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It’s one of the stupider comments coming from the media to congratulate Americans for now owning car companies. We don’t and won’t. The government owns them which is, and has been for awhile now, a totally separate entity from the people it’s supposed to be serving. If there is money made, which is doubtful, it goes to the government first. It won’t be coming back to us, except in the form of congratulating us for pandering to government greed. No, they’ll justify spending the money on anything and everything rather than return it. Have I mentioned lately how much the government is beginning to resemble medieval robber barons?

The Value Added Tax debate rears it’s ugly head again although the government says it’s unlikely. Now, when the government says it’s unlikely, I have a tendency to think that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Obama said he wasn’t intending to nationalize car companies, banks, or insurance companies but that’s exactly what he did.  We’re living in opposite land now, where everything that is said means the opposite of what it used to mean. I remember playing that game as a child but apparently the government has not outgrown such childish games. So, if the federal government adds a national sales tax to everything we buy, in addition to the income tax, fees for various services such as utilities, gasoline for your automobiles, internet service, phone service, and so on, how much is left over from your paycheck?

I must be a more moderate conservative than I thought because I’m not all up in arms over the Sotomayor nomination to the Supreme Court. Quite frankly, I can’t understand why anybody is. It’s not as if it is a surprise. Instead of agonizing over it, those same people doing the agonizing should have been busy planning how to block it before it happened. Too little, too late, as is usual for either side of the partisan divide.

Is anybody else tired of the phrase “gravely concerned”, yet? Every foreign incident nets the same response: “gravely concerned.”  It’s a meaningless phrase unless followed by meaningful action.  North Korea detonates an atomic bomb and fires missiles.  In addition the country declares that it is no longer subject to the 1953 accords(or armistace. I forget which). Japan and South Korea want to do something about it. Our government is “gravely concerned.” Iran is full steam ahead with their own nuclear program. Our government is “gravely concerned.” Israel is set to act on its own. Our government is “gravely concerned.”  The government seems to be a little light on the action side. 

Health care is not free nor will it ever be. I don’t understand why people don’t get that. Tax dollars will pay for a nationalized health care system, which is one of the reasons why the VAT is now being considered. The healthcare industry is a business just like any other business. Can anyone point to any time when the government has efficietnly run a business, including their own since they have become one of the largest employers in the nation?

Why do we keep taking their words at face value when we’ve been shown time and again that they mean the opposite of what they say?

We need someone who will challenge all the nonsensical politics with a simple question: Is what they’re doing Constitutional? Only in opposite land because what the Constitution says means the opposite. :???:

Of course, there are no presidents in the Sim2 game. The highest level of politician in the game is Mayor, because, after all, it’s a city not a country that you’re building in the game.

Ironically, with all the press about Obama and his teleprompter fixation, I was reminded of this game, which I long ago outgrew. In the game, those aspiring to certain careers must build up charisma points by practicing speech. For the political career, once a certain level is reached, the Sim is awarded: a teleprompter. In addition to charisma, to become Mayor of the city, the politician must have a minimum number of friends.

Wednesday night is social night at the White House. To build up friendships, the Sim must invite people over, hosting parties and dinners always with some different other characters in the game to find enough people to become friends. I often wondered how Obama was going to manage to fill cabinet positions and the like since his small circle of people who were actually considered friends were quite unsuitable. Obama knows a lot of people, however, there is a big difference between knowing people and considering them friends.

Once the goal is achieved in the game and the Sim character wins the position of Mayor, he or she, rides to work in a helicopter rather than a car like everybody else. Occasionally, there will be tests during which the Mayor must make a decision on what action to take on a problem. The wrong decision can cause scandals  or being fired; or impeached since it’s a political position.

Another irony is: there’s very little individuality between characters. While the second game does add in personality traits, interests, and so forth that were absent in the first game, most of the Sims do the same things regardless of their aspirations, rather like a herd. Yes, the herd mentality is very apparent in the game, which also reminds me of the Obama administration: in the spirit of bipartisanship we should all be the same, mostly miserable, which is what happens in the game if the overseer (the one playing the game) doesn’t make his Sims work and achieve their aspirations and develop some independence apart from the overseer.

Are we all Sims now, instead of real people with real lives and real differences and real individuality? One is left wondering about that.

