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Calling President Obama and Speaker Boehner for safety net. If Lame Duck doesn’t break fall; after crash, dial 1-80O-bam-acare or estate tax lawyer.

America went over the fiscal cliff years ago

I’ve never bungee jumped or sky dived. Heck, since that candy apple leapt out of me at age 12 on the downswing of the roller-coaster at the Piedmont Interstate Fair, I’ve settled for such thrills on the Travel Channel; but I hear that many Democrats experienced the euphoric weightlessness of space when casting their recent vote for four more years. I hear its akin to the feeling of security a lobster feels while lying in a temporarily lukewarm pot of water on the kitchen stove while guests in the parlor await the main course.

Many Republican voters thought the American lobster, that had lain in the warmth of Bush-Pelosi-Reid deficits, would suddenly arouse with hopes of survival after being doused with Obama’s scalding hot and stimulating Obamacare waters, tripled deficits and doubled gasoline prices. Instead, while many John McCain voters  indulged a tea party and helped fire Pelosi; class envy or despair trumped too many of their old American dreams as they sat on their butts rather than take a chance that Mitt Romney would return America to the pre-Obama nirvana that was Clinton-Gingrich work requirements for welfare.

It seems now that many Obama-Biden voters that voted to re-hire those that couldn’t fix the mess left by President George W. Bush in “only” four years (I hear mother Barbara performed the job thousands of times in less than four minutes, but I digress), somehow think that “it” can be fixed in just four more weeks by a Lame Duck Republican House if only it would heed the “obvious mandate” from the American people and reinstate some of those same Bush tax cuts (aka Taxmageddon) etc:

1. The payroll tax reduction passed in 2010 will end.
2. The temporary tax rates passed under President Bush will lapse.
3. Obamacare’s taxes will come due.
4. The Alternative Minimum Tax will expand to many more taxpayers.
5. Extended unemployment benefits will expire.
6. Some $78 billion in federal spending will be sequestered.
7. Medicare “doc fix” will expire.

Of course, the only things that compromises, between those that favor diametrically opposed prescriptions, accomplish are half-baked non-solutions for the real problems and campaign ad fillers claiming that words on paper solved the problem. And if the problem persists, they can sign another bill and shake hands before a fawning bi-partisan group of the Ruling Class of Democrats and Republicans.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the $4 Trillion of debt run up the last four years is the side of the cliff you see when you open your eyes after the Hope & Change II party is over. That rushing sound you hear are the jobs being eliminated or reduced to part-time by pending Obamacare rules. The ground you see rushing up to meet you is Greece and the cost of the cab ride for survivors back to the Shining City on the Hill must cover $4/gallon, minimum, gasoline and your $250K share of the debt owed to China or Ben Bernanke.

President Obama, Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Reid and all 533 of the remaining members of Congress could pass, alternatively, either all of Obama’s tax-the-rich Christmas wish list or Paul Ryan’s supposedly draconian Medicare voucher dreams, and it still wouldn’t save the Coyote another trip to ACME.

Natural Law cannot be repealed.

Nothing Obama and Boehner can agree to can prevent a double dip recession or worse, what passes for “recovery” in the Age of Obama. For instance:

The markets are going to go into meltdown soon, so expect stocks to lose 20 percent of their value, Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Boom and Doom report told CNBC on Tuesday. “I don’t think markets are going down because of Greece, I don’t think markets are going down because of the ‘fiscal cliff’ — because there won’t be a ‘fiscal cliff,’ ” Faber told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “The market is going down because corporate profits will begin to disappoint, the global economy will hardly grow next year or even contract, and that is the reason why stocks, from the highs of September of 1,470 on the S&P, will drop at least 20 percent, in my view.”

Oh yeah, corporate profits. Those evil things that corporations (built by welfare recipients paying taxes for roads and bridges) make and that pay for all Democrat dreams, but that they hate so much that they tore them down, holds Obama’s fate; and not some kumbaya deal with Mitch McConnell.

