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Media never mentions who decides which government employees are “essential”

It will be morally outrageous if President Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate sacrifice the funding of  our armed forces for the next six months  on the altar of government-funded abortions in the District of Columbia. But the preemptive announcement by the administration that U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines must work without pay during a shutdown has already clinched the award for moral outrage after April Fool’s Day.

The United States Constitution does not address shutdowns per se, but does require Congressional authorization before funds are withdrawn from the Treasury.  Federal statutes grant the President the authority and discretion to defines who gets salary priority during emergencies.

Making payments from the Treasury is an executive act.

If the Attorney General who called Americans moral race cowards while refusing to prosecute billy-club wielding New Black Panthers for voter intimidation is paid on time while an unpaid pilot lands a jet on a US Navy aircraft carrier near Libya, it will be because Obama made that choice. It will not be because of anything Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans refused to continue funding the abortion genocide in the nation’s capitol.

For Democrats, D.C. abortions are essential; military pay, not so much

Mind you now, the bill before the Senate does not eliminate all government funding for Planned Parenthood. It only eliminates funding for abortions performed in Washington. Yet, the Democratic Party threatens to force American warriors to worry about mortgage payments and infant formula while facing the Taliban lest one woman be denied a taxpayer-subsidized “choice”.

As a senator, Barack Obama twice voted against funding soldiers in harms way. As an Illinois state senator he opposed requiring life-saving medical treatment for infants born alive after “botched” abortions. As President, he has made affirmed his previous moral priorities.

The senior senator from New York makes clear the priorities of the Democratic Party in Congress when he exceeds even Sherman-esque declarations when he employs three “nevers” with respect to de-funding Planned parenthood.

The party of Jefferson, Jackson and JFK is no more.

The world’s oldest political party has long been a solely owned subsidiary of the abortion lobby. In fact, while President Bill Clinton was selling out the liberals in the 90s on welfare reform, free trade and capital gains tax cuts, it was only his perfect record on appointing pro-abortion justices that kept the Feminist Left silent and their money flowing to the DNC.

Only FDR-opposed government labor unions give more money to the Dems and we have recently  seen to what outrageous lengths they are willing to go in Wisconsin to keep government as their dues collector. We can only hope that Harry Reid’s gang makes a run for the Canadian border to keep Margaret Sanger’s eugenics dream alive on federal territory.

How many Republicans does it take to hit a slow-pitched softball?

The GOP couldn’t have written a better a script to further expose the Democrats for what they stand for and to define the budget debate. We can only hope that the Speaker understands that while Republicans, in his words, only hold “one-half of one-third”; they also own an equal claim to a veto over any budget.

Many Republicans have sought to play down the significance of the current battle over billions in the 2011 budget given the gauntlet laid down for 2012 over many trillions of dollars. But who thinks that Obama and Reid would take the GOP seriously in 2012 if we surrender in the present battle over such small cuts.

This battle really exemplifies how that even in a Democratic Republic, one man with courage is often needed to make a majority even after super-majority wave election wins.

We can only hope that Speaker Boehner can muster but a fraction of Old Hickory-style courage.

Mike DeVine

Legal Editor – The Minority Report

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist for

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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