It is what it is and we have to adapt. Unfortunately, for you idiots out there who supported this, any sympathy I might have felt has went the same way as the resentment and anger. This stimulus bill is the biggest government power grab in the country’s history and there are already reports of it being followed by another just like while we’re still awaiting TARP II, the regular appropriations bill, and other planned indignities to be imposed on the people.

I have no sympathy for the Wall Street, banks, or investors. I’m not an economist but investing and the stock market have always reminded me of gambling. When you invest in a company or a number of them, you’re betting that you’ll make more than you bet, the same way you bet on craps, the roulette wheel, poker, or slots. If you can’t afford to lose, you don’t bet it, right?

It’s not about who makes 100 times more money than I do or who flies where in a private jet or gets rewarded with trips to Vegas or any of that for me. It’s about trust. If you’re watching the Dow, there’s little of it to be found in the economy. Eventually, everything will be nationalized and the transfer of wealth will continue unabated until there is no wealth left anywhere in the country except for the “shining city on the hill.” The reason it will be still shining is because it will be the only place left with the money to pay the utility bills. But everybody should be happy then, right? We’ll all be the same.

I’ll confess, I’ve never cared about being rich. I’ve never envied the rich. The rich have their own problems just as those of us on the other end of the economic ladder have problems. It may look glamorous and carefree from the outside but that’s only if you ignore all the media and the papparazzi uncovering the latest scandals with which most seem afflicted. I’m at a point where I can’t understand people who are envious of such when there are infinitely more important things with which to concern one. 

But then, I never saw myself as a political activist either, yet, here I am.

You were warned that Obama is nothing but an empty suit. Slightly less than a month in office, that has never been more apparent. He doesn’t even know all that’s in the bill he just signed and I hear he will now have answers fed to him via his teleprompter so that it looks as if he knows what he’s talking about when somebody asks him a question that, as president he should know, but in reality has no idea what the heck the reporter is talking about. Can’t have the messiah stumbling and bumbling can we?

Still, Obama is doing what Obama knows best: campaigning. Leave it to Obama to use hundreds of thousands of dollars to fly to Denver… not to mention all those carbon offsets that will need to be purchased for that jaunt… for a public signing of the goverment powergrab while touting “green” power. Frankly, I’m quite weary of seeing him on TV giving yet another campaign speech as if he doesn’t realize the campaigning is over, he got the job, and it’s time to work. It’s hard to believe that, once upon a time, while not agreeing with anything he had to say, it was still enjoyable to hear him giving speeches. He is fairly gifted with scripted oratory. However, off the cuff responsiveness leaves a lot to be desired.

Yesterday, someone tried to deliver a dressing down to me for admitting I’m flirting with the thought of no longer being a Republican. That person accused me of that because of the stimulus bill and the three RINOs who voted for it and I shouldn’t be like that because the bulk of the Republicans stood strong.

I replied that I was encouraged by that but this one act doesn’t wipe away the history of the past few years when many of those in Congress were the leadership who lost both houses in 2006. If the Republican party doesn’t want to represent conservatives and conservatism, that’s fine. They don’t have to but, on the flipside, they shouldn’t expect conservatives to fall in with them at the same time they tell us to sit down and shut up.

Yes, Lindsey Graham opposed the stimulus bill stating all the right reasons but two years ago he called us all bigots and racists when we opposed the shamnesty bill. Yes, John McCain also opposed the stimulus bill but he cursed out a fellow Republican who questioned his knowledge of what was actually in the bill since McCain was off on the campaign trail. And Snowe, Specter, and Collins were paid for their votes for the government powergrab bill. I just can’t call it stimulus anymore, not when every job created is time limited but going to cost about 5 times the actual wage of any one job created. What price democracy? Ask them but I doubt they’ll tell you. They were merely being bipartisan, after all.

There’s an infrequent commenter here who likes to use the phrase “the revolution has been televised” in reference to Obama’s presidential win. He’s wrong. The real revolution is just beginning and you can consider me officially a rebel.

Yes, folks, we are being herded toward communism. I can’t even call it the gentler version named socialism. With a few strokes of a pen Obama has effectively signed away our right to make a living outside of joining a union. Since the economy has tanked and jobs are scarce anyway, if you want to work you have to pay a union to do so. This directly affects my husband in the construction field.  We knew it was coming, especially after starting our tax return with hubby having a total of 5 W2s for a one year period only to once again be in a position of no work. This is the worst I’ve ever seen it and my Dad and most of my brothers work the construction field, too, so I grew up in a blue collar world. It’s hard not to be resentful of some things out here in the construction world when you see illegal aliens riding around in brand new trucks, SUVs, and cars but it’s not all their fault. The companies hiring them over American workers are at fault, too.

