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Mitt’s free market capitalism brand is the best bet to drink at an Obama re-election denial tea party

The depths of Great Depression II and the historic 2010 tea partier conservative-driven Republican Party mid-term landslide encouraged dreams of a Reagan-like 2012 GOP nominee to retire President Barack Obama to a resumption of his autobiographical writing career.

The crashing sounds of Bachmann’s looseness with the facts, Cain’s knowledge gaps and Perry’s non-creative vulture mis-sighting-destruction awoke this South Carolina gamecock from Utopian REM eye-battings to the reality of imperfect choices absent Gippers and Silent Cals.

We so wanted one of the most historically reliable conservatives to be the 2012 standard bearer for our Party of Lincoln. But we learn anew that voters can’t rehabilitate those with character lapses or lacking the campaign skills required in the second decade of the 21st Century. We can’t blame voters in Iowa, New Hampshire nor the Palmetto State for weighing electability based on actual campaign performance, much less 11th hour anti-capitalist attacks against companies that make offers to buy other companies that are accepted by those other companies.

We are proud of our fellow social conservative from the Keystone State for vigorously defending the heart of conservatism, i.e. the free market capitalism of Mitt Romney, even if he is the lone remaining obstacle to a Rick Santorum as GOP presidential nominee. We would be proud to support him or Jon Huntsman in the Fall. Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich lost us with their leftist attacks on Bain Capital.

But when we factor in all of the issues and electability, George Will’s minimization of the urgency of the latter notwithstanding, we must now endorse the former governor of the Bay State and believe that the primary voters of our native Palmetto State will once again choose the GOP nominee when a pluality of them vote for Mitt Romney in 11 days.

Do I think Rick Santorum could defeat Barack Obama? I do. The smug President of Food Stamp Nation that voted for all the policies that led to this recession and who focused on stimulus pay-offs to state government union dues paying workers, oil drilling moratoriums, Keystone Pipeline job delays and fundamentally changing America via ObamaCare, would have a hard time garnering more electoral votes than even a warm bucket of non-Ron Paul-flavored spit.

But Mitt Romney is the better choice between those left standing on the issues, campaign skills and electability.

President Obama must be removed from office. His removal alone will spark a major economic recovery by bringing investor capital off of the sidelines where fear of what Obama could do next, and the certainty of what he won’t do, now rules.

Obamacare must be repealed and it won’t be if Obama is re-elected. The beltway George Wills counsel that we have “survived” equally bad presidencies and that no “apocalypse” will result from an Obama “stymied” by a GOP-majority House and Senate.

Mere survival and stymieing? Avoiding apocalypse? Is that the standard for a GOP “win”, even if that were the only goal? We can’t reverse any of the decades-long big government creep that Will bemoans with mere stymieing.

Mitt Romney will unleash the American economy, defend the nation from evil enemies and be a social conservative advocate. Yes, I believe his pro-life epiphany was sincere.

Mitt Romney believes in America. His goals are not George Will minimalism “informed” by a fantasy of a Congress-led 19th Century America. Since Washington, America is best governed, first and foremost, when we choose at least one man with courage that can make a majority. Mitt can be that man.

In the wake of Romney’s Granite State win, we hear:

And this President wakes up every morning, looks out across America and is proud to announce, “It could be worse.”

It could be worse? Is that what it means to be an American? It could be worse?

Of course not.

What defines us as Americans is our unwavering conviction that we know it must be better.

That conviction guides our campaign.  It has rallied millions of Americans in every corner of this country to our cause.

Over the last six months, I’ve listened to anxious voices in town meetings and visited with students and soldiers.  In break rooms and living rooms, I’ve heard stories of families getting by on less, of carefully planned retirements now replaced by jobs at minimum wage.  But even now, amidst the worst economy since the Great Depression, I’ve rarely heard a refrain of hopelessness.

Americans know that our future is brighter and better than these troubled times.  We still believe in the hope, the promise, and the dream of America.  We still believe in that shining city on a hill.

We know that the future of this country is better than 8 or 9% unemployment.

It is better than $15 trillion in debt.

It is better than the misguided policies and broken promises of the last three years – and the failed leadership of one man.

The President has run out of ideas.  Now, he’s running out of excuses.  And tonight, we are asking the good people of South Carolina to join the citizens of New Hampshire and make 2012 the year he runs out of time.

