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Of Course not.

By Mike DeVine

Halloween, 2019

It has been more surreal than any Halloween on record to watch elected Democrats and their Demedia aka The Media pretend to hate on Russia and feign care for the Kurds.

The same Putin’s Russia that President Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton re-set relations with in 2009 so as to wink at their invasion of the Republic of Georgia’s South Ossetia that President Bush had taken actions to reverse. The same Russia that took the wink as the green light to take The Crimea and invade eastern Ukraine. The same Ukrainians to whom the Obama Administration wouldn’t even give defensive weapons. The same Democratic Party administration who cancelled missile defense promised Ukraine, Georgia, Poland and Czech Republic, at Putin’s request. The same Russia to whom they ceded Middle East airspace and promised whispered yet open-mic flexibility on cutting US nukes after the 2012 election. And the same administration that slashed US defense generally and who appeased Russia’s Iranian ally with $150B to boot. Iran, the #1 terror nation-state.

The same Democratic Party administration that then planted spies in their GOP rival’s campaign and then post-election and inauguration of President Trump sought to impeach with fake evidence as having colluded with Russia to steal the presidency from Hillary. The same Russia given everything they dreamed of during eight years of Democratic Party appeasement as re-set.

The same Obama Administration who in a 2011 West Point address to the troops, while admitting that they had secured Iraq as a strong US ally, promptly removed over 100,000 US troops and abandoned Iraq and the majority of Kurds on earth to the tender mercies of ISIS and Iran; thus precipitating the Islamic State takeover of much of Iraq and Syria and the largest refugee crisis in a millenia. To cover its appeasement of terrorists, the same Democratic Party administration drew a Fake Red Line in Syria and put a few hundred troops in Northern Syria to guard oil fields.

Enter President Trump: Increased defense; reduced ISIS to mostly cowering internet surfers; armed Eastern Ukrainians; restored missile defense to them and the other promised nations fearful of Russian hegemony; deterred the Norks from firing missiles over the land masses of Japan and South Korea; and generally restored the credibility of the military deterrence of the United States of America around the world.

Yet when President Trump announced the removal of the skeleton troops of Obama’s fake red line, a hue and cry went up from Democrats, the Demedia, and others that Trump was “abandoning the Kurds to Turkey and would precipitate a new refugee crisis.” Many of the others were legitimately concerned even if the blame for same was misguided.

The elected Democratic Party hasn’t cared about the suffering of any foreigners since at least 1972 except for Yassir Arafat, Fidel Castro, and their terrorist thugs and allies.

President Trump imposed a permanent ceasefire with Turkey that will actually protect more Kurds. But he rightly hasn’t taken the fake bait of the Democratic Party to refight the Iraq War in Kurdish Northern Syria. We know that even if we were to win a war, Democrats will surrender the victory at their first opportunity.

Trump is working to keep the oil fields and their revenue from terrorists. No one wants refugee crises, especially if Democrats want to bring all the young men rapists among them to Germany and the US heartland. But US policy can’t be about refugee prevention, primarily. It has to be about US security. We had achieved both by 2011 but Obama wrecked the peace. And the reason for all the refugees is Islam, not President Trump.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

December 2019


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