But that’s neither here nor there at this point. Faced with the reality of the future, hubby, at the great age of 50 made a big decision to change careers. I won’t say what because I know big brother is listening and I hope to stave off his interference at least for a few years. I know at some point, that industry will fall just like the rest when the government realizes it’s oversight.

In the meantime, Pelosi is directly contradicting Obama on the worries about bipartisanship. He wants it; she doesn’t care. She has no fear of losing her seat in that great bastion of democracy: San Fransisco. If this is so, what’s the holdup? Pass the rape of the nation’s future already. With the presidential takeover of the census, one has to wonder if we’re looking at a larger version of Venezuela. It would make sense in view of Pelosi’s uncaring attitude about bipartisanship. If you become a dictatorship under the ruling party, what need is there for it?

Also, in the meantime, Barbara Boxer is fighting to turn our parental rights over to the United Nations. If I read the article right, it’s going to happen. The problem Boxer seems to have is that it’s not happening fast enough to suit her. Perhaps, it’s because some states are moving to counteract the federal consolidation of power against everything our Constitution stands for. Note that there are blue states among those listed. Should Boxer’s wish become a reality, it will effectively supercede all state laws across the nation on parental rights and children.

In other news, there is a lot of wrangling about whether Michael Phelps should be arrested. In a just world, following the rule of law, I’d say he probably should. However, this is not a just world. In a just world, if there is a move to arrest him, they had best follow it up with arrests of 95% of Obama’s cabinet and Obama himself who admitted to snorting coke among partaking of other drugs. When government is not subject to the laws that are imposed upon us, we have a problem.

What happens if there is too much dissendence over this federal takeover? Will we be marched to jail as political prisoners? Will we be euthanized in gas chambers? Think I’m overreacting? Perhaps so, in a sense, but I remind those who have even the slightest remembrance of history (being no historian myself), people then thought some were overreacting to Hitler as well.

Hitler did not become the monster he was overnight and he had plenty of help to enable him. Nor do I believe Obama himself is another Hitler. In fact, given his inability to do anything but sign executive orders rescinding past executive orders and talk, he’s still, to me, just an empty suit. There are, however, lots of strings attached to him and they are being pulled, guiding him in the direction the powers of D.C. want him to go.  A puppet is ever at the command of the puppetmaster. Obama has many masters and it’s beginning to show only a few weeks into his administration. I can’t recall seeing any president fall so fast in the polls as this one has. I don’t believe even Carter fell this qucikly although I haven’t checked to see if that’s an accurate statement or not. While his numbers are still up with a majority approval rating, I don’t believe that rating is going to last much longer at the rate it’s falling.

We’re being sold bills of goods based on stated intents but the lie to the intent is written in the bills themselves; written in such a way that hardly anybody is going to take the time to read them. The handshake method of doing business hasn’t worked for a long time but for some reason we keep falling for that: “my word is my bond” philosophy. In spite of the fact that the majority of the people are against this bill the more they find out about it, it will pass.

I’m ashamed, not just of my fellow citizens, but myself as well. We allowed this to happen, caught up in the materialistic world of wants and wishes and not attending to real life. I’m ashamed of the legacy we are imposing on our children, those who are just beginning to live and those who have not yet been born. We have sold them into bongage in order to delay our own comeuppance.

I was discussing with a friend that I believe God doesn’t care anymore. He upbraided me about it but if He doesn’t, it’s not his fault. We have rejected him time and again and even God’s patience must be at an end.  Yes, the Republicans are fighting… now… but when you see what’s happening it seems so too little, too late. Perhaps, it’s just our time to be in the valley to appreciate when God lifts us up to the mountain tops.

I hope He does still care with all my heart and prayers. If ever there was a time when I hope I am wrong, this is the time when I mean it more than I’ve ever meant it before. Whether its too little, too late or not we have to keep up the fight and keep struggling for the right to self-determination rather than a “one size fits all” world with disembodied overlords determining what is right or wrong, accordingly for their benefit rather than that of humanity. I’d rather go down fighting than meekly accept what looks to be the future.

Update: This reminds me of that old German poem. One wonders if the media is soon to experience buyers’ remorse considering how they decided this last election through how they covered the not only the sitting president but the presidential candidates for 2008.

