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Hillary-Planned-Parenthood-998x700Soon after five lawyers in black robes on the United States Supreme Court unilaterally amended the U.S. Constitution to add a “right” to marry whomever you “love”, many critics bemoaned a feared Slippery Slope that would lead to polygamy and incestuous marriages. Your humble correspondent agreed given the bizarre logic of the five lawyers as Philosopher Kings. We thought that two-thirds of both houses of Congress and three-fourths of the states were required to amend the Constitution. But when the definition of marriage has been changed to allow same-sex couples, to allow adult sisters to marry their fathers or the ancient “institution” of a Man and Harem, one is speaking of mere child’s play in the latter examples. The slope done slipped.

Which brings us to the latest slope and Planned Parenthood, the “family planning” corporation that performs around 1/3 of all abortions performed in this country, receives money from taxpayers and contributes money to Democrats. DeVine Law really appreciates the outrage over the selling of the body parts of aborted fetuses, but people, KILLING babies is about a million times worse that selling the body parts of those whose skulls get crushed so that the “mother” may better make the BMW payments and PP a profit. And we don’t need to investigate and ask more questions.

DeVine Law has investigated Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood and every abortionist KILLS babies in the womb, and may or may not “sell” their “usable” body parts, preserved by making sure the homicide is effected via skull-crushing. Pain-capable? As if.

[In an in utero interview with a developing fetus, Baby X said that he/she (we didn’t have the ultra-sound) had better “use” of its body parts than scientists. The rest of DeVine  interview will appear later in these pages, if Baby X’s skull isn’t crushed in the meantime, that is.]

Democrats who receive campaign money from Planned Parenthood, which company also receives money from US taxpayers, refused to respond to inquiries from the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Sen.  Jeane Shaheen’s (D-NH) silence last week is important because it shows just how much the abortion industry depends on euphemisms and spin. It is one thing to shout support for a “woman’s right to choose,” it is another to defend the actual horrific practice of killing and dismembering human infants. Shaheen loves to do the former but cannot bring herself to do the latter.

The abortion industry survives on its euphemisms. Last week’s video exposes the brutal reality hidden behind the spin. It is a reality that cannot be defended.

An outside spokesperson hired by Planned Parenthood said last week that the group was merely disposing of the “products of conception.” The product of conception, though, is not a “tissue” extension of the mother’s body. The product of conception is a separate human being complete with its own DNA and, before long, its own distinct body parts. This – not “tissue” – is what Planned Parenthood kills, cuts to pieces, and sells.

Science concludes that at conception a unique developing human being with its own unique DNA, exists. We don’t need religion to define life nor when it begins. Americans have done in the millions in private what ISIS has done in the hundreds on film to adults with unique DNA and sell-able body parts. Barbarians all, if each abides.

Think the Slope done slipped? DeVine Law does. Want to stop Five Man and Women in Black from abiding the slaughter of small pain-feeling human beings with liver, fingers and small beating heart and the selling of said body parts? Then vote for anti-Judges-as-amenders-of-the-Constitution for President and Senators, i.e. Republicans, to stop it. Yes, Republicans oft get betrayed by appointees but the Democrat Party is NOTHING if not existing for the purpose of keeping the crushing of the skulls of babies legal, i.e. abortion, women’s health, choice, BMW payments made easier etc.

The slope done slipped.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

July 2015


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