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Media never mentions who decides which government employees are “essential”

It will be morally outrageous if President Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate sacrifice the funding of  our armed forces for the next six months  on the altar of government-funded abortions in the District of Columbia. But the preemptive announcement by the administration that U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines must work without pay during a shutdown has already clinched the award for moral outrage after April Fool’s Day.

The United States Constitution does not address shutdowns per se, but does require Congressional authorization before funds are withdrawn from the Treasury.  Federal statutes grant the President the authority and discretion to defines who gets salary priority during emergencies.

Making payments from the Treasury is an executive act.

If the Attorney General who called Americans moral race cowards while refusing to prosecute billy-club wielding New Black Panthers for voter intimidation is paid on time while an unpaid pilot lands a jet on a US Navy aircraft carrier near Libya, it will be because Obama made that choice. It will not be because of anything Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans refused to continue funding the abortion genocide in the nation’s capitol.

For Democrats, D.C. abortions are essential; military pay, not so much

Mind you now, the bill before the Senate does not eliminate all government funding for Planned Parenthood. It only eliminates funding for abortions performed in Washington. Yet, the Democratic Party threatens to force American warriors to worry about mortgage payments and infant formula while facing the Taliban lest one woman be denied a taxpayer-subsidized “choice”.

As a senator, Barack Obama twice voted against funding soldiers in harms way. As an Illinois state senator he opposed requiring life-saving medical treatment for infants born alive after “botched” abortions. As President, he has made affirmed his previous moral priorities.

The senior senator from New York makes clear the priorities of the Democratic Party in Congress when he exceeds even Sherman-esque declarations when he employs three “nevers” with respect to de-funding Planned parenthood.

The party of Jefferson, Jackson and JFK is no more.

The world’s oldest political party has long been a solely owned subsidiary of the abortion lobby. In fact, while President Bill Clinton was selling out the liberals in the 90s on welfare reform, free trade and capital gains tax cuts, it was only his perfect record on appointing pro-abortion justices that kept the Feminist Left silent and their money flowing to the DNC.

Only FDR-opposed government labor unions give more money to the Dems and we have recently  seen to what outrageous lengths they are willing to go in Wisconsin to keep government as their dues collector. We can only hope that Harry Reid’s gang makes a run for the Canadian border to keep Margaret Sanger’s eugenics dream alive on federal territory.

How many Republicans does it take to hit a slow-pitched softball?

The GOP couldn’t have written a better a script to further expose the Democrats for what they stand for and to define the budget debate. We can only hope that the Speaker understands that while Republicans, in his words, only hold “one-half of one-third”; they also own an equal claim to a veto over any budget.

Many Republicans have sought to play down the significance of the current battle over billions in the 2011 budget given the gauntlet laid down for 2012 over many trillions of dollars. But who thinks that Obama and Reid would take the GOP seriously in 2012 if we surrender in the present battle over such small cuts.

This battle really exemplifies how that even in a Democratic Republic, one man with courage is often needed to make a majority even after super-majority wave election wins.

We can only hope that Speaker Boehner can muster but a fraction of Old Hickory-style courage.

Mike DeVine

Legal Editor – The Minority Report

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist for

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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13 Responses to Obama alone decides if soldiers get paid during a shutdown

  • Bruce says:


    Help me out, because as we all know “I am a simple man”. Wasn’t is you who said in an earlier post “Elected conservatives must act. Why fear a shutdown when We the People endure economic hard times and Harry Reid will shut it down over as little as $20B? Embrace a shutdown on our terms!”…….Now you say…….”It will be morally outrageous if President Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate sacrifice the funding of our armed forces for the next six months on the altar of government-funded abortions in the District of Columbia.” So let me get this straight you turn to the republicans and say let’s shut her down on our terms and then you turn the democrats and say you are “morally outrageous” if you let the government shut down. HMMMMMMMMM………..We avoided the shut down because “our” president sat down with the congressional leaders on both sides and hammered out a deal. The factions on both sided say they came out with a victory. But no one will give the president credit for what he did and that was push them to come up with a bill that both parties could walk away from feeling they got something done. Anyway this is not the real battle the amount they cut was only between 1% &2% of the total deficit spending. Now the real talks begin….

    Black in America Baby…….The revolution has been televised……

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    Ditto Steph

    Bruce, nothing prevents Obama from paying the troops in the event of a shutdown. He has the discretion to determine who is “essential” and the payment priorities with funds in the Treasury. So their is no inconsistency in my position.

  • Bruce says:

    StephC, Mike,

    “Let the government shut down.”

    Tell me, “cause you know I am a simple man”. What does shutting down the government accomplish? The big three are still going to get paid (congress, the courts and the prez). And as you said the troops will get paid because I am sure our president is not so “morally outrageous” that he would let that happen, “The troops will be okay”. I am sure the IRS will still be there to get our taxes on the 18th. See what I am getting at. Any shutdown will only be a partial shutdown, 60 to 70% of the activities will continue because they will be considered essential. And then there is the cost to bringing things back up. I once worked for a company who “shutdown” construction on a new facility due the fact the economy was slowing. When they decided to start back up they realized the project was now going to be approximately 3X the original cost. There will be similar costs if the government is allowed to partially shut down. The activities that do stop will have to be brought back up and that will come at a huge cost. SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE ANSWER. The answer what just happened. People who don’t necessarily agree with each other sitting down in a room and hashing it out. Then when they are done each side can come out claiming victory.