Apparently, the President of the United States is afraid of him. While the “I won” comment is making its rounds across the blogosphere to the rest of the world, there was more than that to the story.

President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.

Has anyone pointed out to the President that Rush Limbaugh is a talk show host? To have the most powerful man in the nation afraid of him might make some people feel pretty good but I have a feeling that Rush will find it hilariously immature.

Did I mention Limbaugh’s a talk show host? It’s his job to do what he does. That’s what he gets paid to do. If people are listening to him, it must be because he has something to say worth listening to. Perhaps if the President were less concerned with trashing the dignity of the office to which he were elected and listened to some Rush himself, he wouldn’t be using such immature comments in strong-arm Chicago-thug style tactics to get his way.

Did I mention Rush Limbaugh is a talk show host? I’m sure I have. Aside from the fact that he’s usually right and revels in being right, he’s paid really to entertain us, which he does admirably. The humor makes the bitter pill of reality goes down easier.

Kind of reminds me of that line in “Indpendence Day” when Connie was reading the papers with bad press against the President, played by Bill Pullman, when she read, “… needed a warrior but elected a boy.” The similarity ends there, however, because we have elected a boy, whereas Pullman showed the right stuff, via acting, when it was necessary.

One hopes that the boy matures quickly or it’s going to be a very rough four years. He needs to start with refreshing his memory on the actual meaning of bipartisanship. Such would not include descriptors indicating fear of a TALK SHOW HOST or the words, “I won.” Bipartisanship would include reasoned and respectful debate on differences to reach a compromise, something the Democrats never gave Bush for his entire eight years but expect as their due because “they won.”

Sore losers, poorer winners. Indeed, it seems as if the Democrats in majority are bent on retribution and vengeance for their previous losses than working for the good of the nation. Okay, if that’s the way they want to use their power, that’s what they can do, but any Republican with an ounce of self-respect will not be on board with it. Don’t give them an out to blame Republicans for their failures. Make the Democrats own their legislation in every way.

From a comic strip came this great pearl of wisdom: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Comic… strip… Get it? It’s time the Democrats took responsibility for their agenda rather than finding willing scapegoats upon which to place the blame for failures.

Between comic strips and talk show hosts, one wonders how anyone is expected to take the Democrats seriously.

Last month I wrote a post entitled: “Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men” in which I laid out an opinion of the troubles the birth certificate “conspiracy” was going to cause no end of trouble. While this blog doesn’t garner a lot of traffic there were some comments ridiculing the idea.

Oh, ye of little faith!!!!

This morning I received in my email a donation request and my signature on a petition headed by someone called Gary Kreep. The outline of the petition is this:


“Demand to Barack Obama,” tell him that you’re with the United States Justice Foundation and me as we vow to legally challenge every move he makes, unless and until he proves he’s a natural born citizen by releasing his original birth certificate.

Let it be known that I am 100% with the United States Justice Foundation in its efforts to challenge each and every move you make as “President.” For unless and until you release your original birth certificate, proving you are a natural born citizen, I support USJF’s vow to file a lawsuit to dispute your every action, from executive orders to legislation.

And I agree with Gary Kreep’s description of you as “Senator Jekyll and President Hyde.” You campaigned as a centrist, promising to reach across party lines. Yet your past shows that you are relentless in your pursuit of power, that you are indeed a typical Chicago politician, schooled in the art of corruption and thuggery.

I am proud that the United States Justice Foundation is on the job!

 In addition to this Kreep fellow, under the same organizational activities we get news that Alan Keyes is also seeking to obtain Obama’s documents. Alan Keyes had this to say about why he’s serving suit:

In response to questions about why the suit was being filed, Ambassador Keyes commented, “I and others are concerned that this issue be properly investigated and decided before Senator Obama takes office. Otherwise there will be a serious doubt as to the legitimacy of his tenure. This doubt would also affect the respect people have for the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. I hope the issue can be quickly clarified so that the new President can take office under no shadow of doubt. This will be good for him and for the nation.”

In the previous piece, I said that it’s the perception not the facts that are going to matter in the end. Indeed, Obama campaigned on perception mattering more than substance. He often called himself a blank slate upon which the people could project their wishes. While the two movements cited above might be obscure at the moment, what happens when the “blank slate” does something that goes against what others have projected onto it? Couple that with powerful Democrats’ ideas of Obama doing what they tell him to do, it’s not going to be an easy administration by any measure, even discounting the current economic troubles. 