President Obama wants to put free enterprise on trial. In the last few days, we have seen some desperate Republicans join forces with him. This is such a mistake for our Party and for our nation.  This country already has a leader who divides us with the bitter politics of envy. We must offer an alternative vision.  I stand ready to lead us down a different path, where we are lifted up by our desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success. In these difficult times, we cannot abandon the core values that define us as unique — We are One Nation, Under God.

Mitt Romney has the Reagan vision and will make us proud as the next President of the United States.

Mike DeVine

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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18 Responses to The “Bain” of Obama and other anti-Romneys: Mitt wins SC

  • StephC says:

    Romney can’t take the south except maybe FL. NH is an open primary, lost half its delegates which brings the total number of delegates proportioned so far up to 40, of which he didn’t win all. 1143 is needed to win the nomination.

    Pro-life is the only issue that he hasn’t taken at least 3 sides on. Many of the issues, he has taken more than that.

    He’s the say anything to get elected candidate. Why cave so soon?

    Oh, and Bachmann wasn’t as loose with the facts as the media portrayed her. Her biggest problem was her shrillness leading to a lack of seeming presidential. No, I didn’t support Bachmann. Haven’t supported anybody since Cain and don’t expect I will. I am, however, still in the “not Romney” crowd.

    I don’t trust the words coming out of his mouth.

  • Mike DeVine says:

    I wish we could rehabilitate the failure of those we deemed the most reliable conservatives to get enough votes. I trust no politician not named Reagan when their lips are moving but we have to choose among that lot to govern us under our system, which is the worst ever…except for all the others. Perry, Cain and Newt destroyed themselves. Bachmann dropped out. I can’t resurrect her whether she was loose or not. I have Santorum and Romney to choose from in the world of post-NH reality. Its a tough choice and a close call. I made mine.

  • StephC says:

    Mike, there’s always a measure of doubt with any candidate. Newt and Perry are no worse than Romney and Santorum in respect to Bain Capital. Especially Romney. You have to remember what he did to other candidates during the 08 primaries. He dished out to Gingrich and Gingrich dished back.

    In 08, Romney claimed to have created 10,000 jobs via Bain Capital. 4 years later, it’s 100, 000. Prior to 08 campaigning, Romney was for abortion. Once he started campaigning, he ‘had an epiphany’.

    And he will lose to Obama. If he can’t address these things now, he’ll surely have to address them when he’s up against an incumbent president with whom he shares way too much ideology and won’t have near the media support that he’s enjoying now because they will turn on him just like McCain whom they choose for us last time.

    In addition, Romney accepted the premise when he compared his work at Bain to Obama’s bailout of GM. That pretty much says it all as far as Romney and Bain is concerned. Doesn’t seem to be much difference between vulture capitalism and crony capitalism, neither of which are true capitalism but some bastardized form of it.

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    I know everything about all the candidates (no 3 paragraphs “say it all”…smile) from their respective births until 5 mins ago and don’t have the power of Christ to call Perry’s campaign back from the dead and don’t want any GOP victory in my native SC seen as an affirmation of class warfare, anti-capitalist attacks on Bain that remind me of the Dem Party I left and that I loathe. Cockstradamus hasn’t advised as to who would or would not defeat Obama but reality says Perry, whose dead carcass I was still endorsing over principle until 48 hrs ago, won’t get the chance. Then Newt joined the vulture chorus of the dead and it was down to Mitt or Santorum. Coin flip to face reality. Its Mitt. We all have to settle and that dimes worth a difference line comes to mind just now….smile.

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    I do think its good that Mitt is getting practice in answering the Bain questions now, but the way that Newt, Perry and even Huntsman posed the question eliminates them from my consideration due to when they did it and all other factors. If they retract, I’ll see if they are as consistent for the next 4 years as Mitt has been with his re-positioning. smile

  • BB-Idaho says:

    The last few GOP primaries in SC have been foul enough to delight old Lee Attwater. As a dem, I am looking forward to it! 😉

  • Bruce says:


    First let me say it’s good to see you back at again StephC. Mike does a great job here but I want you to know that I missed you and I hope you stay around.


