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S.C. tea partier diversity makes mockery of President Obama and Democratic Party’s alleged reasons for existence

The first female Indian-American governor in U.S. history today appointed the first African-American U.S. Senator in South Carolina history. Governor Nikki Haley’s appointment of the Palmetto State congressman that defeated the son of the state’s legendary Strom Thurmond in an 80%+ white district will make Tim Scott the only Black member of the U.S. Senate when it convenes in January.

That’s enough obeisance to the Mainstream media/Democratic Party myths concerning endemic Southern white tea partier racism and the supposed demographic problem of the Republican Party that prevented them from defeating Barack Obama in the Election of 2012. Let’ get to what really matters about today’s historic act:

Haley introduced Scott by saying no one could fill DeMint’s shoes, but appointing a trailblazer like Scott could show that it was a new day in South Carolina.

“The entire state understands this is the right U.S. senator,” said Haley, who became South Carolina’s first female governor in 2010.

Scott grew up in poverty in North Charleston. His parents divorced when he was 7, and he remembered his mom working 16 hours a day to support him and his brother. Scott, who is single, introduced his mother at the beginning of his speech.

But growing up with a single mother wasn’t always easy, Scott said. In high school, he was in danger of flunking out until he met the late John Moniz, a conservative entrepreneur who ran a Chick-fil-A beside the movie theater where Scott worked.

They became friends and Scott said Moniz taught him important values, like how enlightened self-interest requires giving first before reaping the reward of receiving and how growing the value of how you see yourself will make you look more important in other people’s eyes.

Scott would go on to get a degree in political science from Charleston Southern University, which is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention and touts how it integrates faith into learning and serving.

Scott said he wouldn’t have agreed to be a U.S. senator if he didn’t think he could make a difference.

“The future is incredibly bright for America,” Scott said. “We have our challenges and we have things to overcome, but boy, does the future look bright in South Carolina.”

The major influences in Scott’s life: Hard working mother, a Chick-fil-A conservative entrepreneur, and Southern Baptists.  Not one mention of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or South Carolina’s Democratic Party race-baiting Congressman Jim Clyburn.

But was Tim Scott just a place holder appointment of a RINO to placate Georgetown-NYC-Boston liberals? Not after cruising to his re-election to the House of Representatives last month and not with one of the most sterling tea partier conservative voting records since the Election of 2010.

This is a new day in South Carolina, but Scott’s landslide victories that led to this day proves that this new day could have occurred much sooner had conservative Blacks run for such offices long ago. The people of South Carolina voted for him. They too have long been influenced by the example of hard work, conservatism, Christian values and yes, even fried chicken, but I digress.

It was in South Carolina that textile magnate Roger Milliken, former S.C. Governor Carroll Campbell and Strom Thurmond built the modern Republican Party in the aftermath of Barry Goldwater’s devastating 1964 defeat. Yes, Thurmond had been a segregationist candidate for President who led a “Dixiecrat” bolt from the Democratic Party for the GOP. But he never asked for any racist quid pro quo and revisionist historians still search in vain for any ever given from the party of Lincoln.

No, Strom Thurmond, as a Republican hired the first Black legislative aide in the U.S. Senate from the South. He advanced conservative economic values, championed Ronald Reagan for President and a strong defense, and co-sponsored the Martin Luther King holiday that President Reagan signed into law.

It seems that Tim Scott was paying attention to the facts on the ground over the years instead of the lies from the Lying Liars of the democratic Party and their Media branch. He was born in poverty but thanks to the Reagan Recovery beginning in 1982 his hard work was able to payoff and lift him out of poverty rather than settling for a subsistence existence on Jim Clyburn’s liberal plantation. He didn’t fall for the drawl and that’s all faux conservatism of former Senator Ernest Hollings and Jim Spratts of S.C., i.e. Democrats. Too bad that so many other Blacks and Hispanic have fallen for the Siren songs of Big Government.

Liberal Democrats talk the talk about diversity and caring for the poor. Conservative tea partiers walk the walk and do what’s required to minimize poverty and its suffering.

Praise be to God that the tea partier cause will suffer no blow from the Palmetto State’s loss of Jim DeMint. This Gamecock has long been proud of his native state, but no more so than today. In fact, I’m so proud that I can’t help but sing a song all South Carolinians sang as children celebrating the “Sandlapper” nickname for our citizens:

We are good sandlappers,

Yes, we’re good sandlappers,

And we’re mighty proud to say

That we live

Yes, we live

In the very finest state

In the very finest state

In the very finest state

In the USA!

Thank you Governor Haley. You are a great Sandlapper.

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