Good thing they have Bush to blame for everything that goes wrong for the past and future, eh? We sure are going to live interesting times, aren’t we? Remember that movie “Clash of the Titans”? For a followup how about “Clash of the Narcissists”? It’s sure to be an edge-of-your-seater.

So many things going on it’s difficult to know where best to focus, so how about a run down of several things, not terribly related, and you can pick and choose which you’d prefer to discuss.

On Israel: It really bugs me that so many people can imply that what Hamas does is automatically Israel’s fault. Even if you spent very little time thinking about it, common sense should tell you otherwise. Now, one knows a bit more than just a little but I’m sure not everything about the Israeli conflict. However, even knowing nothing, if one took out a map, looked at the entire Middle East and how much of that Israel occupies, add to that what Israel has at its disposal to safeguard itself, yet, refrains from using, in spite of the aggressions against it, how can anyone believe that anyone who attacks them isn’t crazy? It’s a little bitty strip of land in the middle of nowhere, that you can spit across, but under constant attack in spite of nuclear reactors and weaponry that could wipe out the area surrounding it for miles upon miles away from their borders. The Dead Sea name would acquire a whole new meaning if that were to happen.

In addition, if one would just recall how many times this same thing has happened in just the past two or three years, you’d really wonder why Israel doesn’t wipe the Islamic world off the face of the map instead of the Islamic world vowing to do that to Israel. One of these days, Israel is going to “go postal” and the rest of the world, via the United Nations, that keeps pressuring and pushing them into untenable positions, will have no one to blame but them and those who keep attacking Israel. Suicidal people are usually diagnosed as having a mental condition. The Israeli conflict has all the prerequisites of such a condition.

On the RNC chairmanship: Apparently a number of conservative voices are aligning behind Ken Blackwell. I can live with that. I like what I’ve seen of him on TV. I was initially behind Steele simply because he’s so personable and I hadn’t heard anything bad about him as an elected official. There seem to be a few questionable occurences in his past and that’s the last thing the RNC needs right now. Be that as it may, what is most needed is someone who can speak and bring in the conservative base. If the RNC chooses another moderate nobody, the base is going to leave. It’s that simple. If the RNC wants to move to more liberal policies why do we need them? They should just join the far left instead of brow-beating the rest of us. I can’t say I’d accept anybody because I really wouldn’t care for Salsman after the tacky stunt of the video. It was never that good the first time around with Paul Shanklin’s initial production of the song, let alone set to video. Besides, that’s Shanklin’s job; to make tacky parodies of political figures. Talk about out of touch, Salsman proved that he quite probably is.

Bill Frist is not going to run for Governor of Tennessee. The names being proffered are probably all acceptable but we’ll see. There’s not much definitive information yet. The names are:  A mayor from Knoxville, an attorney from Memphis, Rep. Zach Wamp, and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey. I don’t know much about the mayor, yet, but I had a visceral reaction to the attorney from Memphis which is more liberal than Nashville, if you can imagine that.

The accronym PMS needs to be redefined and made into a new medical condition. Instead of being short for premenstrual syndrome, I believe it should stand for: pity me syndrome. I have this cat, whom we acquired by virtue of stowing away in James’ truck’s wheelwell one day 4 or 5 years ago. This cat has mental problems. Undoubtedly, she was a stray because he was working in the airport area at the time and there’s nothing residential for quite some distance. The cat was about 6 – 8 weeks old at the time she stowed away. To put it bluntly, she has mental problems. She can’t stand her bowl being empty, even if she’s not hungry and won’t be for hours. In fact, if she sees the bottom of the bowl with food still in it, she’ll go berserk. Now, with the dog, who is also an abandoned fellow, keeping a full bowl of cat food down causes worse problems because he’ll eat her food before he’ll eat his because that’s just the way dogs are. He has his own little quirks but that particular one is common to just about all dogs. It’s in their nature.

So, with the bowl being empty most of the time now to keep the mooching dog from swiping it, this cat gets louder and louder and louder as she insists on a full bowl at all times. You’d be surpirsed how loud and insistent that little body can get, especially before I’ve had a cup of coffee. But, I’ll fill the bowl just to get some peace, only to witness her eat two or three bites and walk off like the Queen of Sheba.