    Are you cracking under the pressure? Are you turning away from your conservative principles and throwing in the towel? “Mitt Romney has the Reagan vision” now that is deep. Take it from your liberal brother Newt should be your man. He is the smartest and most knowledgeable of the bunch. Yes he has his baggage and yes he has made votes/decisions you staunch conservatives will say don’t reflect your conservative principles, but I think he understands sometimes you have to give in order to get. What has happened to forgiveness, what has happened to giving a person a second chance. I listen to Newt and he seems a changed man. I have said it before the only republican candidate I would fear in a 1 on 1 debate with Obama would be Newt. Yep Romney has some momentum now but I have to agree with StephC he can’t win the south. And if he makes it through to the general election the south becomes even harder to win.

    “The smug President………….. would have a hard time garnering more electoral votes than even a warm bucket of non-Ron Paul-flavored spit.”
    Really????? Mike I am sure you don’t believe that. The smug president has already gathered more money than all of the republican candidates combined and he really hasn’t started campaigning yet so he is not spending very much. He will have a machine that will be hard to beat come election time. So no is going to have a bigger machine out there. Romney will not stand up in the one on one debates. Newt can do that.That is the only way to defeat Obama.

    Now let me get off my Newt soap box and give it to you straight

    Obama in ’12 …..Black in America baby ………The revolution has been televised……

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Haley Barbour pardens a flock of convicted murderers and rapists.
    …er, what’s up with Conservatives?

  • StephC says:

    We all have to settle and that dimes worth a difference line comes to mind just now….smile.

    You know, we are told this very same thing every presidential election and where has it gotten us? Think about it.

    I’m not willing to concede that either Newt or Perry are dead carcasses. Dead people voted in NH and it was caught on tape. We have not had a primary where conservatives or just plain Republicans get to choose their candidate rather than anybody and everybody, breathing or not breathing, gets as much choice as the rest of us. Romney has garnered a whole 13 delegates of 1144 needed. He can’t take the south. He sure won’t take TX.

    If Romney wins, Bruce will get his wish. Obama will win ’12. And even if by some miracle Romney prevails, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Romney and Obama.

    Maybe Newt nor Perry didn’t do right with the Bain Capital attack but if that’s the worst of their ‘crimes’ they’ve got a long way to go to catch up to Romney who has attacked Perry over social security and a number of other things. Falsely, I might add.

    Not to mention Romney’s own attacks on businesses and corporations.

    If you want to support Romney, fine. I don’t have a horse in this race anymore. But do it with your characteristic logical reasoning, not over something that was said that Romney himself accepted as a true premise.

    All I know is from experience, Romney will say anything that he thinks the person(s) want to hear to get elected. You can’t trust the words coming out of his mouth because tomorrow he’ll be saying the opposite. He has that in common with Obama who so often says he “doesn’t want” to do something then does it and celebrates the fact that he did it.

    I’d rather vote for Huntsman than Romney. That’s how far down my list he is. It’s a toss up between Romney and Paul. At least Paul doesn’t back down from his positions or change them to suit the listeners, even if they are crazy most of the time.

    BB, a judge blocked them and right now Barbour is way down on my list of priorities.He’s just another politician when you get right down to it.

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    Bruce and Steph

    It is Perry and Newt that turned starkly away from conservative principles with the vulture attacks against Bain, not I. And I can’t imagine that a vote for any of the remaining candidates would leave me feeling that I had “settled”. The candidates have failed, not those of us voters denied a competent tea partier conservative. That said, there is more to life than ideological purity, and I simply can’t imagine that a president that has presided over such a failed economic policy can get 270 electoral votes. Time will tell if failure still has consequences in Food Stamp Nation.

  • StephC says:

    I haven’t defended Perry or Gingrich. Just saying I can’t support Romney and I don’t believe he can take the south. To ‘fry’ either of the others over something Romney has done time and again, and then ‘settling’ for Romney is a bit premature in my view.

    One of my criteria that stems from a recognition that nobody is perfect, is whether a candidate, or an office holder, can learn from mistakes because it’s inevitable that mistakes will be made no matter who it is. I dislike this notion that whoever bears the conservative banner must be more perfect than Christ. It’s a leftist premise that we have swallowed whole and I’m sick of it.

    Romney has had many years to learn from his mistakes but the only lesson he seems to have learned is say whatever it takes to get elected. That’s not the lesson that makes me comfortable considering him in the highest office in the country and why he’s on the bottom of that list of possible choices.

