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Mirandized POWs don’t identify UBL couriers. Only captured illegal enemy combatants fearful of enhanced interrogation techniques do.

I am reminded in the aftermath of the U.S. as undertaker-sponsored burial of Usama bin Laden at sea, that my first column as a paid journalist, written soon after September 11, 2001, was the first in the nation suggest that captured terrorists would not be entitled to POW status and, thus, could be subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques.

It was gratifying when President George W. Bush adhered to that time-honored rule of the law of war (and happy that the Justice Anthony Kennedy, erstwhile Commander-in-Chief via a fifth vote re war crime trial procedures, saw fit not to usurp the inherent power of the real CINC to detain those he identifies as levying war against the United States) to execute his duty to prevent any more terrorist attacks on the homeland during his term.

The information obtained from those so retained, including Khalid Sheik Muhammad, the mastermind of 911, was available to our new Commander-in-Chief, and instrumental in, this week’s just killing of UBL.

But it was not gratifying to hear all of President Barack Obama’s self-congratulation with barely a mention of his predecessor as he claimed that the killing of UBL was “the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat al Qaeda”; and, admitted what I think is a dereliction of his duty to keep the home land safe, when he said that upon taking office he:

“[made] the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda, even as we continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat his network.”

Captain Ahab, Moby Dick and the Bushlied Era

The top priority of any president is to protect Americans from enemy attacks, both foreign and domestic. President Bush managed to do that for over seven years despite the failure to capture and/or kill the leader of those that murdered the 3000.

Rather, Bush stayed the course in Afghanistan, Iraq, and at home. Those efforts:

  • Eliminated UBL’s safe nation-state haven and decimated al Qaeda;
  • Removed a terror sponsor of suicide bombers on live television in Iraq;
  • Prompted the surrender of Libya’s WMD;
  • Deterred other strong horse wannabes; and
  • Led to the gathering of the intelligence that made UBL’s burial at sea with the U.S. as the undertaker possible.

No thanks to Senators Obama and Hillary Clinton and most elected Democrats in D.C. who harped against rendition, nose-swabbings of KSM et al, wire-tappings less onerous than Bill’s ECHELON, the holding of captured terrorists at Gitmo and thus not in proximity to King & Spaulding trial lawyers ready to represent them for free.

Both Obama and Clinton twice voted to deny funds to our armed forces then at war against terrorists in both the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters.

One of the Obama Administration’s first acts in January 2009 was to target CIA interrogators and Justice Department lawyers for prosecution for war crimes for waterboarding. Attorney General Eric Holder even went so far as to do Obama’s bidding by ending military tribunals, including the one in which KSM confessed and was sentenced to death, and declaring  a new policy of Mirandizing captured terrorists lest evidence be tossed when they got their show trials near Ground Zero.

Democrats not named Joe Lieberman did not help decimate al Qaeda and keep the homeland safe with their “Bushlied” campaign launched two hours after Tora Bora and two weeks after Saddam Hussein’s regime was removed sans “stockpiles” of WMD.

Had Senators Obama and Hillary and most of the elected Democrats in Washington had their way, not only would they never have captured their Moby Dick out of water; we surely would not have devoted the resources necessary to keep the nation safe by decimating terror networks.

Rather than gleaning intel and connecting dots via captured terrorists, we would have engaged in a massive Charge of the Light Brigade-like search for yesterday’s news while today’s news went unanswered much like the attacks in the 1990s went essentially unanswered, from the first attack on the WTC by KSM’s cousin and UBL’s attacks on our African embassies and the USS Cole.

I would argue that the Dem’s Bushlied era cost the lives of countless American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines as our enemies were emboldened to fight on by promises from Democrat to bring the troops home.

They told us that our efforts in Iraq and even in Afghanistan after a time, were “creating more terrorists that we were killing.” Ten years later, after zero terrorist successful attacks save for two on Obama’s watch at Fort Hood and in Arkansas, and after a Spring Arabs in the streets demanding the life being had by that Little Connecticut Bush’s democracy project planted in Iraq, we know that contention was a lie.

Dead terrorists don’t kill Americans. Terrorists driven in to caves of mud or million dollar caves of cement don’t kill Americans. Those deterred by the sight of their fallen terrorist buddies don’t kill Americans. Nation states that watch the USA remove regimes don’t kill Americans.

Democrats prefer Miranda, Lawyers and Geneva rather than waging total war

debate has arisen concerning whether the waterboarding of detainees, at Guantanamo Bay or in CIA “black” rendition sites in Europe or elsewhere, was instrumental in obtaining the information that led to the capture of UBL.

