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Meanwhile, in the nation that ratified a true constitutional self-government revolution that same year with the inauguration of President George Washington, his 42nd successor exercises Robespierre-ian and Rousseau-ian “general will” with the same arbitrariness as did King George III or any member of the French Bourbon dynasty. Our Community Organizer-in-Chief needs no Wellington or Waterloo to sacrifice the American economy and national security. Apology tours abroad and his Democratic Party-controlled U.S. Senate at home suffice with Obamacare and draconian troop and defense cuts. Obama needs no guillotine when he has Lois Lerner running the IRS and Eric Holder the Justice Department as Jacobin-grievance adjuncts of the Democratic Party, punishing Republican enemies and rewarding mob member allies.

Remember the dignity of Rev. Martin Luther King’s SCLC non-violent marches for voting and other civil rights? So does the Democratic Party he was never a member of, and judging by their subsequent actions, they much prefer mob-like tactics such as those taken in Wisconsin when voters and state legislators dared end government coercion in favor of labor unions. President Obama prefers massive crowd worship of First Citizens of the World in Berlin and Roman columns and reverb in Colorado, to the dignity of an MLK or the Oval Office.

Edmund Burke, the great British conservative Whig Member of Parliament that supported the American Revolution at the time, rejected any comparison between our rebellion against British “misrule” and French embrace of a:

“…new theory of man and society. It is a destruction and decomposition of the whole society; which never can be made right by any faction, however powerful, nor without terrible consequences to all about it, both in the act and in the example.”

Sounds like the storming of the state Bastille prison was akin to Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America project now in its sixth year with him as Chief Executive and Magistrate holding the keys to our Bastilles from which he frees Taliban, al Qaeda terrorists and illegal aliens charged with felonies. No need to storm the prisons when the mob elects you Head Screw, twice. No need for a gaudy guillotine when the liberal dirty work is accomplished by abortionists and the Mainstream Media.

Independence didn’t mean killing Kings, Marie Antoinette or each other, when the shedding of blood didn’t usher in Fraternity! It didn’t mean Tolstoy-described retreats from Moscow after War didn’t bring Peace. No, as Washington, Alexander Hamilton and eventually even Thomas Jefferson, realized, true independence may flourish only by a moral people with unalienable rights from their Creator, not government. Liberty-fueled pursuits of happiness can proceed only amidst a limited government with separation of powers. The Fyodor Dostoevsky-described “demons” unleashed in France in the late 18th century and in Russia in the late 19th abetted human destruction, not Liberty.

It did flourish among We the People of Judeo-Christian values and principles with legally enforceable private property rights that freed the French from Kaisers and Nazis and Russians from Communists. And if Americans and Europeans want true independence in the future it will celebrate and emulate dignified God-fearing men and women rather than mobs chanting meaningless slogans that build up men or one man supposedly exercising the “general will” that always leads to a General’s will, rather than mankind in God’s hands.

France would do better to remember Normandy than the Bastille, if it is independence they wish to celebrate.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson


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