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DeVine Law Gamecock’s Stone Mountain of Georgia roost-view of what matters most about the news, politics and law of 2011:

Unemployment and the Economy

If enough Americans give up on finding a job, the regularly reported unemployment rate (U-3) could fall to Zero percent. As it happens, the current U-3 rate of 8.6% would stand at over 11% if the labor force were as large as it was in 2007. The more comprehensive U-6 rate measuring all those that are unemployed and those only able to find part-time work is now at Depression Era levels over 17%, which rate doesn’t count self-employed individuals nor those that have dropped out. Over one in five American men are no longer in the labor force.

Jobs Plans, Occupiers and Class Warfare

Three years after President Barack Obama and super-majorities of his fellow Democrats in Congress enacted their Stimulus-Dodd-Frank-ObamaCare-GM takeover/UAW Bailout-Solyndraanti-Keystone Pipeline and anti-Boeing jobs in right-to-work states, Gulf Oil and ANWR oil-drilling moratorium agenda; Gross Domestic Product (GDP) stands at an anemic 1.8%.

The responseDemocrats and their Community Organizer-in-Chief embrace the American “Occupy Wall Street” iteration (We address the foreign Arab Spring element further below)  of Time Magazine’s 2011 “Protester” Person of the Year, and class warfare, that echo President Obama’s threat to release the “pitchforks” against CEOs two year in ago. Meanwhile too many Republicans bemoan their occupation of a mere one-half of one-third of the government and refuse to refute the alleged “moral” case for taxing millionaires, as more and more Americans earn less “unequal” and lower incomes.

Admittedly, it would take much courage to risk subjection to leftist media spin during a government shutdown for the GOP to insist upon a halt to compromises dominated by job-killing factions a/k/a the Democratic Party in lieu of a return to the greatest job creating plan on earth, i.e. The free enterprise empowered by the Constitution of the United States.

Arab Springs never go out like a lamb

Leading from behind produced a draw in Libya and neither the U.S., Israel nor the civilized world are better off with the Muslim Brotherhood of terrorist progenitors ruling Egypt instead of Hosni Mubarak. Iraq, the only democracy in the Middle East thanks to massive U.S. and freedom-loving Iraqi sacrifices after 911, after three years of elections with no radical sectarian factions gaining traction, is sacrificed to Obama’s appeasement of Iran project.

But don’t forget, Usama bin Laden is dead. Feel safer? After all, the Commander-in-Chief didn’t offend Members-Only-Jacket-ijad by destroying our fallen drone on Persian soil.

Crime, Punishment and Selective Rules of Law

On the heels of 2010’s Justice Department (DOJ) refusal to prosecute billy club-wielding New Black Panthers, comes Attorney General Eric Holder’s embrace ofBill Clinton‘s moral equivalence evaluation of Voter ID laws with a return to Jim Crow, the whistle-blowing of Alabama’s former Democratic Rep. Arturs Davis notwithstanding. DOJ Obama appointees make clear their interpretation that the Civil and Voting Rights Acts only protect non-white victims.

As 2012 nears, no Obama/Biden-hosted Beer Summit resolutions are scheduled. But, the FBI reports that crime is down and the Fast and Furious assault on the right to bear arms in self defense has come to a halt. President Obama and Atlanta’s King & Spaulding law firm refuse to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act due to “diversity” concerns. Meanwhile, K&S continue their pro bono defense of illegal enemy terrorist combatants in U.S. courts. Feel safer?

Weak Tea?

Tea partying conservatives made the mid-term elections of 2010 the biggest GOP landslide since 1948, yet none of their 2011 nominees for 2012 are named Newt or Romney. The hope of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan and Perry’s Texas jobs miracle have given way to higher Ron Paul floors in Iowa. Yes, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have been nudged to the right by the conservative base, but could either be relied upon to resist their instincts to “reach across the aisle” for Beltway media approval after they prevent Obama’s re-election? Stay tuned for for our 2012 Year in Review exactly 366 days from today.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Examiner readers and writers all!

Mike DeVine

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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3 Responses to DeVine finds Class warfare/envy-produced long-term unemployment defines 2011

  • Bruce says:


    Sorry I haven’t been around to hassle you lately but travel for work has been heavy lately and I haven’t had a chance to sit and enjoy your commentary. So some quick points…

    Unemployment & the Economy
    Jobs have gone away that will never come back, companies are investing in equipment and technology not in people. We are in a transition that will take some time. Have you been to the airport lately more people are traveling than ever before with less people working behind the counter because we check ourselves in now, and we only travel with a small carry on. Skycaps are almost unheard of in airports now those jobs will never come back. We are in transition and it will take time. Airports are just a visible example but it is happening in a lot of other areas like banking who goes into a bank anymore it can all be done with auto deposit, online or at an auto teller.

    Jobs Plans, Occupiers and Class Warfare
    Yeah let’s give the “job creators” all of the tax breaks and they will go out and give everyone jobs. I don’t think so. They will invest the money in equipment and technology, like a new yacht.

    Arab Springs never go out like a lamb
    Have to go with Ron Paul on this one. We can’t police the word. Bin Laden’s goal was not to just kill people on 9/11 but it was to make us go broke fighting Jihad and we nearly have. And do I feel safer with Bin Laden dead. You Betcha, because all of the leaders are scared you don’t hear anyone claiming I am leading Al Qaeda these days.

    Crime, Punishment and Selective Rules of Law
    And why else was the voting rights act implemented in the first place. The voting rights acts I see as one of those things that should never have to be written if the constitution were applied equally to all.

    Weak Tea?

    Didn’t I tell you earlier that Newt is going to win the GOP nomination. Mr. 999 and Mr. I can’t finish a thought, were never going to be able to handle the rigors or running this nation.

    Mike I want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas. And God bless you in the new year.

  • Mike DeVine says:

    Ditto Merry Christmas to you and sorry I missed you at Hartsfield-Jackson.

    Yes, technology finally has caught up with the economic bad times and a net loss of jobs that won’t be coming back.

    Good points and all and will address them more, later.

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    Do we want jobs? Obviously. The past three years have seen an assault on job creators via ObamaCare, temporary tax measures and regulations that make job creation more risky. Yes, given the wealth-destroying crash that hurt consumers and job creators, it was going to take time for job creation to resume. But it was perfectly wrong to make it even harder to create jobs.

    It is no longer 1965 much less 1865 and we are talking about a photo ID for God’s sakes! Is it racist for airlines and government agencies to insist upon photo ID for services? Of course not. The DOJ claim is absurd. Most whites are not racist, but even if they were, photo IDs would be part of PROTECTING voter rights and preventing fraud BY whites! And Holder’s DOJ pre-cleared the Georgia photo ID law which is near identical to the SC law and which the Ga. Sup Ct upheld. More significantly, the US Sup Ct upheld the Indiana photo voter ID law!

    Obviously, the Holder/Obama effort to have Voter ID seen as a return to Jim Crow is to raise up a racist white non-existent Bogey Man and to make Democratic voter fraud more easily carried out. Democrats can win substantive arguments on policy, so they seek power thru favors given via patronage and via fraud.

    Yes, I remember your Newt prognostication, and I am a defender of him. I still want a tea partying Perry to improve and earn the nomination, but Newt is OK with me too. As is Romney…if I have to settle. more later

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