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obamacare-gunWhile we await the pending United States Supreme Court decision on the legality of subsidies for non-state exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, we learned that premiums and deductibles have risen and will rise even more next year.

DeVine Law advised all along that the main evil of Obamacare (and there are many), and which ALONE would destroy the private health insurance industry, are the coverage mandates that apply to insurance companies which make premiums and/or deductibles for low and middle income families and individuals quite unaffordable.

National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru further expounds on this issue:

“On this view, the law’s most objectionable aspect isn’t the tax credits. The real problem is that Obamacare makes the federal government the primary regulator of health insurance, uses that regulatory power to strictly define coverage in ways that restrict options and competition, attempts to force people to buy insurance products they don’t want, creates a federal board of dubious constitutionality to set standards, and assumes that empowering experts in Washington is the best way to make health care more efficient and rational. The tax credits in Obamacare are objectionable mainly insofar as they further this highly prescriptive scheme….”

Thus the provision made the opening up of (state and federal) exchanges (Conservative Republicans have long advocated an end to state monopolies in the health insurance market 200 years after the U.S. Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause was ratified to ensure a NATIONAL economy w/inherently lower prices I might add) worthless since the mandated coverages made premiums and deductibles so high that to be “insured” for the working poor still means going to the ER for actual care as they pay taxes called “premiums”.

The U.S. Supreme Court may rule this month that the subsidies may only be applied to those that purchased so-called “insurance” from a state exchange. We have been told that such a ruling would cause Obamacare to “fall of its own weight.” DeVine Gamecock always said that hope was Poppycock!

Why, because no matter the suffering if the GOP Congress doesn’t pass new subsidies or if they do with conditions, Obama will VETO any bill, whether budgetary or non-budgetary, that makes any changes in the coverage, employer and other mandates.

Hence, since there aren’t 2/3 votes in either of House of Congress for apple pie and motherhood (Democrats oppose transfats, good-tasting food not served at 21 in Manhattan and any choice that does kill a slave-master of a woman in their womb), much less Obamacare revisions, we are back to the game of Government-Shutdown Chicken, that McConnell, Boehner, Establishment GOP et al are too chicken to play or even explain why they won’t play, i.e. Obama would love for the government to STAY SHUT DOWN until the military, elderly and disabled don’t get their checks so that he can declare a State of Emergency, seize the U.S. Mint and issues ObamaDollars.


From a low income single mother:

I still don’t have this insurance. I don’t have any insurance. I am paying $~350/mo out of pocket for doctors and prescriptions. The cheapest I can get Obamacare is for $263/mo. This sounds okay. BUT, then you get to the fine print. This is with a $8,000 deductible and even if you meet the deductible, they still only pay 60% and you pay 40%. How in the hell is that affordable?!?’ That’s CRAZY?!? If I accepted that, I would be paying the $263 and STILL pay for EVERYTHING until I paid the $8 grand. Unreal.

Sadly, all to real in the Age of Obama aka Democrats.

“What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish.” – William Bradford


June 2015


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