kos and are any indication of how much conservatives are hated.

At the moment, I’m too weary and too discouraged to know whether or not this blog will continue.  My other blogging gig is closing down this morning and likely that will be the fate of most conservative blogs across the internet.

I don’t want to rain on your celebration too much so that’s all I’ll say for now. Congratulations to all you Obama supporters. I wish you well, in spite of yourselves.

The closer we get to The Day, events are moving faster and faster. It’s difficult to keep up with the events and get a real perspective on this national election. It’s a struggle to decide what to write and say to those who are undecided or what to say to those whose minds have been made up for some time. So, just a few things to consider as we move into Tuesday:

Voter Fraud: There’s a site called Election Journal which is tracking all the cases of voter fraud they can find. It’s worth a visit that might shock you with the various way voter fraud is being perpetrated.

Energy independence: Apparently Obama wants to bankrupt the Coal Industry, brazen enough to talk about it openly with a newspaper this close to election.

If that’s not enough to get your dander up, consider he also wants to “redefine agriculture“:

(2/3 into the article) I was just reading an article in the New York Times by Michael Pollen about food and the fact that our entire agricultural system is built on cheap oil. As a consequence, our agriculture sector actually is contributing more greenhouse gases than our transportation sector. And in the mean time, it’s creating monocultures that are vulnerable to national security threats, are now vulnerable to sky-high food prices or crashes in food prices, huge swings in commodity prices, and are partly responsible for the explosion in our healthcare costs because they’re contributing to type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease, obesity, all the things that are driving our huge explosion in healthcare costs. That’s just one sector of the economy. You think about the same thing is true on transportation. The same thing is true on how we construct our buildings. The same is true across the board.

If that’s not enough to get your riled, there’s this: Civilian National Security Force and Aunti Zeituni who is an illegal alien that Obama didn’t even know was in the States. Now, I don’t know how everybody else thinks but if a man can’t even help out a family member or keep in touch enough to even know where they are, how in the world is he going to keep his promises to this woman?

I’m sure everybody is just sick of Joe the Plumber but you gotta remember next time it could be you.

I’m not going to tell anybody who to vote for. I know who I’m voting for because there really is only one choice this election. If you give both your head and your heart equal voice, I believe you know, too. I’m counting on you, America, to preserve what has made us strong and unique among all the nations ever formed on the earth.

My, how time flies when you’re not having fun. As I’ve said before I used to be one of the silent majority and I find some things about elections and election cycles distinctly unpleasant. I feel guilty that I haven’t blogged anything here in so long so here are some random thoughts from the last two weeks.

If the polls aren’t being skewed why do they all oversample Democrats and Independents over Republicans? In most cases the sampling data shows a 3-6% larger sample of Democrats versus Republicans. I suppose most people don’t bother to look at the sampling data or bother to look at individual polls for that matter.

The Palin/Troopergate story. I haven’t read the enormous 236 page document yet but reports are that Palin did nothing wrong except not tell her husband not to do something about it. If the trooper in question weren’t related by marriage would this issue have even come up? We all have family members we’d just as soon we didn’t have but isn’t it ironic that Palin is being villified while a bad trooper still has his job in spite of the bad things he has done? There’s no question he tasered his stepson. There’s no question he was drinking in his patrol car. There’s no question he shot a moose out of season. And apparently no question he abused his wife. The fact that his wife and stepson are directly related to the governor of the state carries more weight than getting a bad cop off the force. Gotta love politics sometimes.

If Obama is the TheOne we’ve been waiting for, why do his supporters feel the need to do this? Secret Service visits Lufkin woman after ‘death threat’ allegation from an Obama campaign volunteer. Or this:
Pair arrested after large McCain sign torched in Sellwood yard. Not to mention the rampant voter fraud being committed by ACORN on Obama’s behalf. Perhaps, they’re doing these things because they’ve been promised a seat at the table. Or is it because Obama is the one we’ve been waiting for? Yet, the fellow remains an unknown, in substance and deed.

McCain has a problem. It’s plain to see. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to sully his own honor. On the other, he risks losing an election that is country changing in radically extreme ways. He wants us to respect Obama but there’s a problem with that for a majority of Americans. We see Obama’s strong-arm tactics and his connections to people who hate this country (see above paragraph) and find no respect in our hearts. Nor does Obama give respect but mocks and threatens anyone who opposes him. The mocking of McCain’s age, war injuries, and other attributes is about as low as it can get. In some ways it’s tantamount to mocking the physically challenged who are often among the poorest of us on the socioeconomic ladder. But then, there’s the thought that Obama is not so computer literate, either. All in all this election is a crap shoot.

