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The Medicare mess would be less so absent the former President’s duplicity at the Thirteenth Hour last year when he admonished all Democrat senators and all necessary House members to vote for ObamaCare on the third try.

The Slick One’s argument at that time was to get the flawed thing into law for the purpose of granting government more power. After all, it could be fixed later. The official argument for ObamaCare’s passage was that it would save Medicare, reduce private insurance premiums, reduce medical costs and insure the uninsured (with the latter being paid for by cuts in Medicare of $500B).

ObamaDems said ObamaCare would fix Medicare

Instead, medical costs and insurance premiums are rising as Medicare’s descent into bankruptcy accelerates. Federal judges have ruled that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. But the power Bill Clinton desired for his fellow Democrat is being wielded via waivers for the party faithful.

2010 voters demanded repeal of ObamaCare

Tea partiers demanded that the economy be fixed, the debt be arrested and ObamaCare be repealed.

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I speak, of course, of President Barack Obama, his rapper and most leaders of the modern Democratic Party.

Obama was present with Michelle at the White House performance of Rapper, Common, last week (the equivalent of Democrat Woodrow Wilson’s celebration of the Klan):

He seems to have a thing about killing police.

Common has written one “poem” in which he talks about carrying weapons to use against police warning, “They watching me, I’m watching them.”

He has written material lauding Assata Shakur, a Black Panther who was involved in a shootout that killed a New Jersey state trooper. After escaping from jail, she now lives in Cuba. He named his daughter after her.

And he has lauded Mumia Abu-Jamal, convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer.

And what’s more, Common has spoken out against mixed marriage – something you would think would get the attention of President Obama. He has made anti-gay remarks and suggested he’d like to “burn a Bush,” a double entendre, the awful half of which appears to suggest killing George W. Bush.

So, how is the anti-Bush, anti-McCain, anti-Palin, brilliant Hope and Change agent working out for you, even since bin Laden died?

Has your, now 3-year’s dead, wallet yet been stimulated enough to motivate grooving to hip-hop, cop killer-praising “poetry” at the White House with Common’s fellow Trinity United-in-hatred of GD-KKK-Hate America Church, 20-year presidential and First Lady pew-parked butt parishioners? Yes, Common heard and loved the sermons that Obama claims not to have heard when his butt was parked there with Michelle for 20 years!

Today’s Democratic Party is not the party of JFK. It’s not even the party of the first Democrat Andrew Jackson.

After all, wouldn’t we prefer anti-Federal Bank so-called “white trash” to an anti-Boeing-plant-in-South Carolina holder of a Hawaiian long-form birth certificate, whose greatest claim to fame is that he waited nine months to let the Navy take out a terrorist who was o-for-the-last-nine years?

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Okay. He’s dead. Our guys found a treasure trove of intel. Okay.

Tune into any news channel, regardless of bias, and you hear the same questions being asked, about torture (aka waterboarding) sympathy for a president who “made the decision”, should we pull out of Afghanistan or not, what did Pakistan know, ad infinitum.

Okay, bin Laden’s dead. What did it do for us? Not much except for the intel which will be squandered for PR purposes.

Will terrorism end? No. However, the truth is that exception for the glaring incidence of 9/1/01 and the occasional plane hijacking, and the USS Cole,  Muslims kill more Muslims in terror attacks than all the infidels combined, regardless of what the infidels’ country of origin is.

So, it’s time to pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and other divers places and let them to return to normal, aka fighting amongst themselves. Eventually, only the terrorists will be left standing and we’ll know where they are. What I don’t hear from the Muslims is condemnation of terrorist acts, even as they are the ones who suffer the most. Except for the occasional individual Muslim, that is. I do hear a lot of hate on both sides, those on the side of the  killing and those on the side of those being killed.

We, (infidels) are just the excuse being used by both sides for the rationalization of it.

Golda Mier once said that the killing wouldn’t stop until they loved their children more than they love killing us. They haven’t reached that point, yet.

One is really rather indifferent to the whole incident. Oh sure, one is almost as glad as the next person that bin Laden is gone but that’s about as far as it goes. In the long run, it won’t change anything at all.

But thankfully didn’t.

Politics is a scary business, especially for someone like me. I’m an introvert and sincerely enjoy being a hermit. I don’t like crowds of people or having to make nice with someone I don’t like, personally or professionally. That’s not to say I don’t like people at all but I can live without them. I had learned how to keep it to a minimum but that’s no longer possible. You see, I’ve had it hammered home that if we want change, we have to willing to step up, step out, and do a whole lot of things that are way out of our own comfort zones if we want the change we’ve been seeking; the change that was sort of not promised to us with Obama.

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Mirandized POWs don’t identify UBL couriers. Only captured illegal enemy combatants fearful of enhanced interrogation techniques do.

I am reminded in the aftermath of the U.S. as undertaker-sponsored burial of Usama bin Laden at sea, that my first column as a paid journalist, written soon after September 11, 2001, was the first in the nation suggest that captured terrorists would not be entitled to POW status and, thus, could be subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques.

It was gratifying when President George W. Bush adhered to that time-honored rule of the law of war (and happy that the Justice Anthony Kennedy, erstwhile Commander-in-Chief via a fifth vote re war crime trial procedures, saw fit not to usurp the inherent power of the real CINC to detain those he identifies as levying war against the United States) to execute his duty to prevent any more terrorist attacks on the homeland during his term.

The information obtained from those so retained, including Khalid Sheik Muhammad, the mastermind of 911, was available to our new Commander-in-Chief, and instrumental in, this week’s just killing of UBL.

But it was not gratifying to hear all of President Barack Obama’s self-congratulation with barely a mention of his predecessor as he claimed that the killing of UBL was “the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat al Qaeda”; and, admitted what I think is a dereliction of his duty to keep the home land safe, when he said that upon taking office he:

“[made] the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda, even as we continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat his network.”

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No such truce was necessary in the Hoosier State as Mitch earned his budget-cutting conservative icon status and there is no evidence that such a truce would garner more budget-cutting votes on Capitol Hill.

I wanted to be an enthusiastic supporter of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels for the Republican nomination for President in 2012, especially given the problems of RomneyCare, Palin’s gubernatorial resignation, Pence and Barbour’s bow-out, Cain’s un-FAIR Tax and Newt’s occasional bouts with Potomac Fever.

Daniels, along with New Jersey’s Chris Christy, had set the gold standard for conservative state governance in the face of massive budget crises akin to what we face as a nation. Moreover, Daniels, unlike the Garden State’s socially liberal Governor, has been, and still appears to be rock solid in favor of traditional marriage and against abortion.

But then, Mitch turned his eyes toward the Potomac.

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