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The beginning of the end of  pathological Democratic Party separateness

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. – Luke 12:34 (ESV)

Before Barack Hussein Obama, there was Lyndon Baines Johnson and 45 years of white guilt/race card-playing victimization monogamy.  In the third year after white folks purged the guilt and gave the first Hawaiian-born (and defended by $5 Million lawyers), mixed-race, 20-year Rev. Hate-America Wright pew-parked, President the nukes, major cuckolding has commenced:

No wonder he’s become such good pals with Al Sharpton.

President Obama’s approval ratings among black voters plummeted last month to their lowest levels ever, while his support among Hispanics took a tumble in the same period, according to a surprising new poll released yesterday.

Blacks continue to back him by a wide margin, with 85 percent of respondents saying they approved of him in the latest Gallup poll.

But that number dropped a hefty 5 percentage points from last month, marking the lowest rating among that core constituency that he’s had since taking office.

Recessions concentrate the mind

Great recessions impart reality muggings and, when coupled with the fact liberal policies fail even when implemented by similar skin-colored liberals, a change of past voting behavior may be in the offing.

Go South, young brother

This may be especially expected given the recent non-voting behavior of blacks with experience living with the consequences of liberal Democrat policies in Northern cities and states:

The Census reported that waves of blue state blacks fled the stagnant job opportunities, high taxes and rotten social conditions of the mostly blue northern states to seek better lives for themselves in the south.

The Census story is a shocker.  First, according to the Times, the Blacks leaving tend to be the “younger and better educated”.  Second, the three states Blacks left in largest numbers don’t just include snake-bit Michigan; the other two are Illinois and New York.  Within those states, Chicago and the city of the New York (widely considered among the most successful cities in the country) are the places Blacks are deserting.  17 percent of the Black flight from Big Blue is from the Empire State; after almost a century of trailblazing social policy, New York State has succeeded in creating the most hostile environment for Blacks in the country.

It gets worse.  One would think that the Blacks who choose to stay in the cold, unwelcoming North would cluster in the cities where more liberal and humane governance models mandate such generous policies as “living wage” laws and where all the beautiful features of the blue social model can be experienced at full strength.

But one would be wrong.  Blacks across the North are fleeing the urban paradises of liberal legislation and high public union membership for the benighted suburbs.

Institutional Suburbanism – Join us!

One of the best kept secrets in modern America circa AD 2011, is that most whites got over race long ago. One of the most ridiculous myths is that there exists some sort of “white privilege” that makes life so much easier when pale of face.

USA Today recently combined the two lies with worries of racial “re-segregation” due to so-called racially-motivated “white flight” and neighborhood schools despite census, poll, and other realities to the contrary, such as that:

  • The late Strom Thurmond’s son recently had the “privilege” of losing a race for Congress to Tim Scott (pictured with Allen West, above), a black man in an 85% white Palmetto State district that covers Fort Sumter, 150 years on; and that
  • There are no two finer tea partiers in America than Florida’s Allen West, with Scott in the House of Representatives, and Georgia’s Herman Cain on the 2012 presidential campaign trail.

Somehow I don’t think so many blacks appreciate Attorney General Eric Holder’s declaration of America as “race cowards” from a man that promotes the stereotype of billy club-wielding New Black Panther intimidators of whites as acceptable in the black community.

Somehow I don’t think those blacks fleeing racist New York cops appreciate beer summits made necessary by gratuitous insults hurled at the thin blue line in Cambridge. Nor do they appreciate false charges of name calling at Glenn Beck-ralliers for MLK’s Dream.

Do blacks really wish to replace the next FBI Director with 10-years of anti-law enforcement apologizers for al Qaeda that will use the Voting Rights Act to thwart the census with false charges of “institutional racism” against those they voted for with their feet?

Somehow I don’t think so.

Barry Bond’s greatest crime was against Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, not Babe Ruth

After all, its the GOP that tried to save blacks in The District from the sweet nothings of Planned Non-Parent-Abortion-hood. Grant Hill chose Duke rather than the Fab Five Uncle Democrat Tomhood of Jalen Rose. Cam Newton is no less worthy of being called out for slothful late arrivals for NFL practices, and now its OK to call a black man lazy in America without having one’s heart ripped out and examined for venality.

Are Blacks fleeing the North for the South because they agree with Obama that whites who chose Hillary are scared “bitter clingers” to God, guns and bigotry, with “tribal” attitudes? Hardly. Blacks just wanna pursue God-ordained Life, Liberty and happiness with the choice of having a gun to defend their homes, not to mention more plentiful Sun Belt jobs. And while they are at it, they would appreciate less mocking of their struggles with skyrocketing energy prices from the Chief job-destroying Executive since Hoover.

More and more blacks are joining us whites that put our pants on one leg at a time before we walk out into a world that doesn’t stand up and cheer when it sees our skin, and for whom it is just as hard to afford Le Seuer peas and the gasoline to get to Kroger.

If Tim Scott can break the lily-white establishment ice, maybe some rough around the edges tea partier whites can! No need for racial appeals. Most members of the Party of Lincoln and Reagan came over based on the human issues of liberty, prosperity and peace through strength, rather than the usual class, race and envy appeals of the party that has Bill Clinton show New York’s McCall the back door.

