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The post-Vernal Equinox view of all things legal, political and sporting from Stone Mountain of Georgia, co-starring Cockstradamus from The Azores…

First, sporting antidotes to the Obama Recession at War

John Calipari, Kentucky’s junior college-transfer genius, prevailed over Ohio State upperclassmen in the defining game of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Clearly, the Wildcats will prevail in the Final Four, but will it be Arizona or Kentucky? Cockstradamus says…Arizona. (We picked the Buckeyes three months ago, and on our bracket, to win the national championship, before this loss.)

As a card-carrying member of the dead-tree media and USC alumnus, I have tri-annually received the Fighting Gamecocks’ baseball, football and men’s basketball media guides for the past two decades. I now hold in my hands memorialized proof of the end of the 1801 Chicken Curse.

For the first time, a media guide celebrates the previous year’s National Championship won by a Fighting Gamecock’s team.  South Carolina defeated UCLA in last year’s College World Series. This weekend the now 4th-ranked Gamecocks lead the current #1-ranked Florida Gators, 1-0 in a crucial early-season 3-game SEC series.

  • Meanwhile, the #17 Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech baseball team has won 14 in a row…

Mike DeVine Law aka Braves-Gamecock and Cockstradamus see a Braves-Red Sox World Series

  • If the Atlanta team can catch the ball and throw the ball, they will be National League Champions.
  • The name of our first fantasy league team ever is the Tucker (Ga.) Braves-Gamecock. Finally, we will be forced to learn the condition of the left-bicep of the utility specialist on the Mariners’ bench.
  • NASCAR is Dixie’s defining cultural gift to the world.
  • Tiger now in 28th place near the end of the third round at Bay Hill.

Political Kinetics

  • War on Libya? Not so fast: Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes danced around the question in a Wednesday exchange with reporters aboard Air Force One. “I think what we are doing is enforcing a resolution that has a very clear set of goals, which is protecting the Libyan people, averting a humanitarian crisis, and setting up a no-fly zone,” Rhodes said. “Obviously that involves kinetic military action, particularly on the front end. But again, the nature of our commitment is that we are not getting into an open-ended war, a land invasion in Libya.”
  • When GDP does not a recovery make? When Massachusetts jobs fair is cancelled!
  • The Speaker may be listening after all? GOP must hold firm on riders de-funding ObamaCare-Pelosi, Planned Parenthood, NPR/PBS in next budget/CR vote.
  • Why is the man our president always makes sure and honors as  “Minister”, willing to appear with the #3 member  of the Democratic Party in the House? After all, James Clyburn (D-SC) is a strong supporter of Barack Obama who directed military force against the good friend of Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Wright?

(What is left of) The Rule of Law

President Obama has no duty to defend traditional marriage in court. Presidents and judges take oaths to uphold the Constitution, and if the Chief Executive deems the Defense of Marriage Act to be unconstitutional, then it is within its rights and discretion not to defend it. Voters have the right to take note and act accordingly.

Wisconsin, Government Employee Unions and Judicial Oligarchs

In his The Tempting of America: The Political Seduction of the Law, Judge Robert Bork outlines in detail our governmental system’s great and crucial reliance on judicial restraint, which reveals the great difficulty we have confronted by liberal Democrat judges in Wisconsin that are willing to re-write the law to reach a desired outcome.

We can only hope that a majority of the Badger State’s supreme court will stick with the narrow definition of “fiscal” and thus uphold the constitutionality of the new law restricting the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions, lest their ruling open up many other laws to challenge that would wreck havoc on the legal system of Wisconsin.

The Georgia General Assembly

DeVine Law is very happy about what the Republican majority is NOT going to do, and isn’t that quintessentially conservative:

  • No sales tax on groceries
  • No increase in already too high tobacco taxes
  • No “birther” bill for presidential primary candidates

We hope that Republican Governor Nathan Deal gets to sign a bill allowing employers to use E-verify to insulate themselves from sanctions for employing illegal aliens and mirroring Arizona’s stop and frisk law emphasizing the identification of non-citizens.

Mike DeVine

Legal Editor – The Minority Report

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist for

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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2 Responses to March Braves-Gamecock Madness happens every Spring

  • Flagstaff says:

    AZ Wildcats are out and the Mizzou Tigers were never really in.

    I’ve had an epiphany in Arizona. Since the feds tell us we can’t help them enforce immigration law and secure the border (or even our own streets), I say we should go the other way.

    We should set up humanitarian aid stations along the paths that are know to carry illegal aliens (whoops) undocumented visitors for the southern AZ border to points farther north. That desert is a killer, so we should help these poor folks survive the trip.

    No questions asked (except maybe, “What’s in the bag, Goose?” {for those who are REALLY old}), visitors should be offered any assistance necessary to get to their next destination in another state. (Refrain from the Box Tops is now playing in my head.) Aeroplane, fast train, don’t stop to write a letter; just get on the bus, Gus, and get yourself clean out of Arizona and into Colorado, New Mexico, or even Washington, either the state or D.C., with bonus cash to those who would like to see our nation’s capital or the hot sauce bottling plants in New York City.

    How could Eric the Holder find fault with that? Cool! 😎

  • Bruce says:


    1. You said, “We should set up humanitarian aid stations along the paths that are know to carry illegal aliens (whoops) undocumented visitors for the southern AZ border to points farther north. That desert is a killer, so we should help these poor folks survive the trip.”

    Don’t you know those aid station already exists. It is in the form of farmers, construction companies, textile mills and other American companies who send busses to the border to bring the immigrants to the job sites, or at least drop them off in front of Home Depot. One of the biggest causes of the immigration problem is US businesses looking for cheap labor. That is how this country was built on slave and cheap labor. The problem now is the immigrants are staying and having children here. And how much do we like this illegal labor. I am willing to bet that salad or fruit you ate today was probably picked in part by an illegal immigrant. We seem to have a two part sign at the border. The side facing Mexico says come and pick our crops and build our homes cheaply. The other side says you are not welcome here go home. Can we really have it both ways.

    Black in America Baby…….The revolution has been televised….

March 2011


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