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This past Saturday (Mar 05, 2011), the  Davidson County TN GOP held its caucus meeting to elect caucus chairmen and delegates.

I became a District Chairman. How I became one is a testament to how much work the GOP, as a whole, needs to do.

I won by default because nobody else showed up for this Council District. One of the caucus officials sat down at the table where I was sitting… we were organized at tables according to district numbers… He asked me if I was District Chairman and I laughed. He said that was a serious question.

There were two other people sitting at the table as it was combined for two districts. The official asked who was here for District 28 which was the other two people. Then he asked who for District 30, which was me. Then he looked at me and said, “Congratulations, you’re it.” And that was that except getting somebody to tell me what I’d let myself in for. Thus ensued was a “crash course” in what I should do from that point on as the new District Chairman.

My duties outsideconducting the district caucus are as follows:

Duties of the District chairman shall include but not be limited to conducting the caucus meeting, organizing Republicans within his district, identifying and recruiting poll watchers, poll workers, precinct captains, campaign poll workers, and Coucilmanic candidates within his Councilmanic District (No jokes about “councilmanic”, please. It’s bad enough as it is. Well, maybe a small joke here or there would be okay.)

The District Chairman shall work closely with the Regional Vice Chairmen (which we won’t elect until Mar 26) for his region to communicate ideals, position and events to residents of his District. The District Chairman shall assist the Regional Vice Chairman in starting and maintaining Republican groups within his district.

As mentioned before the tables were arranged by district numbers. My district was combined with another district at one table. There were several districts that took up two tables. As I surveyed the scene, the description “divided Davidson” came to mind. One side of the meeting room was filled. The other side, which included my table resembled a desert. Considering my district was combined with another district at one table, it would seem the county GOP knew this.

We (Davidson County GOP) have a lot of work to do. I may have won by default or accident or however you want to say it but I have two years to make a difference. A bigger problem is, I’m relatively a hermit and certainly an introvert.

I have, according to my duties, four precincts for which to find precinct captains. Those precincts would be: 30-1, 30-2, 30-3, and 30-4.  I’m in 30-3,  so if push comes to shove,  I’ll do double duty, if it’s allowed.  I have done a stint as a poll watcher and will do so again when voting is to be done. I’d prefer to have a full set of captains so I can move from one to the other precincts as a “water carrier” for them, pitching in where I’m needed at any given time.

So,  I’m doing on the job training of myself. If anyone reads here and lives in those precincts mentioned above and would like to get involved but never knew how, shoot me an email  (hillbilly at ) at the address top left. We’ll learn together and give it our best shot to make a difference.


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