But if the Democrats had their way, we may not have even captured those that we later waterboarded and even if we had, those detainees would have been Mirandized on their right to remain silent and given the right to have guitars and lawyers as Prisoners of War under Geneva conventions.

Never mind that those convention rules were enacted precisely for the purpose of denying POW (name, rank and serial number only interrogation) rights to those who wage war on and among civilians without uniform and for no nation’s military.

This conservative Republican gives President Obama great praise for his rolein burying UBL and for getting his mind right after taking office and reversing himself on so many of his positions as senator and in the 2008 campaign re national security policies from rendition, Gitmo, KSM trial in NYC etc.

And while I have, for many years, considered UBL a low priority target given that most all of the successful terror attacks on the US from 1993-2001 were accomplished before our armed forces under Bush removed OBL’s safe haven; I do think that it is still a major blow to the Islamist movement to show that he is the weak horse now…dead horse.

But the major blows against that movement were the removal of Afghanistan as the safe haven from which successful attacks were launched against the US at home and abroad. The major blows were made possible because President Bush stayed the course, thus staying long enough to won the trust of those that would give us intel to capture and kill terrorist and have successful surges.

I am gratified that the boy President got his mind right on many Bush doctrines that keep us safe even if Republicans in Congress had to do so for him in preventing the closing of Gitmo and show trials in NYC.

I am especially gratified that Holder returned to his soon-after-911 position that enemy combatants, like POWS in WWII, can be held indefinitely until hostilities cease, the war ends or the president determines that one is no longer a threat. He changed his position on that issue when he joined the Obama campaign. Both he and Obama re-flipped after they got in office and realized that they didn’t want to lose wars on their watch or make another 911 more likely.

They didn’t even re-erect the Clinton era “Gorelick Wall” between the CIA and FBI. Thanks, but I wonder if these same Democrats will maintain their semi-hawkishness when they aren’t using a war being waged by a Republican Commander-in-Chief in the future? Actually, I don’t, as I remember the Dems’ betrayals of the Hmong in South Vietnam in 1975 and the Contras in the 1980s, among many other examples of liberal Democrat aggression-inviting weakness on foreign affairs and war. I suspect that they remain Gullible and the Liberalputians who think Syria is led by a “reformer”.

I also remember just a few weeks ago that President Obama’s Administration preemptively announced that he would not even pay the military during a shutdown but would pay other employees deemed “essential” and that it was Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that refused to pass the GOP House-passed bill that would have paid the military for two years no matter if a government shutdown occurred.

Obama, Usama and Anwar al-Awlaki’s Fort Hood

All the Dems ever harped on 48 hours after we invaded Iraq was WMD, Tora Bora and getting one man, ie UBL. The Dems on their own would never have done what it took to decimate al Qaeda and even eventually get a pathetic impotent UBL 10 years on.

The main duty of a President is to keep us safe. The evidence that Bush did the job after 911 is that we didn’t have any more terror attacks in the US after 911 for his 7+ years thereafter.

President Obama admits a change in emphasis to find one man who was essentially impotent. Meanwhile, a cleric in Yemen inspired the first successful terror attack on US soil at Fort Hood and four other near miss bombers with underwear and in Times Square etc.

What Obama needs to do now is focus more on getting those that have been successful and nearly successful in inspiring and sponsoring attacks on the US since he took office, i.e. U.S.-born Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki (Fort Hood, Underwear bomber, plot o bomb NYC subway, and Times Square bomber); stop appeasing Iran and stop the political correctness that refuses to recognize that it is Islam that is inspiring terror and looks the other way, even at US forts, when majors speak well of terrorists.

That said, overall, if Obama were 10% as good on the economy and budget as he is on war, America would be in much better shape. God bless America and thank you President Obama for following in so many of President Bush’s war president footsteps.

You earned your Nobel Peace Prize by killing the OBL. Here’s hoping that you will take no more apology tours to beg MembersOnlyJacket-ejad to meet with you while Iran’s mullahs mow down innocent freedom-seekers in the streets.

Mike DeVine

Legal Editor – The Minority Report

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist for

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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9 Responses to Captain Obama, Moby Usama and the Bushlied Era

  • BB-Idaho says:

    Sounds like you are saying ‘Mission Accomplished’
    George personally led the SEAL team. It’s OK…blogs
    needn’t be ‘fair and balanced’….

