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Daily Archives: January 22, 2013

Conservative principles that make the Party of Lincoln and Reagan grand must be defended daily by those nominated and elected under the GOP banner. We can’t assume that potential voters aren’t influenced by big liberal Democrat lies.

Yesterday, on fake Inauguration Day (as per the U.S. Constitution, President Obama took the operational Oath at Noon on Sunday, January 20), we got the more tepid post-re-election-mortem version of “Mitt Romney hated dogs before he aided and abetted Bain Capital job and health insurance loss homicides; Speaker John Boehner threatened to default on the Full Faith and Credit of the United States; and Republicans’ mammas wear Army boots.”

Conservatives and Republicans cherish the fact that their  intellectual kin on talk radio, conservative websites and the “fair” portion of their Fair and Balanced Fox News Channel regularly refute caricatures of them regularly vomited from the lips of Democrats in Congress and the media. Sadly, our last GOP President deemed the Office too lofty for him to dignify Dirty Harry’s dirt and our last GOP nominee thought at least 47% of the electorate were un-persuadable. Turns out that an electoral majority emerged to re-hire the worst presidential steward of the economy since FDR, despite radio refutations and burgeoning food stamp rolls.

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