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A properly blindfolded Lady Justice wouldn’t know if a corpus delicti looks like President Barack Obama’s imaginary son and wouldn’t weigh empathy in the scales of justice.


Unless one accepts the default assumption of “Civil Rights” industrialists, including the Attorney General-dubbed “anti-race cowards”  law firm of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Lee & Nzinga, that White America (including so-called “white Hispanics”) circa. A.D. 2012 is a monolithic Jim Crow or that George Zimmerman’s heart, mind and soul is uniquely readable; there is no reason to suspect that the shooting of Trayvon Martin had anything to do with racism.

Rather than accept “Reverend” Jesse Jackson’s conclusion that “Blacks are under attack” in America and proceed to heed Cheif Magistrate Obama’s admonsihon to “search our souls”, why not first listen to the 911 tape, which reveals the following:


We’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there’s a real suspicious guy. It’s Retreat View Circle. The best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle.

This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about. [00:25]

911 dispatcher:

OK, is he White, Black, or Hispanic?


He looks black.

911 dispatcher:

Did you see what he was wearing?


Yeah, a dark hoodie like a gray hoodie. He wore jeans or sweat pants and white tennis shoes. He’s here now … he’s just staring. [00:42]

Apparently the 6’2″ teen wasn’t singing in the rain and, like Gene Kelly, apparently wasn’t up to no good either; but most folks reserve leisurely strolls for non-stormy weather. All things being equal, including skin pigmentation, walks in the rain sans umbrellas can be seen as “suspicious” on some level.

We can’t read the hearts of John Does, Trayvons or Zimmermans, but what we do know is that the race of the unarmed man was only brought up by the 911 dispatcher, not the armed neighborhood watch volunteer who ended up injured about his face and head, but alive, after his confrontation that he claims ended with an exercise in the right of self defense.

Hopefully a jury will decide the matter, rather than New Black Panther Party vigilante bounties or Spike Lee tweets aiding and abetting same; all of which race-obsessed felonies continue to go un-acted upon by either Holder’s Justice Department or legal authorities in the Sunshine State.

Before President Barack Obama nominated his two Supreme Court nominees that now sit on the nation’s highest court, he said the main quality he looked for in a judge was “empathy” for the “weak” against the strong. We got a glimpse of what empathy means to the president when he immediately accused Cambridge, Massachusetts police of “acting stupidly” when they investigated a reported break-in at the home of a Black, i.e. “weak” Harvard Professor friend of his. That sad affair ended with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden eating crow at a White House “beer summit”.

The sad spectacle of AG Holder congratulating “Reverend” Sharpton while Black racist vigilante voter intimidators roam free in Sanford, Florida reveals that President Obama still favors a Lady Justice that peeks from under the blindfold to see if the Party of the First Part or the Party of the Second Part is the one that deserves her “empathy”.

Justice be damned.

This is what happens when you elect a man that sat at the feet of “Reverend Jeremiah Wright for 20 years.

Mike DeVine

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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5 Responses to Any blind Lady Justice sees race not a factor in Trayvon Martin shooting

  • Bruce says:


    “This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about.”

    Really think about this. Since when does “walking and looking about” constitute someone who is up to no good. And if any drugs were found on or in Treyvon it would have come out by now. You still fail to admit had Zimmerman stayed where he was and on the phone with the 911 operator none of this would have happened and justice would have been served.

    “there is no reason to suspect that the shooting of Trayvon Martin had anything to do with racism.” (a better word would have been race not racism)

    Have you read your post. Tell me what do President Obama, Holder, Spike Lee, Jackson, the new Black panther party and Sharpton all have in common. Yes you got it they are all Black. There are plenty of white commentators who have come out with comments on this case that you don’t agree with also. But none of them are mentioned in your post. No I am not calling you racist. But it seems apparent to me by your post, race does matter. The tone of this post says Blacks should just be quiet and let the courts take care of this. Interesting if we had applied that logic then the civil rights movement would have never happened and then where would we be.

    Black in America Baby…The revolution has been televised

  • Mike DeVine says:

    The Tone of this post says…? I said what I said. Focus on the facts and not imagined readings of hearts and thanks so much for not calling me a racist.

  • Bruce says:


    “I said what I said. Focus on the facts and not imagined readings of hearts”
    I couldn’t agree with you more. This started with your post “MonObamachromatic soul searchings miss JFK’s moral issue as old as the scriptures” in which you basically stated Obama’s “he could be my son” comment gave a license to the “New Black Panther Party” to riot in the streets. Let’s talk about the “imagined readings of hearts”. He said what he said, I said what I said, and you said what you said. Tell me which one of us doesn’t have a heart.
    The fact is a young Black man is dead. For no apparent reason. It was not a drug deal, it was not a robbery, and the dead person was unarmed. Those are facts. I guess right now everything else is left up to the “imagined readings of hearts” and the courts.

    Black in America Baby……..The revolution has been televised

  • Mike DeVine says:

    My latest column posted at makes clear that I have always and continue to favor that probable cause exists to charge Zimmerman and that he should be charged and that I am glad he has. When an unarmed man is dead at the hands of an armed man without whom’s actions in following Trayvon, Trayvon would not have been killed, that the shooter should have answer in court. That said, we simply don’t know enough about what happened immediately before the first blow was struck to know who legally provoked the resulting confrontation to know if there exists proof beyond a reasonable doubt for manslaughter, much less Murder in the Second Degree and the “venal” heart required under FL law. It does appear that the Prosecutor’s affidavit and Information in lieu of a Grand Jury indictment alleges insufficient facts to establish Murder II and what is left out indicates that there may be a problem in getting a conviction.

    There certainly is no evidence from which to assert that race was a factor in Zimmerman’s actions or the delay in charges being brought; and whether a homicide victim is or is not of the same mixed race of the president or anyone else is irrelevant to the substantive matter of of guilt or whether Americans should search their souls over anything.

    God bless

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