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Has America ever had a smaller Chief Executive?

Yes, I know that James Madison stood only 5 feet, 4 inches tall; but both he and Dolley were giants compared to a 6′ 1″ President that uses his executive discretion (and a Democratic Party led by Senate majority Leader Harry Reid that denies funding) to purposely cause pain and inconvenience to the best Americans and most vulnerable among us from war veterans and the survivors of the fallen wishing to visit monuments and memorials to denying funding for NIH cancer patients.

So we were happy to see one more raid from WWII vets over the weekend that stormed Washington, D.C.

But Mike, how could we have suspected such behavior from Barack Hussein Obama would be forthcoming? Well, as Senator Obama, he and Hillary Clinton voted to de-fund troops in the field in Afghanistan and Iraq. And in his first term budget and debt limit battles, just as now, he threatened military pay, Social Security payees and “default”, even though money exists in the treasury at all times, even if the debt limit date were passed to pay the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, grandfather, grandmother, the disabled and interest on the debt.

This time, so far (cross fingers and pray to Jesus they continue to exert the Ted Cruz-built spine) the GOP House has thwarted any realistic attempt to access blame against Republicans by passing separate bills to pay the armed forces (Harry shamed to pass it and Barry signed it), the National Institutes of Health and national parks (Harry and Barry refused to consider the latter).

President Obama, not satisfied with the founding document of “mere negative liberties”, only abuses the U.S. Constitution that Madison was the father of, now desecrates the flag that Dolley first sewed.

And it may take more Martin Luther King-like non-violent civil disobedience to defeat the vicious liberalism wrought by the modern-day Democratic Party that was re-elected to dispense more largess to the needy. Now we see how they use that power over the vulnerable. Miss Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush yet? I thought so.

Mike DeVine‘s

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

2 Responses to Vets return BarryCades to Spite House…feels right

  • xsdintex says:

    Still hanging on to the same old name-calling and yearning for those halcyon days of George W. Bush huh? You astonishingly accuse Barack Obama of closing the NIH and the veterans memorial. So, Republicans had nothing to do with the government shutdown?

    I’ll bet you bought into the story that Barack Obama kept the Muslim museums open while closing off the World War 2 memorial — which was a total hoax of course but it served the Deliverance clan well.

    Strange it seems that Republicans barely acknowledged the 8 years of your revered Commander-in-Chief at either of their conventions in 2008 and 2012. Wonder why? I realize it’s only a question that can be answered by one who wasn’t asleep during those years but amnesia is a convenient affliction for the 21st Century Republican Party.

    They were hoping voters voters would also forget about those two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, both unfunded and kept off-budget. The Iraq War of course put 4,400 U.S. military in body bags and over 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children in their graves all based on a pack of lies over the non-existent W.M.D.

    Republicans also forgot to mention the $3 trillion those wars cost the U.S. taxpayers and the Chinese who bought up U.S. government securities to help fund Bush’s wars that the Republican Party was close to defaulting on up until Oct. 16.

    Today, they can’t figure out a way to throw off their tea party albatross Ted Cruz and his “Shut ‘er Down” small tent (or should I say casita) Pied Piper following.

    Oh, Cruz is popular alright — with those who think overthrowing democracy and establishing a deity-stamped, Koch brothers-funded oligarchy is a scheme that voters can be duped into.

    I wish I could feel sorry for you and your pathetic tea party but I don’t. I’m old enough to remember when the Republican Party actually stood for something. What a waste and what a sorry lot they have become!

    But, since you all are still obsessing over Barack Hussein Obama, remember this: Barack Obama correctly rejected the demands by the Islamic Shiite Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s that for American troops to remain in Iraq they would be required to be subject entirely to Islamic law.

    Mitt Romney, on the other hand in 2012 criticized Barack Obama for ending that war and he supported leaving the U.S. military under the rule of Shiite Islamic law. So much for Romney’s foreign policy expertise!

    And please! If you want to show up at the veterans memorial in Washington, D.C. next time leave your Confederate flags at home lest you too might be accused of desecrating the flag of the United States!

  • StephC says:

    You astonishingly accuse Barack Obama of closing the NIH and the veterans memorial. So, Republicans had nothing to do with the government shutdown?

    What does one have to do with the other?

    I’m just curious to know why Obama’s shutting off memorials and parks and all that have to do with the government shutdown, when the parks and memorials had nothing to do with the shutdown until Obama made them a part of the shutdown.

    As for the rest, I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about there, either. We had no commander in chief in 2008 and 2012.

    Two wars we’re still fighting but no clear definition of what will end either.

    You can comfort yourself with the myth of the nonexistent WMDs. When a small test tube full of ricin can kill many thousands, you really need to rethink your definition of WMD. But you won’t because it hurts your head to have to think about things like that. Better to listen to liars lie.

    The 3 trillion what?????? When Barry has spent twice that amount and still has 5 years to go?????

    But truly, it’s all okay. The pain you inflicted on this country with your stupidity and touchy feely garbage will come back to haunt you because the stupidities enacted in your name are here to stay. You think the Republicans are going to save you? Have they yet? You really think they’re going to give up all that money they will get from the idiots buying Obamacare? Which isn’t healthcare at all but some really sucky insurance; worse than anything that was ever on the market before.

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