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But it turns out that the political and governmental racism in plain sight is embodied in President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s statements and policies that they explicitly base upon charges of White racism, despite the fact that Obama received more White votes than Kerry or Gore.

To address Williams’ weak charges in order:

  • There is prosecutorial discretion that makes a few exceptions due to particularly unique circumstances or in shifting limited resources and then there is reversing positive statutory law wholesale with Dream Acts and amnesty for tens of millions. It is one thing to not arrest marijuana possessors. It is quite another to given them an ID card to buy pot with.
  • Jimmy Carter waged a worldwide campaign to protect the votes of Third World peasants from Dictators’ fraud by advocating the use of photo IDs. ‘Nuff said on the common sense of such IDs also required for airplane travel and to enter the Department of Justice building to visit Holder.
  • Limbaugh cited an Obama Administration official that stated we could not refuse to admit any Ebola sufferer from Liberia since it was founded over 150 years ago by freed slaves from America. And when on election night he said he thought “we’re outnumbered” he was obviously speaking of conservatives without any reference to Whites. Juan, you know that many more Whites are dependent on government than Blacks, so are you suggesting that Rush hates Whites? Curious.
  • House Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) was excoriated for describing Obama Democrats as waging a “war on whites”; but how else can one characterize Holder DOJ lawyers who assert that the Civil and Voting Rights Acts don’t apply to protect whites and who refuse to prosecute billy club-wielding New Black Panthers intimidating white voters at Philadelphia polling locations? Who allege that “institutional” white racism is responsible for “disparate impacts” in school disciplinary actions, racial housing patterns, fire department hiring based upon standardized tests, and law school student populations? And who encourage mass demonstrations against white police allegedly murdering black males?

Remember the Beer Summit with the stupid cop that was protecting a black man’s home from a possible burglary? The White Hispanic that killed Obama’s imaginary son? Rev. Wright’s KKK-America? Obama’s reverential references to America’s number one racist/anti-Semite in deferential tones by the honorific “Minister” Farrakhan? Wise Latina on the Supreme Court? Holder’s identification of Race Cowards?

It is Democrats today that publicly and proudly advocate race-based laws. Come to think of it, it was Democrats that seceded from the Union for fear the first Republican president would begin the dismantling of slavery. And it was Democrats that passed Jim Crow laws to discriminate against freed blacks and made segregationists part of their New Deal coalition.

All the plain sight racial politics I see is engaged in by Democrats.

Juan, have your eyesight checked and quit slandering Republicans’ character. Your son wouldn’t work for a party abiding racial politics.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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