And to think, I haven’t even begun to cover what I think of the economy and the subsequent nationalization of it. Isn’t it ironic that it didn’t help a thing? But the good news is, once done it will never be undone. Or is that the bad news? I suppose it depends on which side you’re on. Myself, I can’t imagine a worse group in charge of the nation’s wealth.

The reason for such long breaks between postings here is I get caught up in the dialogues and lose track of time. My sincere apologies.

A better question would be: When did we stop being better off?

I can point to a personal timeline when things started going South into the “not better off” category. In 2000, there was a lot of griping over the presidential election but that’s not when things started going bad. Although there was the contested election and all the bad press and everything, less than a year later, almost everybody in the country was glad there was a Republican in the White House to answer the assault to our nation and our sovereignty. Even with the economic situation on the stock market things weren’t all that terrible and once we geared up for an aggressive answer to our attackers things started getting better there, too. In spite of the ups and downs on the stock market, we weren’t any worse off than we were before 9/11 and in many ways were better off than when Clinton was in office. Lower taxes for one thing. Instead of paying out several thousand at tax time (on top of what was already paid in) we paid less than two thousand.

Eveyrthing was pretty even keeled until the 2004 elections although people were getting tired of the long war. Bush didn’t lie about that. He said it would be a long war. Unfortunately, the American people think long is like: next week instead of now.  

In October of 2004, just a month before the elections, here came the meme, “Bush Lied, People Died.” If he did, so did Clinton and every member of Congress who stood for the war in Iraq but we’re not supposed to remember that. Kerry was getting stomped during the campaigning in spite of women drooling over him. They had to do something and this something was the precursor to the nation not being better off.

With yet another contested election to face, the Democrats also said they don’t recognize Bush as president. They continued the mantra of “Bush Lied, People Died” yet in spite of all the calls to impeach both Bush and Cheney, that’s all the Democrats had because they were the minority in Congress. In 2005, they ramped up the rhetoric against Bush and threw Cheney in as well and along came Katrina which created the perfect storm against Bush and Cheney.  I have a personal story here so I’m going to sidetrack for a paragraph or so.

My mother-in-law was affected by Katrina. Her roof was badly damaged. She was at the time walking with the aid of a walker. She spents hours every day for many days trying to get aid to fix her house because she is on a very low fixed income. In fact, my husband and I, every Christmas, instead of getting her a present we paid her property taxes as our gift to her and her husband. After many days of this being told she wasn’t needy enough (not being from New Orleans) she gave up. I wrote the governor of her state and got no response. I wrote both the Senators in the state and got no response. (All of the previous were Democrats.) I wrote Vice President Cheney and within a week she had the help she desperately needed… in her hands. But the lie was” “Republicans don’t care” and the Democrats got a lot of mileage out of it straight into 2006. My father-in-law’s house in MS still isn’t fixed except what he has done out of his own pocket, but New Orleans is still the problem child isn’t it? It’s been a disaster waiting to happen since 1929 when the Mississippi was rerouted so people could build homes on a riverbed but, of course, it’s Bush’s fault, isn’t it?

We all took an economic hit from Katrina. Gas prices soared because of the damage to wells in the Gulf, which had the domino effect of prices for everything going up. Money was tighter and we were still in the long war so the “Bush Lied, People Died” mantra worked in this gloomy scenario aided by the disaster that was Katrina. This couldn’t be helped and by the time prices were at pre-Katrina levels, it was too late.

Another by-product of Katrina was a greater amount of illegal immigration as they saw an opportunity to make loads of money and came in droves to fill up labor and construction jobs on the Gulf. Illegal immigration has always been something of a problem, even more so after 9/11, but Katrina was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. We couldn’t absorb them into other jobs and the economic hit from having to deal with them on top of everything else just added to the Democrats’ gleeful meme of doom and gloom, although at the time the illegal aliens weren’t identified publicly as a big problem.  I know this because my husband, being in construction was discussing with his boss whether they would be sending anyone to the Gulf to help with clean up when suddenly they were all told, they weren’t needed because crews were coming from Mexico. They came to make some quick money, but then, they stayed.

As Congressional campaigns got rolling in 2006, while we’re still recovering from Katrina, the Democrats promised a more open Congress and taking care of the people while villifying the Republicans as the tax and spend crowd… of which the Republicans happened to be guilty and not just because of the war in Iraq. Earmarks were out of control and so was the country, although the stock market was rebounding and gaining beyond the pre-9/11 levels. We were still in pretty good shape in our personal finances, too, once everything started settling back to pre-Katrina levels, but the doom and gloom from the Democrats was starting to wear on people. On the day to day, nobody worried about gas prices, the cost of a gallon of milk, or whatever they needed from local deparmtent stores and so on, except for the very poor who have always worried about those things regardless of who is president at the time.