  • StephC says:

    Sounds like you are saying ‘Mission Accomplished’
    George personally led the SEAL team. It’s OK…blogs
    needn’t be ‘fair and balanced’….

    Apparently neither do politicians considering that it was Bush’s policies kept in place that eventually led to this end of Bin Laden even while the very people who vilified him at least 3x a day for 7+ years revel in the victory accomplished by those policies.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad Obama kept those policies but the hypocrisy is beyond stunning. The fact that he called Bush to inform him is one of the very few classy things that man has done in the 2 1/2 he has been in office.

  • Bruce says:

    When I was a kid I was a big fan of the TV show Kung Fu. The lead character Kwai Chang Caine was a Shaolin priest in exile in the United States. Every show had the same flow. Caine would go to a new place get a job and come up against a foe that would bully him push him around for most of the show, while he showed nothing but respect and a reluctance to fight. Then eventually at the end of the show he would reluctantly kick the bullies A$$. The fact he showed respect and restraint in the beginning did not make him any weaker. You said “Here’s hoping that you will take no more apology tours” The fact that this president publically shows respect and restraint when it comes to dealing with our enemies does not make us any weaker and does not mean that he will do what he has to do to protect this country. When Obama was elected all of the conservatives said he would surrender in Iraq and we would fall prey to al-Qaeda. Well that didn’t happen he even stepped up the effort in Afghanistan, he stepped up the drone attacks, he expanded the role of US special operations forces . You say “And while I have, for many years, considered UBL a low priority target”. That is not so in the Muslim mindset. I am willing to bet there are some high ranking Muslim clerics that are waking up a little more uneasy this morning. And as far as your sentiments for the “boy President” as you say, what’s wrong with just keeping it simple, “Job well done Mr. President”. Would that really hurt you……

    Black in America……..The revolution has been televised……..

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    Even if I accept your fantasy world (btw, I watched every Kung Fu episode. Loved the show) vs real world analogy, you admit that Caine’s pre-fight peace strategies always failed since he ended up having to fight every week. Not a very good strategy for deterrence. America must be feared lest we have to fight all the time.

  • Bruce says:


    “Not a very good strategy for deterrence. America must be feared lest we have to fight all the time.”

    There is no deference for a fanatic. They are going to attempt to do whatever they want to do, “remember they get 47 virgins”. It is the larger moderate Muslim population Obama is concerned with. Just as George Bush said, “This is not a war against Islam”. He said that for a reason. He understood that there is a large Muslim population out there watching America and being influenced by the fanatics. There is no need to give the fanatics fuel to influence the moderates. One of the guys in our office is Jewish and he made a comment that at the rate things are going by the year 2050 (not sure if I got the date exactly correct here), the majority of the population in Europe could be Muslim. Islam is already the 2nd largest religion in Europe. I think the president is doing a very good job of showing respect to the moderates while at the same time going after the fanatics. As I said before Obama not only continued Bush policies in the middle east he upped the ante. Again I find it kind of odd you just can’t say “Job well done Mr. President”.

    What America needs is respect, God should be feared.

    Black in America Baby…….The revolution has been televised

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    The deterrence is mainly for those that would consider being future bin Ladens; not to mention Soviet Unions etc. Carter essentially invited the USSR to invade Afghanistan with his “inordinate fear of communism” statement; cuts in defense; and focus of human rights on all tyranny but theirs. But UBL himself said that our refusal to bloody our hands and remove Saddam in 1991; watching us let him screw with us for a decade; and our refusals to act after so many terror strikes in the 90s did convince him that we were the weak horse and a paper tiger that he could defeat. So even UBLs can be and are deterred by consistent strength. Dems exude aggression-inviting-weakness to the world.

  • Bruce says:


    “The information obtained from those so retained, including Khalid Sheik Muhammad, the mastermind of 911, was available to our new Commander-in-Chief, and instrumental in, this week’s just killing of UBL.”

    Well at least one key republican disagrees with you on this point. John McCain says, “He said he asked CIA Director Leon Panetta for the facts, and that the hunt for bin Laden did not begin with fresh information for Mohammed. In fact, the name of bin Laden’s courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, came from a detainee held in another country.

    “Not only did the use of enhanced interrogation techniques on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed not provide us with key leads on bin Laden’s courier, Abu Ahmed, it actually produced false and misleading information,” McCain said. He called on Mukasey and others to correct their misstatements.” Here is the URL to the article for your further reading.

    Black in America Baby…….The revolution has been televised

    PS. Are you still having problems saying “Job well done Mr. President”

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