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First, let me say that I don’t have a favorite among those left. I don’t like any of them much at all. However, I have noticed a tendency in voters to forgive some character flaws over others.

Newt Gingrich comes with a lot of baggage. Everybody knows it. It has been aired for a number of years. Yet, people can’t forgive him even when he asks for forgiveness. The thing they can’t seem to forgive is his multiple marraiges. That’s okay, but it’s not the only character flaw that determines if a person will stay true to his word in other matters.

Mitt Romney has a lot of baggage; more than people realize along with a ruthlessness about how he deals with competition that looks like it might win over him. Not mention his perpetual campaign that began in 2007 and has not ceased since.  In addition to that ruthlessness, he can’t seem to stay on one side of an issue; any issue. Some call him the Flipper but it’s worse than that. He often reminds me of those blow bop dolls that kids like to punch. The doll reels backward, forward, and to the sides before it finally rights itself, ready for the next punch only to repeat the cycle. Once we can finally sort out where he actually stands on an issue, there is still his ruthlessness against his opponents to consider. Remember Fred Thompson? Here’s what the Romney camp for 08 did to Fred Thompson, in Thompson’s own words:

[…] Days after I got into the presidential race in 2007, I was greeted with a website, “,” described in the media at the time as an “anti Fred Thompson smear site.” You couldn’t really tell who was behind it, but we learned of it from the Democratic National Committee, which made ample use of it. We assumed that they had created it. However, a reporter at the Washington Post (of all people) decided to find out who was behind the site. After a lot of effort, she traced it to an executive of TTS Strategies, a South Carolina consulting firm run by J. Warren Tompkins, one of the most notorious hardball political operatives in the country.

Politicians of opposing campaigns were known to get the “Warren Treatment.” He ran Bush’s 1980 campaign, in which anonymous flyers and telephone calls accused John McCain of fathering an illegitimate black child.

In 2007, he was running Mitt Romney’s campaign in South Carolina, where Mitt was behind the rest of us in the polls. Of course, when confronted, both Tompkins and Mitt were “shocked” to learn that a rogue employee (who ran Tompkins’s office) was running such a website (out of the office), and the site was taken down immediately. One of the more benign and amusing things the site accused me of was being a “flip flopper.” I kid you not. […]


Do read the rest of the article. The part quoted is near the end of the article which is mainly about Herman Cain. Like Fred, I don’t know if Romney’s campaign was behind the torpedoing of Cain(whom I did support) but it does remind one of what Romney is capable of. Now that Gingrich has somewhat burst Romney’s bubble of inevitablitiy, it will be interesting going forward.

By the way, Santorum has a lot of baggage, too. Google Santorum scandals and you’ll see. I won’t spend a lot of time on him because he doesn’t seem to be getting much traction after Iowa. So does Ron Paul. Google him, too.

It does remind one of the old cliche about living in glass houses and throwing stones.

But character flaws should be expected. These men are only human, after all. There is no perfect human being save one who died for our sins and sins we still commit. Depending on our worldview some sins are worse than others, though God nor Christ ever differentiated between one or another.

Fred’s article about Cain does make one wonder about things when Romney chose the very same firm that torpedoed Fred to manage his campaign again this time around (emphasis mine).

[…]”We knew coming here that Romney would have a bull’s-eye on his back but now it’s the size of the Target sign,” said J. Warren Tompkins, a South Carolina GOP strategist advising Romney’s campaign. “You’ve got to worry about that. We’ve got to survive here, but if you do the probability of getting the nomination is pretty good.” […]

I’m not exactly advocating for either Gingrich, Paul, or Santorum over Romney but neither am I discounting them just because the media wants Romney. Given that the ‘inevitability bubble’ has burst, this primary season could get real interesting if we stop this selective forgiveness some their transgressions while beating up others for theirs. Hopefully, if we can manage to do that, we can have the least of the leasser evils that have been foisted upon us.

8 Responses to Selective Forgiveness for Republican Candidates for President

  • EastBayLarry says:

    Well said Steph.
    Most of all, Newt’s victory in SC gives us some interesting months ahead.

  • StephC says:

    I’m looking forward to it, EPU. Got it up on UP, now, too. Miss Penguin said so and when she says do… well, it’s just not good to disappoint Miss Penguin.

  • Bruce says:


    First of all good to see you posting again. I am glad to see we can now continue our affair of the heart. (Now how scandalous is that) No really I am happy to see you back.

    You said, “First, let me say that I don’t have a favorite among those left.”

    Hmmmm… Why is it I always have to straighten you conservatives (TWP) out. What would you do without me. Let’s keep this simple. This kind of attitude is exactly what lost you the last election. This kind of I am not really excited, let me see who falls out and I will do my duty as a republican and vote for them, because as you know they all have their flaws and I can’t really get behind any candidates except for Fred Thompson(’08) or Herman Caine who are not in the race. By the way were either of them perfect. Let’s get this straight from my understanding the only perfect man to walk this earth was Jesus Christ and he is not running in ’12. Well maybe he will make a late entry there is always hope.

    Now if I were a conservative/republican I would throw my enthusiasm behind Newt. Yep Newt. No he is not perfect in fact I guess if you look at the scandal lists and compare his is the longest. And maybe he is the scariest due to his big ideas and tendency to fly off of the handle. But he is also the most knowledgeable, well versed and well spoken. I have said from the beginning my biggest fear would be Newt one on one with Obama. None of the others would be able to go toe to toe with Obama the way Newt would.

    But who am I to give you advice. Just continue with the “let’s see who is still left standing attitude” and you will see…

    Obama in ’12…….Black in America Baby…….The revolution has been televised

  • StephC says:

    This kind of attitude is exactly what lost you the last election.

    Actually, it was ‘our’ attitude but nice talking point for Obama. It was McCain’s attitude that lost us the election.

    If I’m to choose between what’s left, it would have to be Gingrich simply because, no matter what his past encompasses overall, he has the highest ACU rating of the lot, including Ron Paul. Whereas Romney’s is somewhere around 80, Gingrich’s is 90. Plus Gingrich fights instead of playing nicey nice. He has been called a bully by some so why not pit a bully against other bullies?

    No, none of them are perfect; not the ones I supported nor the ones left standing but that’s neither here nor there. It is what is and from where we have to choose.

    Unless we can engineer a brokered convention and have a slight chance at something better.

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