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Obama’s latest “jobs” proposals in context

Democrats, as evidenced by their policy pursuits of the past 40 years, are simply not committed to the notion of maximizing happiness pursuits as defined by individual exercises of Liberty. Rather, they envision imposing their vision of happiness on individuals they deem to be too ignorant to discern what ought make them happy.

We’re just too “soft” to get it I guess.

Meanwhile, the best jobs plan in history has been the U.S. Constitution, yet President Barack Obama, in his own words  (and has sought and achieved much), promised “fundamental change”. Hence, any notions of “stimulus” or jobs plans must be understood in that context.

ObamaDems created and saved only those jobs that advance their vision, not the general welfare

The 2009-10 stimulus and its ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank progeny created jobs. It funded federal  government jobs that “regulate”, i.e. restrict, the liberty of entrepreneurs to create private sector jobs that meet the needs and desires of We the People.

The ObamaDem stimulus also saved jobs.  It funded state and local government union dues-paying jobs, which dues end up in Democratic Party campaign coffers. But the jobs killed by their policies so inflamed the electorate that the result was the biggest Republican election landslide since 1948 in the mid-terms of 2010.

The Miracle at Philadelphia that produced the greatest stimulus for Liberty, happiness and jobs in history was dubbed so many years after its 1798 ratification due to the positive results of the Framers’ version of self government in producing so much wealth that not only did America achieve the greatest standard of living for the greatest number in world history by far, but also an “excess” that could fund a military superior to all the would-be despots that use slavery to pursue megalomaniacal dreams, which tyrannical circumstance had defined most of world history.

Best jobs and re-election plan: Say no to ObamaDems

So, what are we to make of Obama’s current tax-hikes-for-the rich proposal he dubs a jobs bill? Except for the trade agreements with Columbia, South Korea and Panama that he should have signed three years ago, not much. Rather, the best jobs plan today would be repeal of Democrats’ agenda have enacted since they re-took Congress in 2007. The best jobs plan in the foreseeable future is Election Day 2012 when the Democratic Party president and senate can be fired and their job-killing intimidator factions can be neutralized if only the GOP leadership would have the courage and will to do so.


To whom do I refer above as “factions” that replaced both the Jacksonian and pre-Jeffersonian wings of the party that shared the vision of a free people with Creator-endowed unalienable rights? I provide an extensive list below, but first let me identify those whose interests the Democratic Party does not advance.

We know what “works” for those with a sober, common sense definition of the word “works”. It began at Philadelphia in 1789 and remained mostly miraculous enough to become and remain the City on a Hill and Leader of the Free World for over two centuries. It fought off progressive excesses periodically thanks to what we now call supply-side economics under Presidents Coolidge, Kennedy and Reagan. But the slouch towards Gomorrah continued in the form of a debased culture and ever larger government and so here we are in Great Depression II.

Modern Day Democratic Party seeks its own’s happiness, not We the People’s

To stop the decline and have a chance at turning the lights back on in the once-Shining City, conservatives will have to slay the Democrat job-killing intimidators, all of which advance values that are anathema to what produced the wealth they take for granted as permanent and their’s to spread around:

1) Public sector unions that FDR opposed  have bankrupted cities and states through unsustainable pensions. Obama’s NLRB is using an always too-vague FDR Wagner Act to stop Boeing from opening a plant in South Carolina. And wasn’t it always a perversion of liberty to allow union shop laws? I think so.

2) Were trial lawyers the chicken and a victim-class public the egg or vice versa? Does it matter? What does matter is a culture that deems everyone but oneself responsible for one’s problems in life. Tort reform with damages limits below $1M is not the answer, but loser pays and common sense judges with the courage to throw out frivolous lawsuits could be part of the answer to the problem of lawsuit fears that kill jobs before they are even created.

3) The clients of the above whether a part of the gay, abortion, Christian haters, environmental wackos, PETA, and race card player lobbies are given legitimate status by media enablers as they continual assault decency, common sense and basic liberties in the name of imagined victim-hood. They even intimidate their own as evidenced by Atlanta’s King & Spaulding “diversity” cave on the Defense of Marriage Act. K&S remained diverse enough to defend known terrorists pro bono.

4) Race-baiting poverty pimps unsatisfied with kicking the Black man out the house and making Uncle Sam daddy wrecked the housing market thru Fannie and Freddie. ObamaDems’ Dodd-Frank “reforms” left the criminals that threatened mortgage lenders that wouldn’t lend to any beating pulse with racism charges untouched.

Who in their right mind would risk their savings to start or expand a business with that list of ObamaDem empowered thugs on the loose?

Apparently only Solyndra, GE and GM.

Its not rocket science folks. Let people keep most of the fruits of their labor. Fire the government minders. Let Americans loose from the chains of the “progressives” who thought they were the ones we were waiting for.

Is it any wonder that N.C. Governor Bev Purdue, Obama and his men eschew democracy?

Let We the People make our own choices. Teach the liberals to do experiments on themselves and then sell a successful liberal experiment to the rest of us. Hope and Change for that Utopian vision won’t work in the near future. Our shared poverty won’t let us forget who held the reins for the years that led us here.

Mike DeVine

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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