 This behavior reminds me much of many of the things this country is experiencing right now. I can’t help the cat was a stray when we acquired her. All I can do is provide the basics of a good home, food when she’s hungry, attention when she deigns to allow it, and medical care… but it’s not enough. After 4 or 5 years, you’d think she’d realize she’s never going to go hungry again and desist, right? How many people keep doing the same things over and over and wait for someone else to take care of it for them, catering to their problem behaviors? All the people snookered by Maddoff, for instance. Nobody twisted their arms to fall in with Madoff’s schemes. But, we’re supposed to make sure their bowl is always full? The same with the auto bailouts and every other bailout that has been put in place in the last few months. The government doesn’t make money. We make money through our jobs and productivity. They just take a cut of it, which is a bigger percentage than God ever asked for. How does a 100% cut sound to you? It seems we’re moving in that direction.

Not everything the government takes is in the form of taxes. Has anyone looked at the “fees” which we pay monthly for a number of services such as electricity, phone, cell phone, cable or satellite TV? Not to mention license plates and the like that are renewable yearly. I have Vonage business with a toll free number service. The bill total for those services is $54.98, 49.99 for the business service with an additional 4.99 for the toll free number. However, the bill is almost $75/month. The rest of that bill comes in the form of fees, FCC, interstate access, etc. etc. etc. to the tune of 35% of the base price for the service. I see similar trends in utility bills, our cable service, both for TV and internet access, and our cell phones. So, pardon me if I don’t jump up and down every time a politician utters the words: tax cuts. It simply means, to me, that they’ll make up the difference somewhere else by tacking on a “fee” to something. My electric bill in particular reflects this new trend of “fees.” I drastically cut my usage but I’m still paying the same amounts in the form of something called “fuel cost adjustment.” Ummm…. message to the utilities… fuel costs are way down now and have been for a few months. How come my “adjustment” keeps going up?

The point is, the government is not going to do without as long as you have a penny to squeeze out of you. Why should it care if the National Debt increased by 23% just in the last two years? The government isn’t the one whose money finances the payback. Yours is. Witha  greater majority in Congress, who has dibs on a 35% increase for the next two years? Do I hear 50? Obama’s little package is only one thing in the works.

I was told via a private individual who listens to a program called Coast to Coast that there is a prediction that the South is going to succede. According to her, the person who made this prediction is black so let’s not bring out the racial slurs over it. The fellow meant simply that the South is tired of being pushed around by the elite. If such a succession were really to happen, it wouldn’t be along racial lines. This is hearsay, of course. I don’t have a subscription to the program which airs at a time of day when I don’t have time to listen to it personally.

The first seccession wasn’t about that, either, but you’ll never convince the liberal historians of that. It was about States’ rights, including the detested right to institutionalize slavery… but only including, not the sole purpose… rather like WMDs were only one of 23 reasons for going to war with Iraq but still seems to be the only one that matters. I wish all those people who are fighting slavery that happened almost two hundred years ago here would fight as hard to combat the slavery that is occurring world wide in the present time. Instead, they don’t even acknowledge that it is still happening and institutionalized in some parts of the world.

As I wrap up, Obama is on the television, delivering some major speech, so they say. I can’t find anything major about it, unless you count the pauses between words. Unfortunately, all those people who complained about Bush’s speeches are just going to have to live with “word” pause “word” pause ad infinitum instead.  Oh, nevermind. They’re just doing a press conference on the “new” Congress. Translated it means more of the same. I hope all those people who “punished” the Republicans for their profligate spending and do nothing else ways, understand nothing changed. If anything, it’s going to get worse.

Rather than insanity, I believe the word in the title best characterizes not just our county but most of the rest of the world. Couple inanity with rampant narcissism, which seems to have infected everyone in some way, what we’ve got is a world gone stupid.

Before continuing, one believes it’s appropriate to include the standard definition of the word with some relevant synonyms:

in·an·i·ty (-nn-t) n. pl. in·an·i·ties 1. The condition or quality of being inane. 2. Something empty of meaning or sense.

 Noun 1. inanity – total lack of meaning or ideas mindlessness, pointlessness, senselessness, vacuity meaninglessness – the quality of having no value or significance; “he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him”

(source: )

While the election of a president of a nation might be significant in and of itself, the coverage of said candidates and the ultimate winner is best characterized by the word: inane.