The Democrats win Congress with their memes and that’s the turning point towards South. In the early months we didn’t see a lot of difference except for the fight against wholesale amnesty for untold numbers of illegal aliens. But then, Al Gore won an Oscar for his Global Warming scam which has profited him and anyone in it the scam with him but no one else. States raised taxes and the only real legislation that Congress has done in the last almost two full years, now, is mandates for ethanol and a host of other environmental indignities that have done nothing but take money out of our pockets because the price of basic foods went through the roof at an enormous pace. In addition, global demand for oil has risen as China has entered the global economy as a major player. So, gas prices go up as ever slave to the law of supply and demand. While global warming mandates had already brought about a price increase in basic foodstuffs, also tied to the law of supply and demand, the increase in fuel prices made a bad situation worse. By the way, they still haven’t impeached Bush and Cheney and there’s a good reason why. It might make a good campaign slogan but there’s not much meat in it and that’s all they have. Impeachment hearings would bring out the fact that they all saw the same intelligence that Bush had and also the fact that 4 of the 5 components which Saddam was accused of possessing were found. Instead of wondering where the 5th component went to, it was more politically expedient to say Bush lied.

Oh, and gasoline isn’t the only thing that comes from a barrel of oil. Nor diesel. Something we take for granted every day comes from those barrels of oil: plastics. Everything we use on a daily basis has some plastic parts attached to it: home and cell phones, household appliances, computers, the knobs on your kitchen stove, and more. Some fabrics are made with nylon, a byproduct of oil as well. Vaseline is called petroleum jelly in its generic name… key word: petroleum. Some cosmetics are made using petroleum jelly as the base. And more. In short, there is no such creature as oil independence. There’s nothing to replace it in all its forms.

And Congress’ more open government? Well, since the Democratic majority, Congress has attempted to slip through all sorts of legislation without informing the public about what they’re doing and have subjected the other side of the aisle to indignities of all kinds, yet, complain about partisanship. Earmarks that were considered out of control before are now the norm. Between entitlements and earmarks we’re bankrupting the country and that’s a fact. And the Democrats promise more of the same. I read somewhere or heard somewhere that for every dollar put in for subsidized health care only 4 cents of it is actually spent on the health care. That’s something for you proponents of government universal healthcare to think about. It may be expensive now but the government is going to give you only 4% of what you pay in. You may well find entire paychecks swallowed into universal healthcare at which point many will wonder why they work at all.

So, our government has thrown us into the global warming scam which has trapped us financially and ramped up earmarks, besides. They have passed legislation to bail out banks and mortgage companies who made bad business decisions. Case in point, Bank of America, which decided sometime early last year they were going to extend credit to illegal aliens. Those illegal aliens don’t have the same obligations that ordinary citizens do and just walked away from those obligations and left the rest of us to foot the bill. But Congress has the answer!!! Bail them out and let one of the bailees write the legislation. Wh pays for that? We do along with every other insanity.

On top of that, my state has raised taxes. People think we pay only 8.25% sales tax and they’re wrong. That’s what we pay for food. Everything else is 9.25% and I mean everything. In addition to sales tax, we’ve had an increase in gas taxes, utility rates (including water service), and property tax went up 1% as well. Oh, I forgot, we also got hit with a wheel tax which by itself isn’t that bad but when added to the rest it becomes a financial nightmare. Part of those unemployment figures are government workers being laid off or let go because of budget crunches while the Governor spends $700,000,000 on an underground bunker/banquet hall.

Now factor in depressed wages also a byproduct of the cheap labor from illegal immigration and all the indignities the government imposes upon us, although it swears to care about us, here we are: not better off.

Remember, I did say this is my personal perception. Others may have similar thoughts on this while some will have a different take. So take it at face value that this is my experience, not yours. I’m sure I’ve left out several items that could be added to this dialogue but I thought it was getting too long. Feel free to have at it, for or against.

Update: One other thing I’d like to add that has added to economic woes. This Congress enacted a hike in minimum wage. While laudible on its face, it has caused no end of problems for job seekers as operation costs for small businesses just went up on all fronts. The only costs that are within their control are labor costs. That wouldn’t have anything to do with the unemployment rate right about now, would it?

If he persists in being part of a Gang of 10, which then rams down the throats of Americans, their solution to our energy problems, that’s what a great many Tennesseans should be saying to this junior Senator. In its entirety:

Politics has its puzzling moments. John McCain and most of the GOP experienced one late last week. That was when five of their own set about dismantling the best issue Republicans have in the upcoming election.