    In truth, I’m not comfortable with any of them. I have friends who support one or the other of all the candidates but I can’t seem to dredge up any enthusiasm. Either way it goes, it will be a nose holding session at the polling place this year.

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    I support my party because in our system and in our history, it is via a party that most constructive change and prevention of bad change is accomplished, and so I will support the nominee and as a member of the party I must choose, at the appointed time, whom I will vote for. I would be just about as happy with Santorum at this point due to his mostly conservative history, improved campaign skills, passion on defending the nation from evil, 20/20 vision on what evil powers we face, and finally his integrity on the Bain matter despite the fact that he could well be the one best positioned in the polls to benefit from a Romney implosion. I am frying no one. Newt and Perry have disgraced themselves, 48 hours ago. Most of Romney’s transgressions that I deem significant, were long ago and for them he has promised not to re-visit. But yes, I’m glad you agree that we will both be holding our nose when we vote.

  • Mike DeVine says:

    I do think Santorum might be the lesser at this point. Close call for me gal and appreciate your good points.

  • StephC says:

    The media is in an all-fired hurry to get us to settle when nothing is anywhere near looking to be settled, yet. In the back of my mind is the thought that if Romney wins, it’s a win-win for the socialist left. If Obama, by some chance loses to Romney, it stops nothing; merely slows it down a tad. With Santorum, it slows down a little more than with Romney. I’m not too sure what how much anything will slow down with Perry or Gingrich. Though they talk a good game (Bain aside) there is in their records issues I question that don’t seem to have the answers I’m looking for. Just yesterday, there was a piece about Gingrich appearing at a rally with Clyburn, he of the TEA party racist claim.

    Let it remain unsettled for a while longer, at least until Super Tuesday, and let the media gnash their teeth over it and continue to lose credibility at the same time. It’s the only way we’re going to get different from what’s been handed to us for decades. We must make them actually work for it, instead of falling in line just because some pundit claiming expertise declares it so, even Krauthammer. Or Coulter, or Ingraham, or anybody you care to name.

    That’s not to say Romney won’t win but more that I’m disinclined to lay down like a lamb and accept it on the authority of two open primaries that netted him a whole 13 delegates.

    If Romney does win the nomination, I’ll hold my nose and vote for him in the general because slower is better than the fast track we’re on now. But until he is unequivocally declared the winner, I’ll wait and work for something better.

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    Yes, the media has their agenda and I have my agenda, and it will take Perry and Newt a long time (years, after an apology/admission that attacks were wrong) to rehabilitate themselves in my eyes. I do not want an SC win to be seen as rewarding the Bain attacks and my column was to make that clear. maybe I should have picked Santorum, but I wanted to be on the record to make clear the DeVine Gamecock agenda. I could care less what the media agenda is. For me, it is down to two guys and I don’t care whether the process goes any longer or not. I am from SC and I wanted to stake out my position after Perry and Newt went off the reservation. At least Romney is years into a process of making amends for his off the reservation acts or years ago. Timing matters. More later in a column. This comment thread is played…smile.

  • StephC says:

    But see, that’s where I differ on your reasoning. Romney has been playing games for a very long time in the same ways and often worse. It seems you’re ready to forgive him much more readily than anyone else.

    Remember, the Fred torpedo in Iowa 08 came from the Romney camp and then again in SC, and that SC ‘rumor’ persists today if one believe what Huckabee said on Fox.

    Romney is just gearing up. Watch what happens as he doesn’t get the traction he believes he deserves. You’ll see his long knives coming out. Romney hasn’t had a tough time, yet, because the media did his work for him. It gets tougher now.

    I’m not ready to forgive or condemn any of them. As far as the Bain Capital thing, Romney has his own questionables about it. In 08, he claimed he created or saved 10,000 jobs while there. Now, in 12, it’s 100,000.

    So, which is it?

    I really don’t care about ‘vulture capitalism’ one way or the other. Maybe it’s because I’m looking for something less superficial. Sometimes we attach way too much importance to something that should be a ‘tempest in a teapot’, make decisions based on that and get ourselves into even more trouble.

    I much prefer to see what happens with the ‘tempest’ in the next week or so (9 days wonder) and perhaps have a clearer picture of what’s to come.

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