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An unnatural, liberal-Democrat, trial lawyer, intimidation-machine culture, defined deviancy (Woodstock, OWS) down; made the outrageous (Ayers, Rev. Wright, Minister Farrakhan) normal; made the normal (Cain gestures) outrageous; and re-classified Clintonian assault & battery and extortion as mere “harassment”.


Decades ago, women entered an American workforce in which men were regularly harassed and offended. To live on Earth is to be regularly offended and harassed. The environment within which humans seek to gather food to eat is inherently “hostile.”

The Common Law, Prosser on Torts, and experiential common sense

We had a tort system handed down from the Common Law of England (pictured, English ancestor of DeVine Law Gamecock in barrister’s wig), based upon common sense experience, that required  negligent or intentional acts causing real injury before the injured could bring a case for money damages to court.

Also required for a tort system to remain rational and not self-defeating for pursuits of happiness economic and social, was, public common sense and judicial restraint among those wearing black robes. The judges failed us when, as Robert Bork describes, they succumbed to the political seduction of the law. Those with the courage to resist “the tempting” are called regularly called “outside the mainstream”.

In this bizarre culture, eyes glazed over as penumbras allowed Roe to kill a very small person occupying her womb, despite Wade’s objection; a president of the United States is celebrated despite serial attacks on women that exceed mere harassment; and a comment by a candidate for that office concerning the similarity in height between an employee and his wife is cause for another Clarence Thomas-like high tech lynching.

Opting out of the “eyes glazed over” culture and the Democratic Party

Born a Democrat, yet I turned down an associate position with a prominent Atlanta law firm headed by a prominent Democrat, right out of law school. Big Business, including law firms, had already surrendered to orientation package required “sensitivity” seminars. I had just endured three years of eyes glazed over liberal “living” constitutions and my DeVine constitution craved dead contracts that corresponded to human nature.

But I returned to Spartanburg to find my eyes glazing over during my Democrat Party precinct meetings and county conventions as mentions of God were hushed up lest we offend a nearby atheist with deep pockets for candidates that would tow the politically correct (eyes glaze to cataract status) line on sexual harassment laws that turn normal male/female workplace interaction into perilous events that threaten to ruin one’s life; “institutional” racism “civil rights” claims, since we rarely found anymore actual racists acting out on the job; and environmental/animal rights wacko laws that protect snail darters while humans dart about unemployed.

Dare to create a job, flirt with a future spouse on the job, or judge others by character content sans skin pigment consideration

I knew I was at the wrong party when fellow Democrats laughed at the notion of the Soviet Union as a “evil” empire; indulged celebrations of a blood-soaked O.J. acquittal; and feigned outrage over a Coke can adorned with a pubic hair communicated by a “victim” that followed the jokester from job to job, despite the “suffering”.

The release of hostages during Reagan’s First Inaugural, Democrat opposition to tax cuts that worked, and Senator Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy’s description of Robert Bork’s America as a return to Jim Crow had already concentrated the mind against glazed over modern liberalism eyes. Bork agreed with the end of forced school segregation result in Brown v. Board but disagreed with reasoning that based said result on sitting next to white folks in class as  the essential ingredient  for discrimination-free quality education.

Bork, not the man that left a dead girlfriend to drown, is the outrageous deviant. Reagan, the man who defeated the USSR without firing a shot, the warmonger.

If you can’t find a racist, “institute” one…and sue

Eyes still glazed over as we held our nose for Dukakis just before we were sued by an “African-American” client (He was a Black guy) for whom we secured a $10K racial discrimination settlement solely on statistical “evidence” that presumes that equal opportunity means that promotions will always correspond equally as to the race of the employees. We won the lawsuit when the plaintiff played a tape he had secretly made of the conversation between me, my law partner and the client in the car on the way back to the office from the federal courthouse.

We never rode with a client to a trial again and we never heard the term “institutional racism” sans glazed over eyes. Our civil rights hero and this South Carolinian whose parents fought segregation, always wanted only character-content-based equal rights for our Black friends and women in the workplace. Not special victim-dependent rights for children.

Bill Clinton is elected running as a moderate, oh happy day. Yet, he immediately champions gays in military and socialized medicine. Newt ends 40 years of a Democrat House and the Reagan Recovery continues, but even when the “moderate” Democrat signs conservative legislation reforming welfare or freeing trade, he is compelled to surround the conservative truth with a pack of PC lies like he’s the head front-man for the kooks, with this then Democratic Party official a lieutenant fronting for kooks.

Making the Name of God akin to obscenity in elementary school

We watched a media culture that celebrates bad boys in sports and entertainment; apologizes for radical Islam as we ask why do they hate us; and that stays silent when a Heisman Trophy-winning Bronco is openly mocked for praying to his Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Too bad he didn’t park his butt in Rev. Jeremiah Hate KKK America  Wright’s pew for 20 years. Too bad he doesn’t always refer to Louis Million Man March Farrakhan as “Minister” of “The Nation” out of respect for hating Jews and the White Man as a devil? Our eyes glazed over long ago.

Other eyes-glazed-over moments:

  • BushLied Era
  • Man-made global warming requires bankrupting the coal industry and skyrocketing energy prices
  • Democrats nominate such a man for President
  • Americans elect such a man and give him the nukes
  • Leftists expect us not to notice when they switch the line to “climate change” when winters get cold
  • Republicans will take away your welfare/social security/disability check
  • Republicans are racists, this from liberal Democrat lawyers that never hire blacks to work in their law firm
  • Homosexual “lifestyle”

Alice in Wonderland? No, Mike DeVine and 300 million others in what is still called the United States of America.

An America in which the middle class and poor are invited to envious hatred of “the rich” one-percent, i.e. all those making over $300,000 per anum. Where Atlas Shrugs  and capital remains on strike long after we were saved from some “abyss” by making GM/UAW a welfare company that need not sell one car to compete with Ford.

An America mocked as bitter clingers to God, guns and antipathy to people that aren’t like us? We elected this guy!

This tragedy didn’t begin with Barack Obama, but it can only end by ridding ourselves of him, the party of modern day liberalism that he heads, and those in the Party of Lincoln that revere Rockefellers  and Big Business that suspend their common sense while agreeing to all the sexual harassment/institutional racism fictions the Left can dream up, so long as their market share is protected.

Meanwhile, small businesses and most Americans get poorer, and poorer. No time for 9-9-9’s while chasing imagined poor behavior and imagined offense to the poor.

Wake up America. Say no to faux outrage. Say yes to removing the outrageous President and U.S. Senate that now rule over Common Sense with liberal intimidator nonsense.

Vote Republican every chance you get, and work to nominate c0nservative tea partying Republicans that are tried of eyes glazing over and who want to see the world as it is and return it to some approximation of a nation that could defeat evil abroad and maximize happiness pursuits in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Warning: It will take courage to stand up to anonymous ghosts via Politico.

Mike DeVine

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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