But wait, Obama was just re-hired, never has to face the voters again, already has Obamacare and the EPA in place to transform America; and has a pension that even Greece II can’t threaten.  But that can threaten the welfare dream futures of those butts that loathed Romney more than McCain or Obama in Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado.

Mike DeVine

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6 Responses to Between Obama’s fiscal cliff and a Lame Duck desert floor

  • Bruce says:

    It’s been a while. First of all, great article, although your outlook for this country appears to be a bit pessimistic. Yes the markets may tank again but I have seen that happen numerous times over my lifetime I believe they call it a “correction”. These are not necessarily determined by who is in office. The market drives that. Just like the housing debacle it wasn’t really the loans that were the biggest problem it was the fact that housing prices were inflated 2X to 3X and that is why even the “good” loans are underwater. That was a result of the “correction” of housing prices. If the market tanks 20% I look forward to that because it presents a buying opportunity.
    Yes this country made the right decision and put Obama back in office. Now both parties need to figure out how to work together for the good of the nation.
    Black in America Baby……The revolution has been televised and reelected

  • StephC says:

    It doesn’t matter, you know. Whatever happens will always be the Repubilicans’ fault.

    As much as it sticks in my craw to think it, let alone say it, I believe the Republicans ought to give Obama whatever he wants. As you so astutely stated, we jumped over the fiscal cliff a long time ago. The sooner we hit bottom, the sooner people will have to face the reality instead of their fantasy beliefs that the government can be and do all things for all people.

    Nobody thinks about the long view, especially Obamites. It’s no longer about being personally responsible for oneself anymore because that, too, is now prevented in the long run. Anything anyone now does to insure one’s own survival can now be confiscated by the government in the interest of “fairness”.

    The very same people who don’t believe in the “real “mythical Santa Claus who never brought them what they wanted for Christmas now believe that Barack Obama will do just that with all the promises of goodies that he can’t fulfill but can surely blame it on the Republicans when he doesn’t deliver.

    Let the Dems have whatever they want. Either way, when it all turns to ashes, Republicans are going to get blamed. Instead of fighting the Democrats on their stupidity, we should stand with our hands out for what they promised just like everybody else. When the system they have built collapses, then, and only then, will this country be fixable. Everything else is just stall tactics trying to save people from themselves.

    I’m really tired of kicking the can down the road. Our generation allowed this to happen so it’s our generation that needs to fix it.

  • Bruce says:


    Good to see you are still in the game. You should stop by more often. I miss the debate. Actually I still have a crush on you. Hope your family is well.

  • StephC says:

    Will it still be a game when the system collapses? What? It won’t? Conservatives and workers will come to the rescue? What if they refuse to do so?

    Who’s gonna take care of everybody then? Obama? Like he took care of Sandy victims, supposed to reduce the red tape? 6 weeks without power in the middle of winter. Not that I have much sympathy for them because they voted in the jokers who are doing this to them.

    And that’s where I’m at, ready to let all you useless idiots suffer the consequences of your actions.

    You want government goodies? Sure thing. All it will cost you is self-respect, independence of thought, and the right to choose self-reliance instead of perpetual dependency.

  • Bruce says:


    Will it still be a game when the system collapses?

    Come on this is America land of the free and home of the brave just because you have a democrat in office doesn’t mean collapse for the nation. You don’t give enough credit to our founding fahters who put together a system to prevent that from happening.

    Who’s gonna take care of everybody then? Obama? Like he took care of Sandy victims, supposed to reduce the red tape?

    Well I think things are happening a lot better than they did with Katrina. And that is not even to blame Bush. It is just that the system is a little bit better at handling this type of catastrophe though still far from perfect.

    And that’s where I’m at, ready to let all you useless idiots suffer the consequences of your actions.

    So now you are calling me a usless idiot. I thought you conservatives were above name calling. My feelings are hurt. But I still have a crush on you.

    Black in America Baby……..The revolution has been televised

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