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Daily Archives: November 5, 2011

An unnatural, liberal-Democrat, trial lawyer, intimidation-machine culture, defined deviancy (Woodstock, OWS) down; made the outrageous (Ayers, Rev. Wright, Minister Farrakhan) normal; made the normal (Cain gestures) outrageous; and re-classified Clintonian assault & battery and extortion as mere “harassment”.


Decades ago, women entered an American workforce in which men were regularly harassed and offended. To live on Earth is to be regularly offended and harassed. The environment within which humans seek to gather food to eat is inherently “hostile.”

The Common Law, Prosser on Torts, and experiential common sense

We had a tort system handed down from the Common Law of England (pictured, English ancestor of DeVine Law Gamecock in barrister’s wig), based upon common sense experience, that required  negligent or intentional acts causing real injury before the injured could bring a case for money damages to court.

Also required for a tort system to remain rational and not self-defeating for pursuits of happiness economic and social, was, public common sense and judicial restraint among those wearing black robes. The judges failed us when, as Robert Bork describes, they succumbed to the political seduction of the law. Those with the courage to resist “the tempting” are called regularly called “outside the mainstream”.

In this bizarre culture, eyes glazed over as penumbras allowed Roe to kill a very small person occupying her womb, despite Wade’s objection; a president of the United States is celebrated despite serial attacks on women that exceed mere harassment; and a comment by a candidate for that office concerning the similarity in height between an employee and his wife is cause for another Clarence Thomas-like high tech lynching.

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