    Black in America Baby……..The revolution has been televised

  • StephC says:

    Sorry, Bruce, I don’t want each side claiming victory. In fact, I couldn’t care less if either side couldn’t claim victory.

    It’s clear you have no idea how many duplicate, redundant, and just plain wasteful some government departments are. And, on top of that, the Dems won’t let die the idea of taxing internet sales when they’ve (the government) have already taxed the internet to death… only they don’t call it taxes… they’re “fees” which is nothing more than a tax by another name.

    The government shut down before and I didn’t see a whole lot of bad come from it.

    There’s nothing wrong with being a simple man as you put it but to use that as an excuse to not think and act plain stupid is wrong and deceitful.

    I still don’t know what you mean by “Black in America Baby……..The revolution has been televised.” What revolution? The one where the Democrats “back door slavery” is cemented into place? They couldn’t continue outright, so they come up with a “caring” way to do the same.

    The projects are filled with single moms and fatherless children and it’s all by design. Moms can’t get welfare if the daddy’s around… dictated by the government in which you place so much trust. Wasn’t that part of the slave’s history… that family members could be sold off and separated from loved ones? Think about that with your “Black in America Baby……..The revolution has been televised.”

    And abortion… talk about genocide… we’ve had that discussion before… a long time ago. The Dems revere Margaret Sanger who was an outright eugenist; who attended and gave speeches at KKK meetings . But they CARE!!!! you say. They don’t care about you and never have but they think you’re too dumb to know it. I guess you have proven them right.

    Get a brain and stop being such a patsy.

  • Bruce says:


    You know you are so pretty when you are angry. That’s why I have this continuing crush on you. So let’s talk about government shut downs. Yes there are redundant and wasteful government departments, but tell me how does shutting down the government resolve this. Do you think if we “do nothing” the redundancy and waste will just go away. Since 1981 there have been 5 government shutdowns 3 of them coming under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush SR. I guess republicans see shutting down the government as some solution to the problem. The other two happened under Bill Clinton in 1995-96. There is a cost every time this happens the last shut down under Bill Clinton, lasted six days cost the taxpayers about $1.2B. SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT EFFECTIVE, DOES NOT RESOLVE ANY PROBLEM AND HAS A COST TO THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER. And isn’t repeatedly shutting down the government redundant.

    Let’s talk a little about this debt we have. Back in 1981 when Ronald Reagan was elected the debt was $997B when he left it was $2.9T. Then George Bush Sr. took over and the debt was $4.4T when he got through with it. The Clinton years were actually the years in which there was the least percentage increase in the debt when he left office it was $5.8T. Now when George Bush Jr took things over the debt more than doubled to $11.9T by the time he lift office. We are at around $14.2T today. Looking at the last 30 years most of the debt occurred when republican presidents were in office. It seems to me your frustration should be with the republicans. Or maybe it’s just with government. Either way I’ll be redundant shutting down the government will not resolve anything.

    Black In America Baby……..the revolution has been televised…..

  • Mike gamecock DeVine says:

    It takes TWO to shut down the government. Obama wants the govt to stay open on his ancient 2009 terms. We want to keep it open on our 2010 massive mandate terms. You define the GOP as shutting down the govt when we don’t agree to Obama’s dictates. That’s not accurate Bruce.

  • StephC says:

    No, it’s not accurate, is it? Shutting down the government is all about blame, blame, blame without actually having to do anything to fix what is wrong with the government and its massive spending sprees.

    Will it cost? Most certainly. But only stupid people believe it doesn’t already cost when the only difference is one hurt lasts a whole longer.

    BTW, I’m not angry, Bruce. I’m just tired of being nice when nice doesn’t do anything except leave you with your delusions.

    You think the Democrats are the “caring” party, so willing to dole out handouts while they keep you stupid and uneducated by making excuses for you not to take responsibility for your own lives; just passed along through life with excuses .

    I’d much rather empower you to be able to take care of yourselves rather than always dependent on someone else who will dictate the rules by which you exist. But that’s not the “caring” thing to do, is it?

  • Bruce says:


    You are so right, “It takes TWO to shut down the government.” And it will take two to keep the government working. Mike I don’t know if you are a married man but if you are I am sure you and your wife sometimes end up of opposite sides on how things in your marriage should be accomplished. The answer usually comes with some compromise on both sides. This is what needs to happen here. Simple right? Cause as you know I am a simple man. No Obama will not get it all his way and no the GOP will not get it all their way. But they had better come up with some simple compromise or we will suffer the consequences. You know they could do something like simplify the tax code, get rid of all of the loop holes and lower the tax rate for everyone. In this scenario they would end up with more revenue. Get us out of all of these wars. The last time we were at the same rate of deficit spending was during WWII. The government will have to make some tough decisions and neither party can do it in a vacuum. Simple huh.