Continuing coverage of the President-elect: ditto. Of what great significance is news coverage of Obama’s vacation in Hawaii complete with pictures of his pectorals? Not to mention all the posturing and promises that were made and are now being broken before he takes the Oath of Office.

But, no, the presidential elections aren’t the only inanities. Everywhere I look, no matter whether it’s a righty or lefty site, news channel, newspaper, or magazine, it is filled with inanities claimed to be events of great significance. Some of those stories may be entertaining in a lame sort of way, but hardly of great significance.

2008 was the year Global Warming was disproved. Who knew? Apparently, not This Church. In fact, it’s quite likely that only a small minority of the world’s population knows. Of course, such a thing is not significant enough for our media to make the effort to impart such information. It’s much more significant to talk about who has the best body: Putin or Obama?

The biggest problem with continuing the Global Warming meme is that people will needlessly die as a result. People do things differently, prepare differently, for winter and summer, heat vs. cold, and people are centered on the heat, not the cold. This winter has already seen record snow, cold, and more to come as winter is just getting underway. Yet, the world seems to be focused on combatting hot climates, rising seas and oceans (that aren’t), and carbon credits all the while exempting the most polluting countries: China and India. Government bodies will impose stiff taxes and rate increases for energy usage and the very people they claim to be concerned about will be the most adversely affected: the low income households worldwide.

Our do nothing Congress spent a lot of time on the camera talking about what they won’t do and doing a lot of things nobody wanted them to do, such as the $700 billion bailout, followed by another bailout for the auto industry so the UAW could keep its golf course, among other things. Now, the new Congress, even more inane than the last one, is set to approve another $1 trillion in bailouts with less than a week to read the $%)* bill. These are things of significance but they’re being treated as inanities while inanities are treated as significant, making the world upside-down.

To cap this off, let’s talk about celebrities. How many celebrities have gone in front of the cameras swearing that something is the way they say it is but fail to provide a speck of proof that they are qualified to make that judgment? Everything from global warming, the Iraq War, Chavez, Castro, universal healthcare, and, yes, presidential elections have been promoted by celebrities, most of whom don’t even have a degree of any kind, let alone a degree specializing in a field of study on the topics which they claim to be experts upon. How much more inane can you get? Being photogenic and posessing an ability to read a script wtih feeling does not an expert make. If they really believe what they’re spouting, you might also attach the adjective ‘gullible’ to their list of descriptors.

Yet, they wonder why the entertainment industry is struggling so badly. It isn’t, really. It simply moved from the official branch into the news and media who provide it free of charge rather than $40/movie for two people. Or is it more now? By the time you buy the tickets, soft drinks, popcorn or other snacks, it very well could be. I haven’t been to a theater in decades, so I wouldn’t know. These days, I’ve even curtailed video purchases because what’s available is not worth the money. In fact, I typically purchase against the reviews. Hancock, which didn’t get very good reviews, was a keeper. It’s a typical Will Smith movie of redemption. Yeah, the language might have been a little “colorful” but I’ve heard worse simply stepping out my front door.

If we’re to survive this age of inanities, we’re going to have to be smarter than they give us credit for being and that’s not an inanity. The six questions traditionally asked by journalists-who? what? when? where? how? and why… are largely missing from current news stories… especially the why’ and how’s… those items we need to know to make sound decisions. Instead, we’re given premises without any basis for the the premises and expected to accept them at face value, no matter how nonsensical or meaningless the premise is.

The outrage over “Barack the Magic Negro” is a prime example. Tacky? Yes. Personally, I’m tired of such tactics being used to win elections, even if it’s just for the RNC chairmanship. Stupid parodies are never a good replacement for a solid message of conservatism… and I don’t mean conservatism as defined by the left… I mean real conservatism. It never ceases to amaze me some of the really stupid things liberals claim as definitions of conservatism.

Racist? No. Al Sharpton, that most well known race baiter was the first to coin the term.  Since he’s black and Obama is black how can it be racist?

Since the media and others who claim to be journalists don’t want to do the job, we’ll have to do it ourselves. Carry a list of those six questions around with you. Ask them every time someone tells you something that is “fact” but is based on something of which they have no expertise or proof that someone with real expertise in the matter has made such a conclusion. Those six questions are good for following up, too; asking subquestions based on the same method.  

The Age of Inanity should be as short lived as we can possibly make it. Otherwise, we’ll leave this world worse off than when we inherited it from our ancestors.

September 2020


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