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Re-election of Barack Obama would hand over the future to those that punish with death the worship of any God whose “prophet” is not Mohammad

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An open mike in Seoul revealed a re-elected President Obama poised to gut Reagan’s missile defense that reduced the evil Soviet Union empire to the borders of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but hasn’t his pre-election “flexibility”, including the moral equivalence between Holocaust-deniers and those that “slander” the “Prophet of Islam” enunciated yesterday at the United Nations, already inflicted irreparable harm on U.S. national security?

The U.S. Navy of the post-WWII past has secured free trade prosperity for much of the world and Liberty from Taipei to Tbilisi. Obama proposes a reduction below the 313-ship fleet considered the absolute minimum needed by the last Chief of Naval Operations, just as a China awash in U.S. dollars engages in a massive buildup of forces in the Asian Pacific.

The President proposes reducing our nuclear arsenal to levels not seen in over 50 years just as Iran threatens to ignite a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

The Obama Administration threw Poland, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic under the missile defense bus; re-established diplomatic relations with the “reformers” in Syria; and returned the 9/11 solidarity-Churchill bust to Britain soon after Obama’s Inauguration and just before his Apology Tour speech in Cairo sought appeasement with Radical Islam.

Freedom fighters being gunned down in the streets of Iran by the ruling Mullahs were ignored while the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood progenitors of al Qaeda were encouraged to blossom during the Arab Spring. Leading from behind in Libya led to the first assassination of a U.S. ambassador since 1979, when President Carter led our Shah of Iran ally from the front in favor of a “religious man” he thought he could deal with.

Barack Hussein Obama betrayed the sacrifices in Iraq that removed Saddam Hussein and the possibility of a third way for moderate Muslims and now describes Israel as merely “one” of our best allies in the Middle East

The Taliban and al Qaeda were given a heads up to keep hope alive until the end of 2014 for their first safe haven since 9/11 with Obama’s date certain NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking at her husband’s Global Initiative, supports a global tax on the elites in every country since they “do not contribute to the growth of their own countries”? So the only reason that nations don’t grow is because their benevolent governments lack funds from the U.N. to build roads and bridges? This is the so-called “moderate” Democrat deemed more acceptable than far left Obama? Her husband endorsed the far left guy at the Democrat’s convention.

Contrast the above with Mitt Romney’s consistent call for a strong defense and denunciation of Iran and it is not hard to see that the best hope for dousing the flames of a radicalized Islamist revolution across three continents, that just couldn’t wait for after-Obama re-election flexibility, is the return of a Republican to White House.

Here’s hoping the above isn’t used as a pretext for riots by those that live not to slander “The Prophet of Islam” and the inevitable invitation from Attorney General Eric Holder for an after-midnight “voluntary” interrogation. Also hope my face scarf looks as good on TV those donned by movie trailer producers and that America’s enemies are deterred by The View of Whoopie Goldberg et al.

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September 2012


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