I suspect more will be joining us in a Republican Party that rejects the racial politics of the senior Clarence Thomas-insulter Senator from Nevada ( see also Illinois) and the long form birth certificate-challenged Commander-in-Chief of Middle East apology tours.

The last refuge of a liberal may be racism, but what the non-racial conservative majority that refuse to swim in the media and Democrats cesspool realize is that the last refuge and best tour for blacks ends with the call letters of Atlanta’s clear channel talk radio:

Welcome South Brother!

Mike DeVine

Legal Editor – The Minority Report

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist for

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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6 Responses to Black white-flight from Obamavilles

  • I was very disappointed when Les Phillip lost against Mo Brooks & turncoat Parker Griffith in AL. I met Les at CPAC in 2010 and interviewed him later on the phone and was very impressed.

    Hope he takes another shot at it.

  • Bruce says:


    “President Obama’s approval ratings among black voters plummeted last month to their lowest levels ever”. You are correct in this statement but this has happened not for the reasons you might think. The people who dissatisfied with Obama are the more left leaning population. The ones who think he caved to the republicans on such issues as a single payer health care plan, extending the Bush tax cuts, and not paying enough attention to so called “black issues”. And you know how polls are, they are only a reflection of the moment, when it comes to voting in 2012 they’ll be back. And yes Blacks are moving back to the south but it is for the same reason a lot of whites are moving to the south, JOBS. What attracted blacks to the northern cities such as Chicago, Detroit, New York and parts of the Mid-West was the manufacturing jobs that were associated with the auto industries, steel industries, and fabrication industries. Since 1981 the trend of shipping jobs these off shore has created ghettos where once thriving black neighborhoods stood. I can tell you of first-hand experience of seeing this. The company I work for manufactures trains and is setting up a manufacturing plant in Milwaukee. Our manufacturing plant is being set up in one building of a closed down factory that was known as the Tower Automotive Facility. This was once a 84 acre thriving facility employing between 10,000 and 15,000 employees. This plant was finally shut down in 2004 after years of slowdowns and layoffs that started back in the 80’s. This is a predominately Black neighborhood that surrounds this plant and now the jobless rate 2 to 3X the national average. What was once a thriving neighborhood is now a ghetto. So what are people supposed to do collect welfare. No you move to where the jobs are. You move to the south where companies like Boeing, BMW, Toyota, and train companies like Ellcon and Wabtec are located. And yes it is the more educated Blacks that are moving because they are the ones who have the qualifications. Blacks are no different than the rest of America. If you really take a look at your stats there is a general migration of the population, whites, Hispanics and Asians included out of urban areas and the issue is simply as you mentioned “plentiful Sun Belt jobs”. It’s not this liberal agenda that is causing the movement its simply jobs. Also a lot of blacks who lived in the north still had families in the south it is also a chance to move “home” and reconnect with family. And I am glad to see the success of such people as Allen West, Tim Scott and others. It speaks against the myth that “all blacks think alike”. And your statement “After all, its the GOP that tried to save blacks in The District from the sweet nothings of Planned Non-Parent-Abortion-hood.” Blacks don’t need the GOP or anybody else to save them from planned parenthood. As I said in an earlier post that is a mindset that has to change within the Black community. This is a moral choice that is being made and what we need in this country is more people like Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union (NBPLU) speaking out against abortion the moral issues not any government party GOP or Democrat that will either give us or save us from abortion. Remember the conservative mantra is we shouldn’t depend on government to save us. I believe black people can think for themselves. And Barry Bonds greatest crime was against himself, his family and baseball. Just like Mark McGwire or Shane Monahan or other white players that used steroids. It was issue of choices not race or availability. No one forced any of these players to take steroids. We live in the greatest and most diverse country and we should all be able to stand up and applaud our heritage.

    Black in America Baby……..The revolution has been televised……

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    We saw the massive black vote turnout drop in 2010. Only one person in my vast black and white dem and gop circles in Atlanta have defended Obama over the last 18 months, and he was a burnt out white hippie over the age of 55. I criticize Obama vocally and loud at my pub and everyone in my legal circle knows who I am. They used to defend Obama before the stimulus failed…

  • Bruce says:


    “We saw the massive black vote turnout drop in 2010.”

    Is that some kind of revelation. Voter turnout is always down for mid-term election across the board, whites, blacks, young and old. The turn-out in 2010 was about 42% about 1% higher than the last mid-term in 2006. Maybe the 1% increase was the tea-partiers who are angry so they turned out. And at least the burnt out white hippie was not a “fair weather fan” and stood up. As far as the stimulus bill there was not any bill that could have been passed that would have solved all of the problems that have been developing over the last 30 years. Thirty years of which most of the time there was a republican president. You seem to forget or ignore the hard fact that the only time our national debt did not double since 1981 was when Bill Clinton was in office. In fact more new millionaires were created during the Clinton administration than at any other time in our history. During the terms of Reagan, Bush and Bush II the national debt doubled when each of them left office this is a fact. Well maybe that is not totally true when GB1 left office the debt was increased by 1.7X not 2X. It took a long time to get to this point and getting out will not happen overnight.

    Black in America………The revolution has been televised……..

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    I used the term “massive” so as to differentiate the magnitude of the drop-off. You will have to wait till the day after Election Day 2012 to see the experienced-informed wisdom of Mike DeVine Law Gamecock.

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    btw, Obama ran up debt at three times the rate of Bush’s 8 years, in 2.5 years.

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