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Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Who knew that the mandatory deduction of union dues from government employee paychecks equals the front of the bus?

Legislators don’t wear robes, nor are their symbols blindfolded. Americans indulge partisan politics in lieu of anarchy, tyranny and/or continual armed combat. In 1776, we chose self-government over the arbitrary rule of a king, which arbitrariness is no less so when exercised by judicial oligarchs. In 1789 We the People ratified a Constitution that assigned “all legislative powers” to Congress, none to the judicial branch.

Yet, today in the Badger State, the Rule of Law meant to be secured by our Revolution, hangs in the balance of the recount of an election for a seat on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin in which the Democratic Party candidate (Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg)¬†winked and nodded promises to be the Public Service Employee Union’s Super Legislator even as she sought to don the neutral black robe behind a sightless respecter of persons/non-union recognizing Lady Justice.

How did we get to this point of the political seduction of judges tempted to make law?

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What a more wonderful world it would be if the worst threat from Muslims and Muslim clerics was that they would conduct mass Bible burnings.

Try as I might, this Southern Baptist just can’t seem to get worked up over the burning of Korans by a non-Southern Baptist in Florida even when the drive-by media continually reminds me that the burnings “provoked” retaliatory killings in Afghanistan. Still not feeling the outrage over smoking paper when General Petraeus insists that said fires “put our soldiers at risk.”

But Mike, that preacher is crazy. Fine, then lets have him examined by two psychiatrists and have him fitted for a strait-jacket, but first can we have all Muslims committed to an insane asylum that favor the killing of innocents in retaliation for the burning of their “holy” texts or the depictions of their “prophet”?

Fighting words and the imminent incitement to violence

I’m going to leave the policing of the clergy to sectarian leaders while I assist in policing the un-serious media and those who let that media determine what matters when Muslims kill innocents.

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