    Black in America Baby…….The revolution has been televised…..

  • Bruce says:


    You continue to bring up handouts. Earlier you said, “The projects are filled with single moms and fatherless children and it’s all by design”. Now there is not too much you can tell me about what goes on in the projects I spent most of my youth living there. Some of those people you speak of are my friends and relatives. But it’s not the welfare checks that is their problem it is their own “mindset”. Why do you think most of the minimum wage jobs are occupied by immigrants both legal and illegal in this county. It’s because most Americans today refuse to work for minimum wage. And most of the jobs that would pay more than that have been shipped off shore. That mindset exists both inside and outside of the projects. It just shows up differently, take for instance Sarah Palin’s daughter who is a unwed mother without a father around. It’s no big deal because her parents status allowed her not to worry about welfare. Believe me there are many more like her out there. And if you really want to talk about welfare let’s not forget that the majority of people on welfare are white women and children. You mentioned abortion just because I am a democrat doesn’t make me pro-abortion. I have put my money where my mouth is I adopted a child who’s mother was 12yrs old (white) and considering abortion. My daughter is now a freshman in college on a volleyball scholarship. What we need to do is change the mindset and provide more options for young mothers out there. I work, I pay my taxes, I contribute to this society and I don’t take a handout. I don’t depend upon the democratic party to save me.

    Black in America Baby…..the revolution has been televised…….

  • StephC says:

    What we need to do is change the mindset and provide more options for young mothers out there.

    Can’t change the mindset when you (figuratively, not particularly) allow one side to govern the debate and make silly statements taken as fact. Yes, I keep bringing it up because you continue to tacitly support it by supporting those who go against what you, yourself, would do.

    Again, grow a brain and stop being a patsy.

    You think this is a left/right, republican/democrat issue. It’s not. It’s a human issue of right and wrong.

  • Bruce says:


    “I keep bringing it up because you continue to tacitly support it by supporting those who go against what you, yourself, would do.”

    Funny you are always talking about personal responsibility but then blame the government for peoples actions. Let’s take the statement you made “The projects are filled with single moms and fatherless children and it’s all by design. Moms can’t get welfare if the daddy’s around… dictated by the government in which you place so much trust.” Now that says the reason there are so many fatherless children is because of welfare. I say it’s a mindset. Remember I live with and talk to these people. Do I think there should be some massive welfare reform yes I do but that is not going to change the mindset. For example there are also fatherless children who are children of pro athletes, these guys are millionaires. The government is not giving them handouts but yet and still their children are no better off than the welfare children when it comes to having a father around. There is a loss of morals that permeates our society and it shows up blatantly is the poor and black communities, but exists just as much in the rich and white communities. There are cheats throughout this society from the poor to the rich that cheat or leach from the government. In the poor communities its welfare, in the heartland its farmers (anybody can claim to be a farmer and get subsidies even if they aren’t really farmers), and the rich they have more loopholes and benefits from the government than anyone else. It is not so evident because it doesn’t come in the form of a monthly check. It is not the government that determines your actions, that is not personal responsibility. Just because the government gives out welfare checks I don’t want any part of them and it would only be if I were on my last leg and had no other options would I take one and then do it begrudgingly. That is my mindset.

    Black in America Baby……The revolution has been televised…..

  • StephC says:

    Do I think there should be some massive welfare reform yes I do but that is not going to change the mindset.

    The mindest won’t change until it’s forced, Bruce, and you support those who would rather die than let that mindset change; those fight every day to keep it from being changed. You make excuses for the SOBs like it’s no big deal and continue to support them while swearing that isn’t your life.

    And it’s not even about the cheaters but the fact that there is a population that is so totally dependent upon the government that they have become slaves. They are slaves to the whims of whoever is in charge. Welfare reform made a huge impact in bettering the lives of many who were once dependent like that. Obama took it away and with it, the hope for something better.

    The government makes laws that have us doing things against our will or go to jail while exempting themselves from those very laws. When you have a family to take care of that is first priority for those of us who believe in personal responsibility, even as the government forces our hand with its stupidity, or gall… whichever you prefer.

    Maybe you think it’s all okay in the short term but the long term effects are terrible and inevitably lead to the same end as Communist Russia, Italy, socialist Germany, and the Middle East today. We are faster than thought reaching a point of no return down that same path as in the past that caused terrible, terrible wars.

    That’s your revolution, Bruce, whether you like it or not because that’s what you so avidly support. As long as you support this the way you do, what you claim to have done in your personal life is meaningless. It’s not what you are preaching or teaching. No, you’re simply another of their stooges.

    You help no one by making excuses for them and absolving them of personal responsibility no matter where they are in the world. We help no one here if we continue to raise the debt ceiling instead of dealing with overspending in an effort to keep the government open. I’m of the opinion the government isn’t worth the money so why should I bite my nails and grind my teeth worrying about a shutdown?

    There was a time when it wasn’t so though it’s becoming ever harder to remember. The government was something you tolerated but didn’t have any real impact on one’s life except for those times when we had exceptionally bad presidents. Now, we not only have an exceptionally bad president but politics has invaded every aspect of one’s daily life… often just because government can as few will challenge it.

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