It’s taken time, but Sen. McCain and his party have finally found — in energy — an issue that’s working for them. Riding voter discontent over high gas prices, the GOP has made antidrilling Democrats this summer’s headlines.

Their enthusiasm has given conservative candidates a boost in tough races. And Mr. McCain has pressured Barack Obama into an energy debate, where the Democrat has struggled to explain shifting and confused policy proposals.

Still, it was probably too much to assume every Republican would work out that their side was winning this issue. And so, last Friday, in stumbled Sens. Lindsey Graham, John Thune, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Corker and Johnny Isakson — alongside five Senate Democrats. This “Gang of 10” announced a “sweeping” and “bipartisan” energy plan to break Washington’s energy “stalemate.” What they did was throw every vulnerable Democrat, and Mr. Obama, a life preserver.

That’s because the plan is a Democratic giveaway. New production on offshore federal lands is left to state legislatures, and then in only four coastal states. The regulatory hurdles are huge. And the bill bars drilling within 50 miles of the coast — putting off limits some of the most productive areas. Alaska’s oil-rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is still a no-go.

The highlight is instead $84 billion in tax credits, subsidies and federal handouts for alternative fuels and renewables. The Gang of 10 intends to pay for all this in part by raising taxes on . . . oil companies! The Sierra Club couldn’t have penned it better. And so the Republican Five has potentially given antidrilling Democrats the political cover they need to neutralize energy through November.

Sen. Obama was thrilled. He quickly praised the Gang’s bipartisan spirit, and warmed up to a possible compromise. Of course, he means removing even the token drilling provisions now in the bill. But he’s only too happy for the focus to remain on the Gang’s efforts, and in particular on the five Republicans providing his party its fig leaf.

Equally gleeful was Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu, the Senate’s most vulnerable Democrat. She had been sweating the energy debate, especially after her vote against more oil-shale production — a position her Republican opponent, John Kennedy, had used against her to great effect. Yet there she was, chummily standing with the Gang of 10 and boasting that she is working with “five Republicans” to “lower prices at the pump by increasing offshore drilling here at home.”

Mr. McCain, who had been commanding the energy debate, was left to explain why he, of all people, wasn’t more enthusiastic about a “bipartisan” effort on energy, especially one that includes “drilling.” His camp was forced to take refuge in taxes, explaining that their boss couldn’t sign up for a bill that included more. If this is what Mr. McCain’s good friend Lindsey Graham considers “helping,” somebody might want to ask him to stop.

And pity poor Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been working overtime to stanch GOP losses this fall and head off a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate. His dogged efforts to highlight Democratic opposition to drilling has kept energy in the news and laid the groundwork for GOP candidates to use the issue to their advantage.

In the Colorado Senate race, Democrats had christened former GOP Rep. Bob Schaffer “Big Oil Bob” — hoping to smear his oil industry career. “Big Oil Bob” has instead embraced his pro-drilling positions and is pummeling opponent Mark Udall for his antidrilling stance. In recent weeks, Mr. Schaffer has erased Mr. Udall’s lead. Polls show Republican Sens. Norm Coleman (Minnesota) and John Sununu (New Hampshire) both climbing in the polls on the back of strong energy arguments. As two of the GOP’s most vulnerable senators, both might well have run for cover with the Gang of 10. Instead they’re fighting on the merits.

The “bipartisan” Republican senators have undercut these efforts, and boosted Ms. Landrieu. They’ve even put a smile on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s face. He’d been struggling to tamp down the energy debate through November, where he hopes to increase his majority and permanently shelve drilling. He’s now counting on the Gang to fruitlessly continue “negotiations” straight through the Senate’s short September session and solve his problem for him.

Not one of the five Republicans in the Gang is facing a tough election this year. That’s the sort of security that leads to bad decisions. And theirs is the sort of thinking that could leave Republicans in a permanent minority.

You’d think Grahamnesty would have learned his lesson but apparently his reelection just gave him more leeway to stick to Americans. Yesterday, I posted about the hike in utility rates that are coming down the pike because of rising fuel costs and this is the best the Senate Gang of 10 can do, a plan that will further cripple us well into the future and make us more dependent on foreign oil, along with higher taxes and everything else that goes with it?

You can read Rush Limbaugh’s interview with Chambliss for an eye-opening nonexplanation, then follow that with Rush’s analysis. Much like the amnesty bill they tried to slip through without even reading the thing, so will this be done if we don’t put the pressure back on them.

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